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This story is great!... The life drama is realistic and I believe it 'Cause The older I get the more that I see my parents aren't heroes They're just like me And loving is hard, it doesn't always work, you just try your best not to get hurt


I love kingdom building and I’ve been searching for it so I hope this novel is supper good ass it goes on and don’t drop the novel!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Really entertaining and thrilling novel. The concept of time-travel is well explored. MC and other characters are well built with multiple POVs allowing for greater immercsion in the story.


Ok... i never use this but the novel is great... with big great and i love this novel ...................................................................................................................................................................................................


This is one gigantic convoluted mess of unconnected plotlines bundled together in a confusing way. Half the time you won't even know what the f#*k you're reading.


Very weird story progression. Firstly, the "extra" contained vital info that would make the book ten times more confusing without. Additionally, the book is all over the place. It's just confusing when there is no explanation where you are, when the MC can see the future etc.. All the author has to do is put time and location stamps everytime a scene swaps. Then there is the random focus on side characters; honestly, it's hard to tell what's going on most of the time when the story is so choppy. Yes, character building is fine. However, in the middle of character building, I also have to go through the author acting mysterious about the two characters that are being developed? Finally, the stupid smile the MC has. I've never encountered a book that made me hate a MC smiling. The emphasis on it gets really annoying(its truly obnoxious.)


I read this story somewhat. I was then looking for books on amazon and saw a pretty much exact copy of this book on there dont know if its you or not. Story is called System Overlord by Oreya Kane


I don't have much time to write up a long-winded review, but I wanted to get this posted before I forget. As requested on the forums, I gave the first 11 chapters a read through. I was thoroughly entertained. The grammar could use a bit of cleaning, but the story carried itself well without causing any confusion. The world seems fascinating, while the characters all have decent and mostly realistic dialogue, allowing me as a reader to fall into the story easily. I did skim ahead to the R-18 chapter, but more out of my own curiosity than anything. I don't typically read novels with steamy content, but I applaud the author for taking the risk and making things seem as tasteful as they can be. Your stability of updates seems great, but I'm not one to talk - being that I tend to fluctuate my releases from once a day to even having months in-between chapters. Altogether its a fun story with a competent writer, what's not to like? =D


Great story! I like system! Also author-san may want to add 'game elements' on tagging? because of how detailed those status. Good chapter length as well. Excellent work. Keep it up.. :)


It like those chinese novel where the main character become op but in modern time with out all the bull**** that come it like my ceo wife and some other Work of fiction with stupid ass plot hole so thank for making this novel with those cliches even though you have some yourself it not as much although you dont have hundreds of chapter to make it so clear yet but you have potential so I'm giving You a five so you can finally get a rating


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I really like these kind of stories so i first thought it would be a little bit boring to read, but i was pleasantly surprised while reading to find out that i had a lot of fun. keep up the good work.




The appealing storyline and engaging characters give this story an entertaining quality that is highly enjoyable. The writing quality is surely above the average here on Webnovel and while sometimes there are minor mistakes concerning grammar (everyone makes them, it’s human,- I certainly make them as well) it is not disruptive to the reader. Overall, I believe this is a good story that shows quite some potential.


Good job, very good job. An original and entertaining story, capable of making you not separate from the phone to continue reading. The update is good and it is not necessary to wait so long. Thank you author for your great work.


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It's has a nice story. The characters are good and the plot line also excites me. The stability of update is awesome 14 chaps in 1 week... wow! Keep it up!


This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..This story is great!..