4 Chapter 004 Really to eat the grass

Four-fingered venison strips are skewered on the branches and placed on the burning fire. As the heat increases, the surface of the venison seeped out of oil and was squeaked by the fire, slowly emitting aroma from fat and protein...  

Xiao Yun swallowed, put the hard-earned cooked food to his mouth and blew it for a while, confirmed that it was not so hot, and then took a bite...no taste...  

Well, the delicious and delicate venison still showed up after roasting, at least it could taste like eating when chewed, but...the grilled meat without salt must be unacceptable to the tongue of a glutton who has experienced the bombardment of Chinese cuisine.   

But even with such the meat without seasons, Xiao Yun still couldn't stop eating. First, he was so hungry. Second, this grilled meat tasted much better than raw one.

After eating at least a dozen catties (catty is a unit of weight in China)of venison visually (approximately estimated in his human form), Xiao Yun finally felt a little full...Of course, he really couldn't eat the white meat without any season, and then his mouth was going on strike.

"It's so unpalatable but I still have such this huge appetite. No wonder that the tribe only has 30 or 40 Snow Werewolves and raises more than 2,000 cattle and sheep and can't survive. This is completely not enough food." Grinding his teeth, Xiao Yun, who was just full, sat down by the remaining fire to rest, "This is still the case when the Snow Werewolves live in human form ... The wolf form consumes too much food! No wonder I was hungry so fast!. Definitely, a such big shape wolf run and jump do consume a lot of energy, especially, at this aspect pays attention to the law of conservation of energy!"

Judging from the fragmented memory of the original owner obtained in the dream, the human form of the Snow Werewolf should not exceed the normal scope...The tribe where this little cub belonged to Xiao Yun's reincarnation will find the human caravan that comes to the grassland every year. Trading green salt and pottery, the tribe also took in a human wanderer who drifted over from the inner sea in the south; if the human wanderer who the original owner has seen many times as the standard reference, the skinny original owner should be among the human teenagers, other snow werewolves... Well, most of the adult snow werewolves are at least as tall as Yao Ming's height, and in the width is as wide as Dashi Johnson's. The petite uncle among the snow werewolves must also be as same size as the performer, Hugh Jackman, who performed Wolverine.

Compared to a normal human form, the wolf form is very nonsense! Xiao Yun used his height as a reference, when he turned into a wolf form, the distance between his forelimbs and hind limbs is longer than the height of a snow werewolf. In other words, when he is in the form of a wolf, his body length without the tail is at least 2.5 meters up...

The size is so amazing, and the snow werewolf's wolf form combat effectiveness is even more impressive. Anyway, the snow werewolf has basically no natural enemies except natural disaster in the original owner's memory...

No wonder that the brown bear can be scared away, no wonder that the prairie king promised the several snow werewolf tribes on the prairie sent troops to use 5,000 cows and sheep, and the original owner's mother died on the battlefield as well.

No matter how incomplete the memory of any intelligent creature is, it will not lose the image of its mother. In his dream, the first adult Snow Werewolf that Xiao Yun saw in the tent was his mother!

To be honest, this Snow Werewolf mother let Xiao Yun whom just woke up was absent-minded after a long time ,was the main reason.There was no other reason, because the female of the snow werewolf is not the same as the female Orc he understands: her size was not small as the Terminator's performer Arnold Schwarzenegger, with a naked upper body, no breastfeeding organs can be seen, only strong chest muscles can be seen. She only wore a fur skirt on her lower-body. Her appearance was exactly the same as the male snow werewolf, and she was taller and stronger than her brother...

"With such a powerful gene, but her child was so weak. No wonder the original owner could not bear his weak with lost his mother at a young age."

Thinking back to what he saw in his dream, Xiao Yun was sigh a bit. In fact, the life of the original owner in the tribe cannot be edged out or bullied. The snow werewolf has no natural enemies and is not very afraid of nature. They are open-minded and tolerant. Although very poor, it is also willing to take in the tramp of humans. Of course, such a snow werewolf would not discriminate against the clansmen... However, this cub was sensitive and delicate, and had been dependent on the tribe to feed after losing his mother he got stuck in thinking that he has been edged out in his tribe, no sense of existence, and he felt that he was a burden...

So when the tribe was migrating to a new pasture hard, this cub sneaked out while his uncle was out, and turned into a wolf form to find a place far away from the tribe and waited to starve to death. Xiao Yun, who lived a comfortable life on the earth, was dragged by unknowable force to replace the cub and continue to live.

"Young people, when they are teenagers, life and death are all negligent, it doesn't matter which race is the same. You don't know how precious life is if you live for a few years... What's so good about being dead? There is boundless hope only when you be alive, like me, in this such fuck bad situation that I don't want to die at all."

Xiao Yun sighed and climbed up on the ground, holding up the soil to put out the fire: "The problem of eating has been solved, but the problem of water has not been solved... I'm dying of thirst, and it does not look like a drought here,why haven't groundwater come out... Well, this is... is this thing a little familiar?"

Near the shallow pit where was dug to bury the venison, Xiao Yun saw a small clump of plants growing close to the ground, about 20 centimeters in height, submerged among waist-high wild grasses. If he hadn't dug the soil to bury the venison, it would have been Invisible—the leaves of this cluster of plants grow in the form of sitting lotus, with dozens of upright cylindrical inflorescence in the leaves. They are not beautiful and well-known like the succulent green plants, but Xiao Yun just feels familiar...

"Ah, plantain herb! The plantain map in the game looks like this!" Xiao Yun shook his fist hit his palm to express he got the idea. He finally remembered where he had seen this kind of plant—an online game he played, digging a grass sticker of plantain herb in Wanhua Valley was exactly the same as this one.

