Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Werewolf Hunting Princess: Wife, Please Don't Kill Me


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Feng Jiao is a werewolf hunter. Heck, she's the princess of werewolf hunting. One stab to the gut and any ugly furry beast would fall to the ground, struggling in pain, begging for mercy at her feet. Gao Longwei is a werewolf, and a CEO at that. From his first meeting with Feng Jiao he could tell that she was his mate. The one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately for him, since Feng Jiao isn't a werewolf, she doesn't feel the same way. Will Gao Longwei manage to seduce Feng Jiao, or will Feng Jiao turn him into a premium werewolf sausage first? Gao Longwei: Please come home with me, I love you. Feng Jiao: Love won't feed me. Goa Longwei: I'll feed you. Feng Jiao: *panic* Fun, light hearted werewolf story set in modern times. Fast paced but fun!