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What a mess


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What is What a mess

What a mess is a popular web novel written by the author Drapetomaniac12, covering ROMANCE, COMEDY, MODERN, LOVE, MARRIAGE, SLOW-BURN-ROMANCE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 129.1K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 94 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 115 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Two families. An arranged marriage. What could possibly go wrong? A story filled with love, laughter and lots of embarrassment. _________________________________________________ "You can't find someone so pretty, smart, funny, stubborn, mature, childlike, fearless, shy, insecure, emotional, no bullshit; all at the same time." "You're like a broken compass. You are either happy or just fucking annoyed with everything. Either way, you don't know exactly how you feel and what you want." Despite not wanting to get married, when Naira's family insists her to tie the knot, she decides to give Ayan a chance. Cocky, friendly, and extremely attractive, he shares an unlikely trail of secrets that haunt his past and come knocking down his present. Getting kidnapped, temporarily adopting a seven-year-old, attending a marriage, making new friends... Naira does it all. Amid all the chaos, she'll find not only love but also herself. "Your laugh wrinkles your forehead. It touches my foolish heart." "You're like a book I keep on reading but can't remember. Every time I read, I find a new section, a new paragraph, a new sentence." _________________________________________________ The characters are both Indian and reside in Delhi as of now.


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Hi Readers, This Novel is like a Refreshing Cold Beverage in the Chiseling Summer Afternoon. I gulped all the chapters like a bowl of tomato soup. The language is impressive as it continues to pour out emotions among us. It's like secretly reading a diary of Girl (no offense to the people who consider this a bad idea). The plot is kinda "cute". A must novel in the collections. Will bring a constant smile at your face. Read this once and you'll know what I am saying. Thanks


This story deserves it's 5 stars. How can I put it? It's light, fun, sappy, yes, it's definitely sappy. But sooo relatable. Especially the siblings dynamic, I thought I was reading a story about my sister and I (yes, we prank each other constantly.) There's also that familiarity of the story, maybe cause I'm Indian, but I found it so relatable in so many degrees. And I really feel for the characters too; arranged marriages are ... complicated. There's this nagging feeling at the back of your head, that maybe the other person is just faking it for the parents (they often turn out be friends with each other, who'd have thought?? Whelp, now you can't be rude), and the author cleverly captures that by showing the FL's reluctance in accepting the ML and later her fear of being hurt. Grammar wise, it's almost perfect (I can't say perfect cause I'm not an expert) there were only spacing issues but that could be the format's problem and is a simple fix. Other than that, all I can say is that I simply enjoyed it and would recommend anyone to read this for a light "pick me up". Also, it's staying in my collections, just gotta wait for more chapters before I binge read.


If you like adorable male lead who doesn’t act as possesive a-holes, you’ll enjoy this story I enjoyed and loved every minute that I read this and this isn’t a sugarcoat review too. This story has 𝐩𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥 and I’m not even bullshitting you. The characters has have their own personalities that I absolutely lived for! Although, Ayan do be winking every chance he got. I love love love characters having personalities because it doesn’t make them sound monotonous and tedious. You can completely distinguish each other character’s persona by the way the writer conveys it. I felt that scene where the heroine screams about the door. I can totally relate to that and that’s what I like about that. Readers can relate to the characters and it makes them connect to it and fall in love with them. AYAN is an adorable bean that must be protected at all cost. (This is a lowkey review about how Ayan is adorable and a cutie, even if he’s a grown man.) But let’s be realistic, if a guy suddenly texts me and calls me baby and all, I would be on full mode cringe. NAIRA is a very animated person, I sensed a bubbly introverted persona in her. There were a few relatable moments with her and that was a plus for me. The writing is decent, there wasn’t that much cringe paragraphs which were totally fine with me. I wasn’t much focused with the grammar because I was thoroughly enjoying myself on the story. You didn’t stray away from your grammatical tense, you didn’t rush things off. The story works seamlessly because you didn’t try to put more stuff in one chapter. But I do suggest you work on your world building, the character development is great to me. Working on your world building is a must especially, if the reader hasn’t visited the place the story is set at. Overall, Ayan is cute and adorable. Fight me. 😤


I would leave the comments on language for now, starting with the characters, they are designed and established very well. I believe it's particularly about your choice of words. I believe it helps the characters to give their own unique trait- one good example would be " the male characters' usual comments and hoe straightforward he is- it sets good narrative as to what expect from him as a reader. It's also has this calmness and stillness to it, the stillness is a very important trait slice of life should have. If I am straightforward it might be end up being of my favorite romaromanceies with a female lead.


