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Were We Meant To Be Together?


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Wow! I don't really read romance usually but yours really got me hooked. Your writing quality is so good and the way you narrate things is just on my liking. As a beginning, this is very good, it shows both your writing skills from a grammar point of view and also from a storyline point of view. You have set up both the characters and the background very nicely. Well done!


I loved the author's writing style. It's engaging and beautiful. The characters are relatable and loveable too. Waiting for more chapters. All the best author nim


First of all, I like your writing quality, it's just simple and easy to understand that gives a great impact. This story so far is entertaining and refreshing, great job! keep up the good work, author!


Wow, I love, love, love the dynamics between the two best friends they are witty and cute and so supportive!! I can't wait for more and I'm super excited to see how they each deal with their love lives. I also love the writing their is lilt to it like poetry with clear pictures give me more please!!!


Superb writing that is a definite add to my library; however, I know there will be messy love triangles and heartaches to go through before both protagonists love each other. Maybe another reason I am attracted is because of the nostalgia of reading this book. Oh the days when I used to watch Kdramas~ All in all, I don’t have any grammatical issues or find the characters annoying, so kudos to you author ! Keep it up !


I dont have much time today to read. But what i have read so far is very good! Love the cute fluffy aspect of your story. Please keep uo the good work. Excited to see where you take your readers.


The long awaited review. My bad it is coming late. Wow. . Simply wow... A Korean Chinese classic I would say. Modern but gave the nice vibe of a switch from d normal Chinese trend. The story proceeded well, giving a nice touch of friendship. Good writing style, character and story are developing well. I love every bit of it even down to the description. Good one author, keep it up.


I don't normally read romance novels. So far, only two chapters have been posted. The story is developing nicely. The character design is good and the world background is equally good. The stability of updates can not be judged at present as the novel is in its nascent stage. Writing quality is good. A few grammatical mistakes in some places. But these do not interfere with the flow of the story. I will come again to give another review, when there are a whole lot of chapters. All the best, Author.


Such an incredibly cute story! I would just gobble it all if I could! The story is nice and the characters sound true. I can't wait to read more. Author-sama, feed us more!!


The plot is very interesting and brilliantly written. The characters are also portrayed beautifully! I am already hooked and rooting for next chapters.


Lovely start! The characters are lovable even when we're still at the beginning of it all. Good writing style, although you may improve it as you write more. The way where the plot is going is intriguing. Keep updating!!


Oh my, marriage! I'm getting hyped up right now. PLEASE, update more chapters. You are too good for a novice. The quality, world background, character design, all great. But your updating stability -satisfactory. Anyways, I solely focus on story development, I forgot what kdrama that was but it's kinda the same but different. It's like, you have created your own story, plot everything. Whenever I read your novel, I always thought of that kdrama♥️⭐ Lovelots Author!


Interesting! The plot is very fresh and made me wish I was the lead instead!🤣 The story is well written, and it flows easily. Although there are only 2 chapters out right now, I know this book already has a huge potential on it. Keep on writing, author!


Excellent start! I am hooked. Definitely going to follow your story, it is already in my library, and waiting for more updates. The pace of the plot is quite good and the character design is very well done. I can't wait to know what is going to happen with Yeona and the Prince. Keep up with the good work author![img=recommend]


Truthfully? I was just here for the review swap. But when I read this book I was immediately in love. The authors way of writing is just plain beautiful. It was refreshing reading this book.


I love this author's writing style. it's unique and refreshing in a good sense. the plot is quite intriguing and the characters and their struggles are relatable. I could clearly feel the pain and shock they went through. I hope to see the next chapters soon.


Allright romance story, sign me up! So from what I read I can say a lot of things about this, first props to the Author for the setting, I liked it a lot! Second props for the characters, specially to the MFL she is to relatable and that is always a plus! Third the writing style, just "chefs kiss" wonderfull, easy to read, easy on the eyes and easy to imagine what is happening and no grammar mistakes (as far as I could tell) The only downside, just two chapters (as of writing this) come on right when I really like a story this happens! All in all this is pretty good and I will come back for more, that is for sure!


I love your writing so much! It's so easy in the eyes. The plot also looks promising to me. Not too much chapters for me to review, though. I'll be waiting for more updates!


Great work author. In Love with your writing Will be desperately waiting for the upcoming chapters to come. Best of Luck 🍀[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


From a European point of view - typical Chinese classic. The storyline is interesting. You are doing good job! Just make the characters more expressive. Wainting for more!