1 Chapter 001Reincarnated as a stray dog

Writer:Ai Chi La Ji Fen ,Translator ShyGoHL

Xiao Yun opened his eyes for the third time, and found desperately that what appeared in his sight was still not the energy-saving lamp in his bedroom, but the blue sky that could be described as blue sky and cloudless, and could not be seen at a glance.

This is certainly not the sky of Xiao Yun's hometown. The last time Xiao Yun, who grew up in the city, saw such a blue sky was when he went to play at his uncle's house in the country when he was in elementary school. The current situation is very unbelievable, because he is lying on the ground, sleeping with his head on his arm, no...maybe it should be the front paw? His pair of forelegs stretched forward and folded on the grass... It is at least 90% similar to the Samoyed front paw raised by his neighbor downstairs...

"—Oh My Jesus—Why do I have the soul attached to a dog in my sleep?!"

After Xiao Yun careful consideration which is the only reality .

After stiffening for a few seconds, Xiao Yun tried to stand up... He felt his legs go from lying on the ground to bending and receiving under the abdomen, and then completing the standing movement. During this time, the claws folded in front of him were also naturally stood up and propped up his body-he really was standing on four feet! !wow wow wow...And getting up so smoothly and naturally, is this so-called physical memory? !

Xiao Yun with his mouth wide open wanted to let out a roar of venting emotions, and then he let out a very natural cry: "Woo~Woooooo~~~(wolf's howls)"

...Does the dog bark like this?" Xiao Yun, whose brain was blank, slowly came up with such a thought, he slowly lowered his head and looked at his body...Well, the neck is much more flexible than when it was a human being. The range is quite large. He can see the thick long hair growing on the surface of his body. The chest area is especially dense, but the hair is very dirty and it is stained with mud, grass and leaves...

Hands and feet... Well, the forelegs and hind limbs look like dog paws. In terms of proportions, the limbs of the body are relatively slender and sturdy. It is not Whoppet or Chinese Greyhound, but stocky dog. Lift up a front paw... well, or it's quite dirty, but you can see the paw pads...

The dog that Xiao Yun possessed was so dirty that he couldn't see his true color. The chest, abdomen, and limbs were quite hairy and knotted. Without looking in the mirror, Xiao Yun could guess his own appearance how such terrible right now.

"Why do I not only become a fuck dog, but also a fuck stray dog?!" Xiao Yun felt even more sorrowful, "Damn it, someone crossed the time as a cat is accompanied by cat lover but him as a dog is just like this shit ?!"

Feeling particularly sad, Xiao Yun immediately lost his strength and slumped back to the ground. Not to mention, the dog's body was quite relaxed when he was lying on his stomach... That is, the smell of the grass seemed to be mixed with some unpleasant things, which seemed to be excrement. The smell of things like that...

He didn't realize that he hadn't felt it before. Once he realized these smells, Xiao Yun immediately felt that his nose was about to rot. He subconsciously wanted to cover his nose first, and then he found that he raised his forelimbs so cutely and put them on him. My (dog) face...

'Damn it'...His front paws also smelled of excrement...not only did not block the odor, but also the smell was even worse.

"Ah ah ah ah, I don't want to be a dog. I want to go home--" Xiao Yun collapsed and thought like that, giving up himself and rolling on the ground, "What's the matter I have to go back to work tomorrow, let me go back~~~~ "

Xiao Yun, who tossed himself on the grass ground, leaves rolling and flying around him, suddenly froze.

He just yelled out the words when he collapsed just now. It was not a psychological activity, just like when a person suddenly remembered some shame memory when he was in his own room, he could not help holding his head and shouting, wishing to hit himself to die at the time, the vocal organ will subconsciously shout out his mind--

He seemed to hear his voice from a very strange and familiar throat.

"...Does the dog talk?" Xiao Yun tried to speak to himself, and smooth Mandarin came out of his mouth. The voice was not his voice, but his speaking was very clear and rich tone.

"Ah!" Xiao Yun suck in his breath, and again raised his forelimbs to hold up the dog's face, "It's damn to speak--what kind of dog is this?!"

...Wait for a second.

Xiao Yun stood up silently, his body naturally...like a dog throwing water to shake off the grass blades and other things on his hair, and he laboriously and unaccustomed to using his paws to pull off the larger pieces of mud from his body—— It is absolutely impossible for him to lick his tongue like a dog.

After cleaning his body a little bit, Xiao Yun stood up firmly and looked up at the surroundings. It seemed that he, this stray dog had been thrown into the wilderness. He looked up at the endless green plains and slightly undulating hills which are not too high to go up. Just by looking at the terrain, Xiao Yun can be sure that this place is definitely not the southern home where he lived when he was still a human... His home is near a mountain when he went outside his home he could look them. Xiao Yun, who has never left the province ,so he has never seen the plain so wide like this one.

