1 Chapter 1

A boring school day like always. Now we're sitting in the hall, where everyone can come sit there. But now there's only my class. Including me we are 25 students. We have a hour before our next class is beginning. So because of that we're sitting here with snacks and our mobile phones and laptops and do nothing, while other classes are in class.

There are 9 girls including me and 16 boys in my class. Some are playing games and a few other students are chatting with each other.

This lesson should be like the others. But this time a smoke is coming from behind me and I'm somehow getting sleepy like the others. I tried to not fall asleep but I couldn't help but see my classmates do the same as me. They tried to stay awake, couldn't do it. At the end we all fell asleep, without knowing why.


I didn't know how long I was asleep but at the time I woke up, I saw how the sun was rising. And I found myself and my classmates lying on the ground with trees surrounding us. I wanted to stand up but in this moment I found myself hugging one of my classmates.

His name is Luke. He is the type of guy who is popular and easygoing. Somehow we are in a class for about 2 years including this school year it's going to be the third year. However we spoke only a few times, because of that it's pretty awkward between us.

"Why was I sleeping while hugging him?!" After a while I noticed that I said that out loud and saw that the classmate of mine was looking at me. I could feel how red I became and I just wanted to crawl under a rock or bury myself in the ground or something like that.

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I wanted to apologize because I used him as a pillow while I was asleep. "Uhm Luke, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to use you like a pillow. It's a habit that when I'm cold I usually grab something warm and wrap it around me!"

Later on I noticed I said something i shouldn't have blurted it out. "Please forget all the rest and please I'm really sorry!" I just wanted to vanish into thin air, because it's so embarrassing that I don't know what else to do.

"Jule? Jule were are you!?" I thought to myself, why is he searching for me, when I'm right beside him. I rised my hands to place them on his shoulders, but somehow I can't see them. I freaked out and panicked. "Where are my hands I can't see them and also the rest of my body!?!"

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