It's refreshing. You can never yawn while reading this. The character design and story development is completely outstanding. Nice one author.


Truly another hidden gem. So refreshing and has a very youthful vibe. But beware if you read it. You would find yourself addicted to it. Is quite the break from all Dominant CEOs type for now. And is true their fights--Err. I mean Interactions is the strong point of this novel. Surely, the journey of their relationship is getting better every time. Such a good novel!


Absolutely in love with this novel. It's a light romance and comedy with mc's with whom you can relate on a personal level. Loved Naira and Ayan's bickering relation and I'm sure this is going to be a sweet romance full of comedy. Keep up the good work author!


The thing I love most about this book is that it never fails to put smile on my face and make me laugh while reading it; even if I’m having a rough day(excluding the kidnapping chapters ofc).


this is just another fantastic novel that one should go for.. a vry nice, light,fun ,sassy story very well written,kudos to author for such amazing piece of work


lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..........................................lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .......................lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .... ........


I just finished reading all the chapters and I can't wait to see what is in story for Ayan and Sunflower. It's made me laugh throughout reading. I watch Zee World at times, so familiary with the whole arranged wedding. The male lead personality is on point. I love it. They have connection, and Naira denying what she is feeling for Ayan, will only delay everything. Its taking longer than I thought. Author should include more conflicts besides from the kidnapper. It's been 43 chapters and there's no progress on the characters love life. Overall, only the development of the story is slow. It's a good story!


A hooking synopsis and interesting character design. The world that the author built here is truly fascinating. Character interaction is also well-written and the very concept of this story is intriguing. Good luck, author! Keep up the hard work!


Such a refreshing and interesting story that I would love for the author to write more as it is a very interesting book with such nice characters 100% recc


Reveal spoiler


Great synopsis! I love the way the characters banters with each other especially Naira and Ayan, Rudy and Sasha, it makes them so cute. Also, the book is really funny, I'm not lying, it actually made me laugh. You did a great job in writing in the present tense as I didn't notice any tense switch, maybe because I was too engrossed in it. The only thing you need to work on is the punctuation, I mean some full stops are not really necessary in some places. You can make use of conjunctions instead so it won't seem like there is a break in every word.


Reveal spoiler


This story is Amazinggg~. The plot is well-done and the story itself is very unique. I would love to read more chapters in the future. I binged reading this all day and night, 10/10. I highly recommend this novel. You won't regret reading this!


I’m going to say this first as a disclaimer: I do not like female-lead stories and I especially dislike romance. But your story is really good from how far i read (although your story is really good, I didn’t read far cause romance makes me cringe). Even though your plot line is cliché, I enjoy that your story is not. You are building the romance and I like that cause most people have couples get together in the blink of the eye without building to it. Your story is funny which kept me reading for a while cause of that comedy fill. And even if I do not like stories like this, for people who do, this is a good read. (Another note: please make sure to capitalize tv shows. Ex: Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


Wait! How can I translate this feeling into text? Lol. What a great artwork! Including the whole content, I like the names of the characters too! It really fits their roles. I honestly have nothing to say, it was great. Keep it up! Wanted to read more of your chapters. Fighting!


One thing to say. This is super entertaining and super relatable. The situations speak for itself that would make any reader keep scrolling for another chapter. The protagonist is a 100% tsundere. A lovable stereotype that makes every situation twice as cringing that it usually is. Would recommend to any reader out there, it’s a refreshing read that’s bound to knock your socks off thumbs up to the author!


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