1 The Hobo Make God Do a Dogeza!!

I'm sure that I die. Then if I recall, those religion tell if some one die they Will send to heaven or hell depends on their deed. Or they would in samsara cycle to be reincarnation again on earth like in buddhism.

And in the proces, you will see God or at least your judge to decide where you to go. But why? Why the God or judge in front of me do a Dogeza?!?!

(A/N: Welp, imma write God to rest this chapter)


"Forgive me!!!" the God plead to the old hobo who very confuse at the time

"Hold on! Why you need apologies to me? you are a God right? or You actually a Satan??" ask the old hobo

The God startled with fast move they stand up and said "Of course I'm a God!"

As they stand up, Jenki could see the God face. Correction, blank face. Jenki just stood there speechless because non-existent God face

Come back from his shock, he brought back previous topic "So, Why you are apologies to me?"

Don't blame him, my dear reader. If you on his position you would confuse to seen such pose to expres an apology. Moreover a God who doing that pose for you

"You see, Naturally that you are will reincarnation back to earth if your sin in percentage above twenty to fourty percent. And if your sin percentage below twenty, accurately nineteen percent to ten percent you will go to heaven. And above forty percent that would go to hell" the God explain the judgement sistem

"It isn't answer my answer Mr. God" replay Jenki with little sarcasm tone

"And that Karma come in to proces that judgement. Your karma help you to ease your after life. Example, if you are reincarnation back to the earth, your karma will go for route of fate that suitable with you. If your Karma remaining the Karma will convert it's self to talent or your body rate. And if you go to heaven, your Karma will determine at what level you would stay at heaven. And lastly of you go to hell your Karma would determine how long you would be punish at hell" the God shrugged off Jenki's little sarcasm tone

"Then what connection the Karma you explain to my case?" Jenki ask again, he to lost to understand what the God told him

"In your case, your sins percentage is perfectly at ten percent. But the problem is your Karma" the God take a pause before continue their explanation to Jenki "Your Karma is simply wouldn't stop to accumulate and because that the heaven deem your soul to good for heaven and the planet itself. And those accident permit boundary of universe to release your soul to diferent universe. And that very dangerous because other being who asscend to realm God could take advantage to those soul to enchant their ability"

Jenki take a good five minutes to comprehend the explanation that God say. And for five minutes the God observe the old face of Jenki to see some sort reaction.

To their suprise the shock reaction he got almost all people who he meet. Jenki reaction rather calm, collective, and his eyes spark immense intellectual aura.

'Humm... what good intellectual power he have there. Such shame the will of the universe deem he to good for the universe itself' the God though before took silent sigh

"Then, What now? I mean if can reincarnated to the earth because the "law" deemed me to good for themself or go to heaven because same thing. What choice do i have?" Jenki ask what he could do now

He just thinks his whole life and death so funny. In his life he a homeless person because he deemed unworthy to be kept in the home with his family, and now the universe itself deem to worthy for itself and refuse him. What A funny life and death time, he thought

"Well, I can reincarnated you to another Universe similiar to this universe. Though because your Karma and compensation because you are basically kick out by the universe itself" the God answer Jenki question and continue with swift pace "And I would let you to pick a two box set of talent or skill for aid you to your new life. Who know what inside your new world. Better than sorry right?"

With that being said, A lot of box magically appear in front of the two. Jenki see no room to object the God, why would he a mortal refuse the kindnees of the God.

"Take your time to pick your box, don't be hasty" and with that advice the God seem gone to take care some matter

"Well that alot box, And why would they give many box to chose two only at hundred boxes? it's ridiculous. I hope my old bone can carry me to check a hundred boxes" Jenki took a good look at a hundred boxes in front him

"Well, here it is"

Tha being said Jenki's adventure to decide what boxes that he would pick with him.

/ A Five Hours Later/

"Are you sure you would pick those two boxes? are you not gonna change it? " the God ensure Jenki's choice

"Uh huh" replay Jenki wot a nod's

"Okey let see what you got in those two boxes". the God say

With snap the rest boxes dissapear into nothing. And at same time the two boxes open themselfs. Six light ball come out from the boxes and floating in the air arround Jenki.

"Your luck is quite good for a normal human before" the God comment after saw a rare talent and skill at two of six light ball

"It is, I am a lucky old man after all" Jenki chuckle from the praise of God

"Then I will tell you a glimps of your talent and skill. One of your talent strengthen your body, the other three strengthen your brain cappable, and the last two you must to find your self. Becareful for your trip"

Before Jenki could ask what their mean, his soul sucked in portal the God created. And with that the old hobo reincarnated to another Universe



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