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What is WH40k - Tyranid Project

WH40k - Tyranid Project is a popular fanfic written by the author BrokenOath, covering WARHAMMER 40K, TYRANID, WEAK TO STRONG, SCIENCE FICTION, CORRUPTION, CHAOTIC NEUTRAL, NSFW, GENESTEALER CULT, Book&Literature genres. It's viewed by 366.3K readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 42 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Tags: Warhammer 40k, Tyranids, Genestealer Cult, Chaos & Corruption, Weak to strong MC, NSFW, Evolution, Grimdark Universe, War, Sci-fi, Apocalypse, RPG elements In the grimdark universe of the 41st Millenium, there is only war. That's all that has been for over ten thousand years. -------- I became a Tyranid, a predator. And I will do what Tyranids do best, kill all my enemies, eat them, and grow. Faster, Stronger, Deadlier. If I have to give up on my humanity, so be it. I will have my answers even if I have to burn half the universe! Maybe then I will be able to save the other half. -------- As this is my first writing experience, I hope you can enjoy reading it!! This work of fiction draws inspiration upon the source material of Warhammer 40k. I do not own the rights of this IP nor of the WH40k characters presented on it. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content. ------------ Reduced to 2-3 updates per week for quality assurance. Sick new cover from the great artist Helge C. Balzer!!


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As I’m writing this the story is still brand new, but I recommend this. So far it’s a good little novel hopefully it continue. Nxhhduensnsuwkwndyywnwnxbx bsvwjdmrmemslkwksm


First tyranid reincarnation that I have seen ,the story is solid , the writing quality is good and the updates are consistent, give it a try


Shameless review by the Author!! So this is a project I've worked for over a year and it's starting now. It just feel like this is as good a time as any other. (Plus, I love Halloween). So, about the book, I hope you read it and enjoy it!! The beguining will be messy, and light novel-esque, then it'll shift to a huge growth of characters over chapter 50 or so and will rise in intensity until chapter 250... then, I dunno, I'm still figuring it out!! Hope you like it, leave you comments!!


It is a fun book to read! The MC can be a bit tiring with a strange humor, but compensates with gore and tyranid kills! Hope the author keeps pumping chapters!! For the Emprah!


Excellent premise my dude. I hope you keep writing! There are very few stories with this type of set up. I hope for many more chapters to come!


Brother........................... Get the Flamer......................... The Heavy Flamer.................................................


This is a beginning of a good story that i had hoped to see more with the Zerg from Starcraft 2. With the Prologue i have some problems I dont think a lord Captain or lord High Captain has security clearance of rear Admiral has ship that is faster than light, can Orbital Bombard a hive City(!!!!) before they can activate there void shields and command the Imperial Guard. The biomass convergence is a little wacki a dozen tree, two birds, 8 stone insects for tail and two more eyes? If dont drop the story like 95 percent of the other writers of similare storys then you will have my power stone.


Reveal spoiler


Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍 Good 👍 great👍 amazing👍 incredible 👍


I’m sure that it’s a good story, but it’s also xenos trash that goes against the Emperor’s will, so it is a no from me chief. Good luck with your story.




This fanfic is interesting to read indeed, it has enough action and suspense to keep it interesting. It is hard to find good beast/Non-human MCs and this fanfic has it. If you like Non-human MC and WH40K then this fanfic is for you. I hope to read more so please update more author.


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