1 Hatred For A New Life

"Why the hell is this moron smiling at me?"

Gray frowned at his own father, and Alpha of the pack.

"I don't like him one bit. He should just die like all the other werewolves I have killed before. If only I could lift a sword now, I'll first shave off his uneven beard and then feed him with it, before I silt his throat."


"Its just too sad that my hands are still too immature. If not, I would have already started the rage of my vengeance!" Grey looked at his baby hands. He was already six months old and could already crawl around, but it would be many years before he could begin the range of his once known and feared slaughter with the accomplice of his blade.

As much as killing supernatural creatures would feel good, he wanted more than that.

He wanted an escape.

He wanted an escape from this life of torture.

They might be many that would not mind being born again in this world, but not him.

Having the mind of a fully matured man in the body of a baby was full blown hell.

Any that wished for this did not know the pain attached to it.

This was aside the fact that people touched him in very private places in the name of taking care of him or wiping his butt when he shat himself, and many times, it was done by men.

Some of whom always wanted to give him kisses as they called him cute and acted like fools to amuse a smile from him.

There was also the helplessness of not being able to survive on his own.

And when he was hungry, the only way he could get food was if he became what he called a 'Little Bitch' and cried his heart out.

One time, he tried to hold it back, but this body was too weak, and a baby's sense of pleasure was strongly around the mouth.

It did not end well. He ended up chewing his dirty sheets.

To make matters worse, his own mother actually forgot to feed him that day.

The thought of it was unbelievable for him. After all, who in their right senses would forget to feed a baby?

But apparently, his werewolf mother was too busy doing what he called 'Absolute Bullshit' to remember.

It was a shame, and a blow to his once concrete mind.

However, as a warrior with incredible intelligence, he was not entirely helpless.

In these many months, he had thought it over and over again and come to a swift decision.

He had thought out a plan.

A plan to end it all.

A plan to end the humiliation and the struggle that he had been thrust into without his consent.

Today was the day. He was going to do it.

He was going to take that leap of faith and run off to the afterlife with the pride of a great warrior he had always had.

Intentionally, Gray farted, a very loud one at that.

However, for this grand plan, that would not be enough.

He needed to add cherry on the icing.

And so he added a soiled diaper.

He had been holding in this shit all day, and now, he had enough to even chase a werecat with it's stink.

"Damn! that is a nasty one son!" his father, Chief Ironclaw, could not help but frown, "Now, you stay here Gray, papa needs to get you changed."

Chief Ironclaw dropped his baby boy on the kitchen table as he hurried inside the bedroom.

However, Gray had thought of this plan for a very long time now.

He had calculated every second it took to move around the entire house. From the kitchen to his bedroom, and even the bathroom. He had also factored in the best time to enact his plan.

Right when his mother was out with his older siblings and teaching them how to hunt.

It was also best since his father was in charge of baby sitting.

Everything was just too perfect.

Especially because his father, the chief of the pack would take liberties when his wife was not around to enjoy some booze.

The old man's common sense always had a habit of alienating his body whenever he had alcohol in his system.

One time, he even forgot to wear his pants before leaving the house.

An incident that nearly made his wife die of shame for an entire week.

Gray knew him well, and knew for a certain that his plan was going to be flawless.

As one that had sworn his life and soul on the grave of his ancestors that he would eradicate all 'Evil' he definitely couldn't live as one.

And so, immediately the old man rushed in his staggering drunkenness into the bedroom to get him a change of clothes, Gray intentionally crawled to the edge of the table.

At this tender age, the distance from the table to the ground was like a man standing over a cliff.

Yes, this was it. This was suicide and he was going to do it. With the deep seated immense pride of a warrior, death was an easier alternative for him than living life as a werewolf.

Finally, he made it to the edge, and then with a leap of faith, he crawled over.

He closed his eyes and let himself fall.

"Finally, like those that have come before me I shall find peace..."

*Crack!* His infant neck broke, and it did so at an angle none would survive.

The loud sound of bone cracking echoed off the very walls.

His eyes instantly deemed to the light of this world.

"Finally... peace!" he thought to himself.

However some time passed and there were sudden screams and then he could feel drops of water fall upon his face.

"What!? what is going on? is the afterlife really this noisy and... wet? It can't be... these voices. I know them!"

A sudden jolt of excruciating pain from his neck made him open his eyes, and then he saw his mother. She had tears falling from her eyes bathing him with the pure worried affection of a mother.

His father was at the other side with a swollen face.

Definitely beaten black and blue by his mother.

Then again, she was always the person with the 'Iron fist' in the house hold. Even capable of disciplining his father who was chief and Alpha of the pack.

His older siblings were also around. His elder sister and brother also had tears in their eyes. Evidently, their worry for him was that he had met an untimely end.

Gray raised his hand to his face in disbelieve.

These hands, they were still the hands of a baby.

"No! No!! No!!! this is not supposed to happen. I did it right. I am supposed to be dead. No! I can't live life as a monster. Curse you immortality! Curse you Vampire god!"

Gray screamed his rage like an angry baboon, but none would hear him.

To this innocent family, their baby of the house had only met with an unfortunate accident and by the grace of the ancestors, he had survived.

He was only doing what all babies did, and that was cry.

Meanwhile, none of them knew that his fall was intentional.

None of them knew the true story. After all, Gray was nothing of the innocent baby cries they heard.

If they truly knew what he was. That Gray was actually the...

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