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Well That Effing Sucks


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What do you do when death and cultivators make a mess of your life and afterlife? You make a mess of things is what you do. Come follow our MC as he bumbles his way through cultivation and many of the tropes that are frequently found in web novels. This will be a bit of a comedy and an exercise in just writing. If you’re expecting great writing then this is the wrong book for you. If however you just want an interesting story or would like to watch as a story comes to life then this might just be the book for you. If you’d like to participate in the creation and writing of this story then hop on into my Discord server https://discord.gg/vCTFyJes4b My goal for this book is to just keep writing and updating the story until it reaches a satisfactory conclusion. After that will come several polishing passes (rewrites) to get it into a state that actually resembles a book instead of the mess that I’m sure this will be. In case I didn’t make it clear I’ll be posting this story in ROUGH DRAFT. Don’t expect a polished piece of work.