Xiao Yun was excited, "Plantain herb can be used as a vegetable in spring, and it can be used as a herbal medicine when it matures... I remember it can cure dysentery, diuresis..., dig it away!"

After digging out a whole plantain herb, Xiao Yun realized the problem of carrying... it doesn't think about the wolf form, therefore, the human form is bare buttock, how to carry it? !

Scratching the scalp...okay, all the ways could be thought out by the people, Xiao Yun pulled a few straws and tied them to the hoofs of the horned deer.

Turning into the wolf form carrying venison on the road again, this time when he walked, his body became more vigorous, and Xiao Yun, who was no longer confused when he had a goal, also began to pay attention to the treasure hidden on this wide grassland with interest.

Honestly, if you didn't look carefully, you felt that there were messy and overly luxuriant weeds everywhere. If you look carefully, there was still something could be used. It didn't take long time for Xiao Yun to discover the plantains connected together, so he stopped and harvested. It is not only as the medicinal value of plantain, but also it is the best to be able to eat this. The seed collection is back to the tribe to plant, at least there will be more vegetables in the coming year, isn't it?

As he walked, Xiao Yun also found a lot of dandelions. This is considered to be the most people-friendly wild vegetable. Of course, Chinese people usually only eat it in spring. In autumn, it tastes too old, but when a person has nothing as vegetable to eat, the old one also can be accepted. .

What's even more surprising is that Xiao Yun also discovered chenopodium album—a common wild vegetable in autumn that looks like a shrub at first glance. Once Xiao Yun heard people say that this dish can eliminate halitosis, and then he ordered it several times when he went to a restaurant, so he recognized the chenopodium album.

He quickly transformed back into his human form and picked a large handful of young chenopodium album green leaves. Xiao Yun once again had trouble is how to carry it...Well, it was almost dusk anyway, so he simply stopped to rest and prepared to spend the night.

At night on the second prairie, the scenery remained unchanged, but Xiao Yun already had the courage and confidence to live. He still hid the venison at the first and then went to the surroundings to collect firewood that could be burned, still clearing a fire barrier, and scratching wood to make fire...

It was really unbearable with thirst, when barbecuing, Xiao Yun picked out a few plantains and ate them raw--

Uh, the taste was very difficult to describe.

However, plants are plants. Just chew hard, and you can still feel the moisture... If you can bear the inexplicable taste, this plantain actually has a little bit of sweetness...   

"Really eating grass!" Xiao Yun choked with tears in his eyes, he didn't care about eating once or twice after eating, so he chewed chenopodium album again...  

It is indeed a wild vegetable that can be served in the restaurant. The taste is much better than the plantains...

When the venison was roasted, Xiao Yun simply rolled the chenopodium album in the venison and ate it together. To be honestly, the temperature of the roasted venison was slightly blanching the chenopodium album, which tasted better-except that there was no salt and no taste, completely impeccable.

"Salt, salt, alas, it's no wonder that salt is the ancestor of taste, no wonder that a small bag of black mud green salt from the caravan can be exchanged for a cow in the grassland!"

Xiao Yun gritted his teeth and ate meat and vegetables. With the vegetables enrich the meal, his appetite immediately increased, and a front leg of the horned deer was eaten by him totally.

It was getting dark, and Xiao Yun didn't dare to use a human form to sleep in such an opened field,.Even if it was more energy consumption, he had to become a wolf form to stay at ease. There was no words for a night. After daybreak, he picked up the remaining venison and wild vegetables to continue looking for a way back to the tribe.

"Mobile phone...computer...I can't believe it. I actually spent a day and two nights without my phone or computer..." Sticking out his tongue and wandering on the prairie, Xiao Yun said unconsciously, "Today is there any news on Weibo... The game is having activity... The bad-tempered supervisor knows that I have been absent from work for two days... my supervisor, my supervisor, I really miss you so much, if I can see you again, I am willing to work overtime for half a year in free..."

"Did the cub go in a crooked direction when he ran away from home? He obviously only ran for half a day. Why I have been walking for more than a day and haven't seen the place... Isn't that kid walking in a straight line? If He ran wrong direction, it will be in much trouble..."

"Alas, I'm hungry again... Why can't I see the water? I'm really dying of thirst if I don't drink any more... Eh, there is someone on that hill -- eh?! People?!"

Xiao Yun suddenly turned his head to look at the front right side of his position, and blinked his eyes a few times—he was really right. On a hill with a slightly undulating direction and bulging out of the horizon, a humanoid creature was rushing to him.

"Fuck!" Xiao Yun stepped back. "What's the matter, poaching? It's not right to poach... eh, revenge? Enemy? It's not right too, the Snow Werewolf tribe settled here and no other tribe dared to approach here in a hundred miles —"

In the few seconds Xiao Yun had been thinking about it, the person who rushed forward could see the outline clearly, and saw... this person has dark skin, a white hair tied into a big ponytail, a strong and healthy body, with a simple longbow on his back, only wore a small piece of fur skirt on his lower body..

"...Uncle?" Xiao Yun shouted subconsciously.

"Oh! My bastard nephew!!"

Uncle rushed forward, jumped up high, and kicked Xiao Yun ...Uh, wolf face...(Xiao Yun fell down immediately...)

The severe pain from the jaw made Xiao Yun instantly lose consciousness. Before fainting, F letters were full of his heart. The smallest shape of uncle among the snow werewolves was as powerful as Mount Tai. No wonder the original owner could feel inferior and psychological shadow. !

Furthermore, the uncle's appearance just goes on like good when he looked from a distance, but when he took a closer look, Jesus! He was as dirty as a tramp. The mud on his feet was at least three inches thick!

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