2 Chapter 2

"Where are my hands I can't see them and also the rest of my body!?!" The person beside me was shocked by my yelp, but looked in my direction and holds his hands out to see where I am. However as he stretched out, his hand was on my tummy and he's trying to figure it out what he was touching.

"Stop it! It tickles!" After he heard me, he stopped took his hands away from my tummy. I was relieved that he stopped but my problem is why am I invisible. "Sorry I didn't mean it. I just wanted to see, if you're still here." I just replied that it doesn't matter.

"Let's try waking the others up, because they are still sleeping and together we should figure my problem out." I said that to avoid the awkward situation for now. How thankful I was when he agreed. I woke the other girls up, but their reactions have hurt me a bit. Because as I woke one of my friends up, they saw that nothing was there but they knew that they heard a voice and someone who shook them.

They must have thought that they are still dreaming because we were still in a forest. Some said that "This must be a dream and I'm still dreaming." But after I said something to them they thought I was a ghost or something.

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"Sit still and calm down! It's me, Jule." Most of them still didn't believe completely, but after I said something to them, they finally believed me. It took a while to wake all of our classmates up, but in the end we did it.

After everyone was awake. Some asked where I was because they couldn't see me. I whispered to Luke that he shouldn't say anything about me yet, because I wanted to do something. He just nodded and I went behind Felix and Louis. I gave them a light slap against their back of their heads, because they are always teasing me.

After I did that they both saw behind them. But they couldn't see anyone there and asked who has slapped them. Only a few girls and Luke knew that it would me. Because of that I went to stand beside Luke again. After that I said "Oh that was me." And then almost everyone saw in my direction to find only Luke there.

"That was Jule's voice, right?" Louis asked. Luke then answered his question. "Yes, that was Jule however you can't see her because she invisible." Some of them looked like that it was a bad joke however I showed them it was not..

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