"Although I don't know where I was thrown... it should be on the earth. If I can meet people, my dog's vocal cords can still make human voices. If I am lucky and have not to be dissected by the human being ... Maybe I can find a way to return my home..." Xiao Yun thought as optimistic as he could, raising his paws and walking forward. Not to mention, the movement of his four legs was stable. The pads were touching the grass as if they were wearing air shoes. The dirty but thick hair made him I am not afraid of being cut by the blades of grass, but it will be very uncomfortable to be scratched by the lush grass blades occasionally...

After walking aimlessly in the direction where the sun is hanging for about half an hour, Xiao Yun felt a heavy exhaustion and collapse from the body of this stray dog, and a sense of hunger and thirst followed, as he raised his paw it also becomes more and more difficult.

Danger, danger... didn't this dog starve to death and died of thirst when I just passed through and came to possess on it?... The scenery in front of me has basically not changed after walking for so long. Isn't this African Savannah..."

A feeling of dizziness hit, Xiao Yun had to stop and rest for a while. when he was lying down naturally... he didn't realize that he opened his mouth bigger and bigger naturally and spit out his tongue, like ordinary dogs. use the tongue to dissipate heat...

"Except for the same kind of grass here, which is sparse trees and shrubs, there is no fruit to quench your thirst, that's horrible... I remember it seems that the famous host Edward Michael Grylls said that blood can also quench thirst? Blood... Damn it there is no small animals as well. Only bugs and lizards... so I should be forced to catch the lizard?"

Xiao Yun swallowed the pitiful saliva, but the thirst of his throat was not relieved. He didn't see any rabbits, cows and sheep that should appear on the grassland along the way. He saw a lot of various insects and lizards, but... to be honest, Xiao Yun felt that he could not accept killing a lizard to suck blood and quench his thirst. Just imagine that he felt his stomach squirming and nauseous.

"What should I do, did I reincarnated on a dog to experience hunger and thirst? That is be so sad, God, how many talking dogs will be on the earth, just became with the non-human protagonist but will die at the next minute, so at least give me a box lunch first..."

Xiao Yun, who looks like to die from the hopeless situation, desperately looked at the wild grassland that was completely the same in his eyes, and suddenly... a strange color different from the green grass appeared in his eyes.  

At the end of the line of sight about a kilometer away, a little bit of gray moved slowly among the green ground.  

Before Xiao Yun's brain could react, his body jumped up instinctively and jumped out like a mad dog.

"Animal? That's an animal, right?! Blood, blood, flesh, flesh and flesh—" 

  Seemed to prove that the extremely hungry people were not humans as the adults said. At this moment, Xiao Yun completely lost human sanity. Shaking his tongue with his big mouth, his eyes flashed green and he rushed towards the moving gray quickly.  

After running like this for several hundred meters, Xiao Yun saw clearly these moving gray animals, and he could still recognize them--Big Horned Deer--there were a pair of exaggerated large solid forked deer antlers and with thick brown fur.

Big horned deer? Elk? Isn't the big horned deer extinct? No, it seems that there are existing similar horned deer. Where did they come from?"   

When Xiao Yun pounced on the deer, the remaining human intellect was still thinking about the species extinction problem...  

There are about 30 or 40 big-horned deer in this herd. After Xiao Yun found a commotion in the deer herd, he did not hesitate to turn to the opposite direction and run wildly. The sturdy stag quickly rushed far away, and young doe has spare capacity to run with the cubs.  

"Don't want to run oh oh oh——"   

Xiao Yun with hungry eyes could not tolerate this close thing flying away in his mouth, and as a mad dog (incorrectly) caught up.

The deer herd are not all young and strong. An old deer, which is estimated to be relatively old and whose antlers have also been cut off, was driven by crazy Xiao Yun for a few minutes. And then its pace slowed down and ran for a short distance later was caught up by Xiao Yun, rushed to the ground.

"What a small deer, it's not a big horned deer...

Are there horned deer's size as a dog on the earth? Japanese deer?"   

Xiao Yun used his forelimbs around the neck of the old deer and threw the old deer down with his weight. Although he was such hungry to lost his humanity, he still felt that he was a human being, and he couldn't really pounce on it and bite like a dog. Well... how could he make this old deer's raw to a cooked meat.

Xiao Yun has made it difficult-he absolutely does not consider using his mouth to bite the deer's throat, so how should he do then?

"Fuck...what's so special...I usually kill chickens and fish with knife..." Xiao Yun unconsciously stuck out his tongue again to sweat, how could he kill a living deer without a kitchen knife? The survival coach Edward had not teach the people! Seeing the deer struggling more and more intensely under him, Xiao Yun, who looked around and suddenly his eyes lit up, he was struggling to press the old deer's shoulders with his two hind legs, and the whole dog's body was pressed onto the deer. And then reluctantly turned his upper body sideways, bent over, and stretched out his paws to grab the rocks in the nearby grass...  

The deer that ran out of the dog paws saw their companion caught and stopped not far away, continuing to leisurely bowing their heads and eating the grass, these deer obviously have no high IQ, because no one expressed shock at the mad dog who smashed the deer head with a pair of forelimbs holding a rock and frantically smashing it.

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