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"Potter! Are you here?" came a cry.

It was in a place covered in white. Several dozen mounds of snow cluttered an otherwise flat expanse. Among these mounds stood a child.

He wore, despite the snow, only a light tunic of animal hide. His skin was almost pure white, as was his hair, but his eyes were a piercing crimson. If he were to close his eyes and stand perfectly still, one might lose him in the snow.

On top of his left hand was blue gemstone, embedded into his flesh, and he wore a most peculiar hat -- a fluffy sphere, as white as the rest of him.

As the boy rapped his knuckles on snow mound before him, a portion of the snow fell away, revealing a dark wooden door. It creaked open, revealing a frail old man. His features were like the boy's and he also wore only a light tunic.

"Young Kn'k, where else would I be at this early hour?" the man said, gesturing at towards the sky. It was black, but studded with brilliant stars, and at the very center was a sliver, an apple's rind of a moon.

"The Moon has barely begun to grow. Well, I am already awake regardless, so what can I do for you, m'boy?"

As he said this, he reflexively reached out to pat the boy's head. When he neared it, however, the sphere of fluff atop the boy's head suddenly opened its large, blue eyes.


The old man jolted and quickly retracted his hand.

"Oh, and your little . . . friend is here too, isn't he? Sorry for startling you, Daedalus.

The small creature stared at the man for a long moment, before closing his eyes once more.

Au'd, paying this entire exchange no mind, replied, "Mama wants to fix breakfast, but I accidentally dropped a dish. She sent me over with a B'naadub to trade for a new one."

Here, he presented a plump rat-like creature with six legs and pure white fur. The potter studied it for a long moment.

Seeing this, Au'd earnestly said, "Mama caught them just yesterday, and this one was the plumper she caught!"

The potter chuckled.

"Yes, young one, I know your mother wouldn't think to cheat me. I'll agree to the trade."

He reentered his hut for a minute before returning with a clay dish, and the two exchanged items.

"Do be more careful this time," the potter warned as Au'd scampered away, Daedalus bobbing gently with each step.

Despite the time, there still were a few early risers just exiting their huts. They smiled upon seeing Au'd and greeted him; every time he would pause to return it.

At last, he arrived at one hut in particular, set slightly apart from the others. Opening the door, the aroma of bread and spices wafted out, causing Daedalus to immediately awaken.

The mother Kn'k swiftly took the dish away from Au'd before warmly embracing him.

"Welcome home, my little 'd."

She ruffled his hair, and he beamed.