1 Prologue

"sniff~ cough... cough~ sniff..." *sobbing*

A boy was crying in a dark room all alone, trembling on the ice-cold floor. He was sitting in the corner of a huge room with closed windows and doors..., that he has shut himself from the world. He is a fair-skinned guy with long dark brown hair that was scattered all over his face like a mess. Few pieces of shattered glasses' can be seen there, even though the lights' were struggling to get inside the closed room. He was wearing an exquisite dress, which suggests that there is no ordinary blood flowing in his blood veins. At first sight, he looks like an adult male around twenty-five years old, but he is only a sixteen years old kid. He has lost his love, not because she is dead..., cause she broke up with him.

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He is looking very ugly with that tears and snot flowing down on his cheeks and dress. A stranger will not even recognize that he is a prince or a beggar who has put on the clothes of the rich. It looks like he was crying for several days, he didn't even eat anything and the maid returned the stale food that she had brought fresh.

"How could a broken heart live, without its lost piece."

"How could a man forgot those pain, that has been carved by his love."

"Even if she comes.... and say~ Sorry, his heart can never be the same."

A last drop of tears flowed down from his eyes which accompanied by a teardrop of blood. A maid opened the door, the blinding lights' fell on his eyes. She asked, "My Prince~ His Royal Highness is arriving at your room at any time~" But the light was gone forever from his eyes, the blinding light could never hurt him anymore. His body collapses on the ground before he fell asleep Forever. He was holding a locket in his left hand, it went black and shattered which was illuminating a blue light till his last breath.

"Kyaa~" *Screaming noise*

The maid screamed at the top of her lungs before running away terrified. She has been horror-struck from past days, he was behaving very insanely from few days. This time she saw his dead body, which was assaulted by his own hand. It was just like a bad nightmare, the blood was flowing down from his left eyes that were still wide open even after his death. The snot and saliva were all over his chest, it has thickened like mucus after so many days.

"Clater~ click~ clater~" *The footfall of soldiers on the hallway*


// Thousand of Miles away //

Under the Ocean, there was a wedding ceremony happening inside a huge dome. The mermaids were dancing and singing cheerfully. Everyone looks very happy and cheerful, the small mermaids' and mermen were playing around with dolphins and seahorses. They are younglings' of mermaids whose presence brings a spark of joy in any event. But there was one among them, who was not cheery and happy. She is feeling gloomy, lost in her own world away, depressed, and broken. She is the mermaid princess who is going to be married to a merman.

It was her marriage, though she was not enthusiastic about it. She is a very charming woman and is always cheerful, but today... she is cheerless, disheartened with her father. She is wearing white cloth, which was making her already gorgeous look irresistible to the eyes of other bachelor mermen. Her face was covered with a veil, it was hiding her true emotions. She was holding a locket in her left hand, the locket is very similar to the one, the land prince was holding in his hand.

"Honk~" *horn*

The sound of the horn was the signal for the arrival of the groom. The groom was not so good looking, neither was he ugly. His build was rather strong like a warrior, he is actually a general level warrior. The marriage agreement was not forced by him, it wasn't in his hand either. It was actually decided by the father of the princess after he found out about her affair with a Land prince.

"My daughter~" A man in his fifties reached out to her. He was having a long beard and the atmosphere he give around is always very tense, even though he is attending a wedding of his own daughter. She didn't reply and only nodded before following him to the center of the dome.

The groom and bride came in front of each other, a Trident was placed in the middle of the circle. It is believed to be a divine weapon with great power that can bring Tsunami and great destruction to the Land. The myth may not be real, but it has one more function that is not so powerful and is still phenomenal. It can carve the name of its wielder in the landscape of the ocean. It is being used as a symbol of marriage for many generations. When two people hold the trident, it will carve the name of both persons with each other.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today~"

"No...." In the middle of a speech by the elder, the bride screamed so loudly that the water around her swirled and sent everyone flying away at the impact of its force. Even her father who was strongest among them gets pushed away by that force. The crowd looked towards the center with astonishment and disbelief at what is happening? All this time she was looking at the locket with her teary eyes, but it suddenly darkened and shattered.

The locket was the symbol of their love and it shows the intensity of each other's love. It will never fade away as long as the person is alive and love you from the depth of his heart. So, the meaning was obvious, her love died and the only reason to live is gone forever.

"She had dreams' to meet him again and never to break apart.". The marriage was only a temporary cover-up on her part, she was determined to meet her love once again to tell him 'How much she loves him, how much she craved for him everyday~'.

"Siren~" The father of the bride shouted with astonishment and fright. "My princess~" The groom also shouted. They had never seen or heard about this power, that she had shown just now. Siren didn't reply and clenched her fist before moving towards the trident. Her father and the elder became worried and approached her to stop her from doing anything hazardous, but they were pushed back before they could come any closer.

Siren wields the trident and to everyone's surprise, she holds it up from its resting position, it was once in a thousand-year occurrence that has never been heard or seen by anyone from the previous generation. But her next move was even more unexpected and made everyone petrified in their place, even the king was unable to move out of shock. 'Why won't he?' He saw his daughter wielding a divine weapon, only to kill herself with it..., in front of everyone, on the occasion of her marriage...


At last, the brides' father regretted his decision to make his daughter break her relation with the land prince. He knew... she loves' that prince more than him, that she can even do something against him for the prince. Never in his dreams he had thought that she will go as far as to kill herself..., he tried to save her with all his power, but it was in vain. It was too late, her life can't be redeemed.

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