1 What If... it was Big Mom Instead?

NOTE: This chapter is a ONE SHOT. Actual Story with 'OC' begins NEXT CHAPTER


Waking up all alone in a grassland among an empty table, a house way too small and a body that is not fun at all.

No. Not at all.

It takes a few moments for her to realize something is off…very off. She was young by traditional standards before this happened (19 years old) and waking up in a body of child was quite annoying.

The thing was, the body of the said child was too large. Her height matched the trees, she didn't fit through the doors of the wooden shack, the chairs, tables, and everything just seemed too small.

It wasn't until she found a pool (or was it a lake?) of water and peered back at her reflection that she realized what had happened. A horrible sinking feeling as realization dawned on her.

A large round face that was at least a fourth of her body. Impossibly large eyes with pupils between orange and green. A chubby body of a child who couldn't be older than 7…and most notably the disorganized, curly pink hair tied into a horrible resemblance of sheeplike features on both side of her head.

Looking down she saw her dress; a pink polka dotted child-like clothes on a lighter shade of pink. Round arms bending as if they were just one bendy limb instead of having joints like a normal person…

A horrible sense of hunger dawning on her at the bottom of her stomach.

She knew who she was…she hated who she was. Why…of all people did she have to be reborn as her? A mad glutton, hunger pangs, a childlike god…Big Mom.

Why, oh why, was she Charlotte Linlin?

… …

Things needed to go differently. She had no plans on letting things continue or flow the way it once did…or will.

Blinded and lost to her hunger, Mama will not stop until she has her treat. She will have no memories or recollection of what has happened

No… no…she can't become that

That was our deal, wasn't it? You are no longer my husband any longer. Mamama!

The taste of blood lingering on her tongue…the pieces of flesh and wood stuck between her strangely rounded teeth…it's too much. It's too much…

I'll get you Straw Hat!!

The lowest of the low. The cannibal. A loose cannon. She wouldn't become that. No…she refuses to become Oda's monstrosity. She was herself…she was still university student studying economics…she wasn't that…she would never become that. She wouldn't allow herself.

Things would go differently…she would make things flow differently.

She knew what was to come and exactly what things could help her. For now…that was enough. She would not be becoming Big Mom.

… …

Mother Caramel had tried to sell her to become a CP agent for the World Government, the greatest the world has ever seen. She was no fan of the World Government or open to the idea of joining them but right now…there was no better choice to follow.

She could go with Streusen (the chef) to terrorize the world and put a bounty on her head early on…or she could learn valuable things of this world which would help her, feed her, and grow until she no longer needed them.

So she waited…and waited. Talking with Streusen about her dreams of peace and quiet once she had the strength. She trained as much as her monster of a body allowed her to…which was quite a lot.

Haki came naturally to her like breathing (or eating). The moment she thought of trying to unlock or use it…it came. First it was just an invisible coating, then the next day it turned black, and finally the day after she realized that she barely even focused on using the armament.

It was when she accidentally crushed a rock while trying to push it out of the way that she realized who she was.

She was a natural monster

She heavily doubted if her original, Charlotte Linlin, had ever even trained a day in her life. Her godlike strength to kill giants, raze down towns, godlike invincibility didn't come from her efforts…it was given naturally.

It was tempting then to just let it be. To just rest and do nothing but she stopped herself from continuing that train of thought with a horrifying image.

A large obese woman brainless as she was chasing a doughnut

No… she was better than that. She would train…train her mind, body, and in her case her soul as well.

It was a week later when they finally arrived. Tall men (not as tall as her) dressed in suits and masked in bizarre forms.

Cipher Pol

It was here she was to play the innocent and naive child. To seem like the perfect tool to be molded and shaped into a machine of blood and suga—death.

Five men approached her before one raised his hand and stepped forward. His face covered in a frowning white mask, one eye patched white while the other black, he spoke to her.

"Kid. Have you seen Mother Caramel?"

"Uh—Mama Caramel?" She hoped this worked "I…I don't know! Ever since my birthday they just disappeared! Mama, friends, chairs, everything!"

Then she willed her body to begin wailing at the top of my lungs. She'll never understand child body mechanics but it seemed like she could simply cry at will. As the Cipher Pol agents began to take out their den den mushi, probably to ask HQ about what to do, she decided a trick would attract their attention.


In her fake tantrum, she brought her fist to the ground which cracked the ground and created a fissure. The heads of the agents turned immediately from her face, to her fist, and then the fissure (presumably in shock) before the leader turned back to her.

"Hey kid, what's your name?"

Was it within my rights to use that name? Charlotte Linlin? Do I really want to continue being myself in this mad new world?

No. I'm stealing this body…it's MINE now.

"Linlin. Charlotte Linlin" She replied

"Well then Linlin, why don't you follow us and tell us about Mother Caramel? Who knows…we might be able to find her." Like a gullible child, her tears stopped as she looked down at the obviously suspicious man and smiled.

"Otay!" Make sure to pronounce some words incorrectly. A smart child is an imperfect tool

And thus her time with the World Government began

… …

Her years with Cipher Pol was productive yet like living in a nightmare. From the very beginning, they tried injecting all sorts of government propaganda into her head…including justifying the Celestial Dragons' actions as well as many hidden operatives the World Government committed; namely Ohara incident and many many hidden genocides covered up with the name of Justice and the greater good.

