48 Remembering Days Gone By

The scene was basically the same as before when I came back home all those years ago, but in reality not even a day has passed.

Before we made it into the village I had changed out of my pirate outfit and back into my original signature clothes and armor I'm known for wearing, clothes I hadn't worn in years on the high seas still fit me perfectly, after all there a part of me so they need to fit till the day I die.

*Dying huh?…. It's not something pleasant, after all it's happened twice and there will be a third or maybe more before this soul of mine shatters and fades from existence….* I think to myself those dreadful thoughts, but I push them away.

I was a servant once, I might have died hundreds of times before, but I can't remember any of those battles of the past, only one Master I can still vividly remember.

"Ristuka 'Gudako' Fujimaru….. I wonder how she faired after my death…. Did they win? Did they save there version of humanity's existence?" I quietly asked myself this, many times in fact when I had remembered who I was after my second death, Rider, Mandricardo, because even though I had no memories when I lived my 2nd life thinking on it now, I remember something.

Fuyuki, a city at the center of several grail wars, never existed in my world, the world line I reincarnated into magic no longer existed as in all time lines, from what I could remember, Fuyuki was still a city in all of them, whether it had a grail war or not, that city still existed in whatever version of that world that we ended up in, it not existing in my world can only lead me to believe that magic and mystery no longer or never existed in that world.

Other things I thought about to myself is, what became of my family in my second life? It has been well over 16 years since my 2nd death and rebirth into this one, had they moved on? We're they okay? My mother…. My death must have traumatized her didn't it? She was there, holding on as she called the ambulance, trying to stop the bleeding as tears fell from her eyes and on my face…. All I could do was lifted my hand and brush the tears from her eyes…. I told her that I lived a good life, had a great family and a great mother, I knew I wasn't going to make it so I made sure to smile before I shut my eyes for the last time.....

*Maybe I could-*

(No, those who have died in one world can not return to that world unless under some very specific reasons, if host try's to go back there the creator, Author-sama, will not be able to hide this from those of his standing, and thus they will erase your soul from existence itself….) the system said rather coldly to me, then again it can't go against certain protocols set within it, and my erasure is the same as its own destruction permanently as there would be nothing left to make another from its remains.

*Ahh…. I see…. Well then….* I was rather sad about it that I'll never see my family again, I shouldn't be since I have a new one now and I have many women that care and love for me like but….

*Doralice….. Elisabeth…..* I think some more thoughts, Doralice, my fiancée and bride to be when I lived my life as Mandricardo back in the 11th century on Earth, who I would have lived a happy life with if that bastard Ruggiero hadn't set his eyes on her and challenged me to a duel for her, the only good thing is we both died because of our injuries I would later find out when I was in Chaldea, but the fact remains I lost first even with the armor of the nine worthies and Durandal in my possession.

And Elizabeth, my wife that I had in my last life that I found after many years being alone all the way up until my early 20's who came and patched me up after getting into a fight in at 22 outside a bar, but by tooth and nail I won after taking 4 guys down, lucky there were things I could use to fight back at the time or else without my knowledge from my years as Mandricardo I would have lost and been in the hospital for months, but because I won I got her attention and she decided to care for me, soon love bloomed and only a year later we were married, had kids and watched them grow up, all the way till my end.

"Mas- Ryu…. Why are you crying?" Musashi asked since I had been quiet as we slowly made our way to the village and noticed the tears streaming down my face.

I summon my captains hat and straighten it out, "Ahh…. It looks like it's beginning to rain…."

Musashi looks up and there's not that many clouds in the sky, "No, I don't think so…" but she just looks back at me and still sees the tears streaming down my face.

"No…. It's definitely raining…." I say quietly as I move on getting closer to the village with every step as I take.




Somewhere in the realm of the creators(True Earth), a man sits at his desk as he reads on 'his' stories as they unfold before him.

Although they are known as the Authors to the Readers, Authors are in fact owners of many blank books known to them as, Tales, these Tales are told to them and thus they write them down as they hear the voice of the Tales telling them what to write into creation of their 'Stories'

But currently the Author was perplexed, because for the first time the Tale of his was writing itself, Tales don't do that unless it needs to tell the Author something important about the story they're both watching and writing.

And finally it came to a stop and he began to read it over, and what he saw was well, understandable, just that why in the past 16 years for Mandricardo, or the last few months for him from receiving this Tale, that he was starting to be truly sadden by the loss of his family, and only one conclusion could be made by him….

"He's coming to realize that the life he's been living isn't a dream, it's as real to him as my family is to me, and now the sadness at never being able to see the ones he once new ever again is finally starting to hit him…." But then again with his rather Jaded personality from his time as Mandricardo and his life as John merging into one in this one it's not a surprise that he didn't think all this was truly real until he started to truly think of his past lives.

"If I leave this be I can see him becoming distant from those he cares about just because of him having trouble coming to terms completely that his family is gone for good…. I really shouldn't do this but I can't let this story start to have a downward spiral like this if I can help it…."

After he says that he pulls out a pen, another Authors Pen that replaced the one he gave to him all those months ago, before he began to write into it and to change what he believed was right….

After writing a few words into the story to drastically change things, he put the pen away and watched the Tale start to head in the right direction like it was once before.

"Heh, you better be glad I did this, because your story is still intresting to watch be made, let's just hopes it lasts until you see her once again…." He says with a smirk before going back to his work.




Somewhere in America, in the delivery ward of the hospital, a woman was giving birth to her child with the help of the doctors there.

"Alright ma'am we're in the final stretch! You just got to push!" One doctor said as they could see the head of the baby start to push through the entrance.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" She screamed as she pushed with all her might until-

"Waaaaa! Waaaaa! Waaaaa!"

"You did it! Congratulations ma'am! It's a beautiful baby girl!" The doctor said after pulling her out before cutting the umbilical cord, and cleaning the baby girl before handing her all wrapped up with a blanket.

"Ohhh! My baby! My sweet baby girl! Ohh… you have your fathers eyes, oh if only he was here now and not off on work, don't worry my little girl daddy will love you no matter how he acts or how distant he becomes, now it's time I'll give you your name, isn't that right my little…."

After she says the baby girls name on a flower outside the building a blue butterfly could be seen flapping its wings as it begins to fly away into the sunset.




"Hmph, I hope you like my gift kid, and don't worry, you'll meet with your beloved Elizabeth once more, but with a new name living a new life, but the second she sees you she'll remember who you are in bits and pieces, be grateful that I'm giving you so many gifts." He says as he twirls his pen as he watches the work change before his eyes as he leans back.

"I don't give a shit what they say about messing with the story, the Tale chose me, so I can do whatever I very well want with it, I'll only take criticism from other authors like myself who actually work on these tales." But he rubs his eyes before changing his computer over to some videos with some relaxing music.

"But that can wait till later, it's already passed midnight I should get some rest or just read some more Tales before going to bed…." He says as he goes and flops on his bed before turning the lights off for the night.

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