100 Buying Over a Werewolf Hunting Princess (3)

The general looked at the old man and the young woman who spoke at the same time, and then conveniently ignored the old man.

The only thing that mattered was Feng Jiao's own consent.

If she said that she wanted to join, there was no doubt that she would join. Feng Jiao kept her word, always. She wasn't going to tell the general that she was going to join, and then suddenly bail. She had too much honor to do that.

She wanted to join at this point.

That didn't mean that she would quit werewolf hunting.

She only ever got a mission once a month at most. It wouldn't be too hard to get one day off a month, would it? She could always claim that it was her rut or something of that sort, like in school. There shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Feng Jiao easily nodded, and the general was unaware that he had bought over a legend of these times with the promise of a hat.

It was somewhat ridiculous, watching it from the boss's point of view, where his very best werewolf hunter was being bought over because she wanted to steal the general's hat.

'We should add official hats to our agency as well.' he sulked, but made a mental note of what he was going to have to do. He never knew when another willful little brat would want to leave over a hat. It was best for him to get the most fashionable hats designed for the agency.

But having a marker of a secret organization was never a good thing. The boss knew that and felt sad. Feng Jiao would never be able to get a hat from them.

Perhaps he should've taken her to Disneyland and gotten her hats from there instead. Or just the local clothes store. Then maybe she wouldn't be running off with a random general to get a hat. It was simply heartwrenching for him.

"How long does it take to become a general?" Feng Jiao asked seriously.

The general had to think about it for a second. He was old, but he was still rather young for a general. He had risen quicker in the ranks because he had served during the wars, and had served the country well.

Now that there were no wars going on, you needed to have served the country for at least eight to ten years, and then get into a general's training camp. Those were harsh and rigorous, but the fastest ones let you rise the ranks in less than a year or two.

He didn't really think Feng Jiao had it in her to stick it out and finish the camp, but he laughed anyway.

"Eight to ten years of service, and then a year or two of general's training camp. You need two recommendation letters to get into the training camp, from people of general's rank or above. I'll write you one whenever you finish the service requirement."

The general didn't think he was ever going to have to write it, but he agreed anyway. Feng Jiao didn't give up though.

She easily had eight to ten years of service under her belt. Her service even counted as exemplary service. That wasn't the issue here. She just needed that letter.

"Can you write me the letter now?" Feng Jiao smiled her sweetest smile at the general, and he melted as he saw her sweet smile.

He didn't see the harm in just writing her the letter now.

The letter wasn't going to change the fact that Feng Jiao needed eight to ten years of service to get into the camp. Whether he wrote it now or later, it made no difference. He instantly took out his pen and uncapped it using his mouth.

It took him a few seconds to find the form he needed to fill out to recommend her, but he did it rather quickly anyway.

This was like a promise to a child. And since this child was the granddaughter of a dear friend, he didn't mind giving her whatever she wanted. There was no harm in just doing it.

He knew that she could get the other letter from the boss sitting right next to her. That boss's recommendation was probably of even higher value than his, but he didn't want to admit that. It hurt his ego to think that way.

Instead, he felt happy that his friend was doing well.

Feng Jiao quickly took the paper from him after he signed it for her, and then gave him the brightest smile that he had ever seen.

The general suddenly felt as if his own grandchildren were ugly slugs. How come they never smiled like that, how come they were nowhere near as eager to follow in his footsteps and take up his profession? It simply crushed his heart to think of that.

But with such an eager child, he was sure that he had picked out a good sapling.

There was not much chance of her actually pulling through, but it was much more probable than one of his grandchildren finishing anything related to the military.

Law, business, medicine, they were all noble work, but the general wanted some soldiers from his family. He wondered if he had messed up when he had raised his children and grandchildren. It didn't make sense for not a single soldier to come from his family.

But when he saw Feng Jiao smiling, he felt as if she might actually do well.

Since she had the boss's backing, Feng Jiao would definitely manage to do well wherever she went. All that was left was a little bit of drive from her side, and then she would easily rise to places that most people could never dream of.

Unbeknownst to the general, Feng Jiao had long reached those high points that the general raved about so often. She was the most powerful person in the country, strength and killing ability wise.

She was the werewolf hunting princess.