46 8 Out Of 10


Jaune was nervous as fuck, this situation was something that he never dreamed of or even imagined!

Nervously looking at the almost naked Muzan, he couldn't help but take a big gulp of his saliva, he wasn't sure what to do or say at the moment.

Honestly, he was expecting to get tortured or such after he got captured by Kokushibo, since he didn't kill him like immediately, he must have had some purpose for keeping him alive.

And the only logical thing that he thought of is, that the demons wanted some information out of him, while dense and naive, he wasn't an idiot especially if it has to do with his life.

Fully prepared for what the future holds, he will remain steadfast, as he swears that he won't give them that information that they wanted from him!

But this! There's no way he is prepared for such a scenario!

Jaune's teenage hormones were at their peak! How could he not?! He was currently at the peak of his youth, his hormones were raging like a tidal wave, and it didn't help the fact that he's a nerdy virgin boy, damn it!

If it weren't for the fact that he lives with 7 girls his whole life which are his sisters, he would have jumped straight the Muzan but he wasn't that kind of person as his sisters including his mother taught him better, to be a gentleman so whatever dirty things that appear in his mind right now is being suppressed by his upbringing.

He was forcing himself to think of happy memories, and not horny ones, but still, he couldn't stop his boner either way!

Muzan sexily approached him, at least that is what his mind is currently thinking, then Muzan slowly touched his chin with a finger, and said, "Mhm…are you nervous?"

Fuck yes! I am!

But there's no way he would admit it openly, instead, he asked with fake calmness, "Are you going to eat me?"

Muzan blinked before smirking and replied, "Yes dear, I am going to 'eat' you~"

She said with a sultry voice. It was obvious but to Jaune, it was a confirmation that this was going to be the last day of his life, he was oblivious of Muzan's obvious seduction so he closed his eyes in defeat and thought, 'My family, Ren, Nora and Pry I guess this is the last day of my life…'

Muzan stared at Jaune look of resignation, and seeing that she became excited she thought that he was fine having sex with her, she definitely misunderstood him much like her intention to him.

One was closing his eyes preparing for his death and the other was excited to do some sexual intercourse with him.

Both of them are reading the atmosphere wrong, then Jaune slowly opened his eyes and stared at Muzan with a bitter expression and said, "If you want to do it please do it fast!"

This was the only thing that he could do in this situation, he wanted his death to be the least painful, then Muzan's eyes lit up, and started licking her lips, excited that her prey gave her his permission not that she needed it though.

"I didn't expect you to be this willing, it's a bit surprising,"

Jaune gave her a bitter laugh and said, "There's no way out for me, I can't stop you from eating me, struggling would just make it more painful..!"

Muzan nodded in understanding, she knows that it was painful, and that's why she was a bit touched that he cared for her well-being despite being a stranger and a demon, this was her first time in her female form, and that's why she was a bit grateful.

Thus the misunderstanding continued, both of them are thinking the opposite, one was thinking that Muzan was going to eat him literally, and the other just want to eat him in a sexual way.

Either way, it would end badly and good for both of them. It's a matter of perspective.

"Do it! So that this would end already!"

Translation: Ending his life so that he could be at peace in the afterlife

Muzan didn't wait any longer and immediately slammed her lips to Jaune's.

And that is how he lost his virginity.

-RWBY Universe-

"Go! Go! Fearless leader! You can do it!" Nora suddenly cheered out of nowhere, startling Ruby and Weiss who were eating peacefully in the cafeteria, both stared at her with odd looks.

"Nora what was that for! I almost spilled my milk!"

"Oh! Nothing, I just feel like cheering for the Fearless leader all of sudden because he was getting some!" Nora shrugged before resuming to eat her pancake that was baked by her childhood sweetheart Lie Ren.

Both Ruby and Weiss look at each other with the same confused expression, then Yang suddenly interrupts, "Don't think too much about it, it's Nora guys! Come on, don't take her too seriously!"

And just like that, the issue about Nora ended.


"Achoo~ why did I suddenly want to congratulate Jaune all of the sudden?" I scratch my head in confusion, then I look at my companions, specifically Lucifer, and ask.

"Are we there yet?"


"That doesn't assure me you know?" I said deadpan at her, however, she just ignored me and continued tracking the mark.

Archer, who was behind me, stopped moving, before saying, "I can see a mansion a few kilometers away, that must be where blondie is,"

"That's great! Hopefully, he's still in one piece. I wouldn't want to see him crippled .." I muttered the last sentence quietly.

After a few minutes of walking, we finally arrived at our destination, then Lucifer said, "He's here, I can feel the mark that I put on him on the 3rd floor of the mansion, but…"

She had an uncertain look on her face, and because of that I became worried about Jaune's safety and asked warily, "What's wrong?"

"He appears to be moving…"

Then my eyes widened as I thought of something, "If he's moving, perhaps he managed to escape from the demons! Forget the plan, let's get inside before Muzan can catch him again!"

Lucifer had a strange expression hanging on her face as she replied, "That's what I thought at first too, however..while moving he remained in the same room.."

"Wha? What does it mean?" I wasn't sure anymore, then all of sudden I saw Lucifer's eyes glow brighter than usual, as soon as she did she opened her mouth and said,

"Oh my.." She had a bewildered expression on her face, then not a second later her face turned into a sly one.

"My, my now this is surprising I didn't know he was this kind of person.."

I wasn't sure what to say as I looked at Lucifer's amused face, it wasn't anything bad so, Jaune should be safe right?

"What do you mean Lucifer? Did something happen to Jaune?"

"Something did happen to our blonde resident, but don't worry it's nothing bad," Lucifer's expression was far too amused, I wasn't going to question it, I'll trust her that nothing bad has happened to our blonde wannabe knight.

"If you guys are done talking, I'd like you to know that you are wasting time let's rescue the blonde fool already!" Archer said impatiently, he wanted to finish this as soon as possible so that he could finally cook in his kitchen!

"Alright, sheesh..! Let's go," Before they went inside Lucifer cast an invisibility spell at herself and the two of them, it wasn't just a normal invisibility spell either it also removed their scent, so that the demons couldn't smell them.

Quickly they arrived at the room where Jaune was confined, as I was about to open the door to rescue Jaune. I heard moans inside the room and I froze for a moment before thinking, 'No..way..! No way! Is this what I think is happening right now?'

I was in a state of disbelief, but then it changed after I heard a loud woman moaning inside the room, where Jaune was! There is no denying it anymore! He's having sex with someone inside!

What the hell?!

A part of me is mad thinking that all of my worries were for nothing, and on the other hand, I'm proud of him for losing his V card, and snagging himself a woman!

But the question is, who is it?!

I didn't want to wait anymore, I immediately opened the door revealing Muzan who was fucked by Jaune in a doggy-style position, they were fucking in front of us, I was speechless at this scenario, while Archer couldn't help but whistle at the sight.

While Lucifer just nodded because she already saw it before going in.

"What the fuck Jaune, I didn't know you were into dudes that turn themselves into a woman!" I gave him a dirty look, however, my words didn't quite reach his ear as he was in shock when he saw us in front of them.

"G-guys?! UGHH–?!" Jaune could feel Muzan's pussy tighten, it was because of the extra audience it made her more lustful, he couldn't hold it anymore, he came inside Muzan's pussy without a warning and all of his manly juice went inside Muzan stomach directly that it made her experience a heavenly sensation!.

She is now wearing the legendary ahegao face!

"Not bad 8 out of 10." Lucifer scored the sex scene in front of her.