Should she truly have been an innocent child, she would have gobbled up their lies and took it to heart…a shame to them that she was a slave to capitalism putting logic and her life above all else. She knew where blind loyalty would lead her, an early grave.

It was these days where her freedom was limited, tested, and controlled to the very peak and even then she couldn't deny that it was working. She had frequent hunger pangs, often waking up in the middle of destruction with often obvious casualties all around her and her mouth filled with the thing that she just happened to be craving.

It was painful to endure the hunger, the desire, their judgmental stares and yet it was exactly this atmosphere that helped her get through and win over herself.

Then there was a day when the agents brought in a tutor to try and teach her something called haki. Of course she already knew what it was but feigning ignorance was the way to go…especially when you could only gain.

Sadly, the lesson did not go as planned when the tutor challenged her to hit him as hard as possible. She obliged and the tutor turned into a meat paste on the ground. She had expected some form of punishment or at least a negative response but what they did simply reinforced her notion that the World Government (and especially CP) was psychotic.

At the tutor's death (while he was covered head to toe in black haki) the agents congratulated her and instead of warning against her actions, they encouraged such action to be taken against their enemies.

Practicals began as they gave up on turning her into an assassin and instead into a tank or a front line agent. Possibly even CP 0 to directly protect the World Nobles from harm. The Government, and especially the elders, rather liked the idea of an invincible shield.

After pretending to awaken her haki (with a round of hit the indestructible toddler), they taught her all the basics properly through grueling repetition. Like the monster she was, nothing presented a challenge…at least nothing much.

Her armament withstood anything including sea-stone blades and her observation picked up their location from miles away. At every progress she made and pretended to be brainwashed, the agents cheered and so did random scientists that came and went.

She hid her Conqueror's although she could feel it bubbling right underneath her skin. Some things were better hidden than not.

Self Preservation

… …

"So which one are you feeling Linlin?"

"Umm….uhhh…this one." She pointed at the spear among a wide array of weapons. "And this one as well" It was a massive pistol made for someone her size. A standard black, sleek, and an attached silencer as well. Perhaps the agents couldn't give up on turning her as stealthy as possible…entertaining the notion that she could ever even hide or be quiet with her size and power was entertaining by itself.

But why a spear and gun?

She knew her weapons and no matter how much anime and cultural BS poured their hearts into making swords into weapons of mass destruction, it just wasn't as practical and useful as a spear.

Scientific evidence backed the fact that spears hit harder, much harder, than swords did. With the pole, spears also had that extra (and significant) reach; inches that could save her life. Spear Stabbing was always faster than sword swinging which earned precious moments. Unlike common thought, the spear was also a great close-combat range weapon as well as unlike a sword, you didn't need to hold it at its end.

As a last ditch, it also served as a critical projectile. Keeping one last move up her sleeve.

Using rotation, the spear could be used in so many more ways than a sword could be as well as the fact that it was a great wrestling tool should it go to the ground. If she ever wanted a longer cutting edge, she simply needed to replace the blade at the end. Simple as that.

Adding her ridiculous strength and the unholy things the denizens of the New World could do, she was confident that no matter how much the world babbled on about swords, she would end them all with a spearpoint to the throat.

Also, guns had obvious advantages, along with the fact that she remembered her original (Big Mom) using a flintlock in a flashback with the Rocks pirate…so she must have had some talent with it…right?

She was just so desperate in hoping that her original wasn't as incompetent as she was. Even thought that thing was no longer her, it still embarrassed her to no end of how someone could not even try to better themselves when given a god-blessed, demon kissed, monster of a body. Instead her original sent it all down the drain creating a horrific Disney land and ruling as a nutritionally disproportionate, obese, mentally unstable (understatement), mother of 85 children whom she viewed as tools.

No. Not her. Not Her. She was different.

As she picked up the large pole arm, she felt determination to see through to the end. She would prove fate wrong. She was not going to become Oda's mangled creation. Not her.

… …

Learning the 6 Marine Skills proved harder than she thought, mostly because they just weren't made for her body…and yet she still managed (though she didn't even try to learn the secret seventh. Not worth it) After learning, she had to give it to the Marines for coming up with these techniques, she couldn't deny that they were especially useful.

A normal person learning these 6 technique would turn him into a One Man Army. Her learning these arts was giving like giving a killer whale the ability to walk on land. Barely 12 years old and she was already making great progress in the world.

She couldn't help but picture the old obese original using geppo to jump (and fly) in the air or her using shigan to puncture through enemy defenses instead of swatting things aside like a child. Things were already looking different…things would be different.

… …

15 years old

It happened on her 15th year when she decided enough was enough. In other ways, she really did have enough for the moment as well.

She knew she was powerful. Way more powerful than if she would have just entered the world of piracy alone with no training whatsoever. To make use of her long hair, she even studied Life Return and succeeded! No effort on her part…just…a monster of a body.

Her looks changed greatly as well. Gone was the stocky and chubby body of a child with the massive head, she was slim, tall, and most importantly fit. She grew immensely taller; standing at 7.5 meters, still almost a meter and a half to grow from what she knew about the original.

She had changed out of the horrible horrible child's clothing and instead opted for something more classy. A tight black button down shirt with a gray blazer with matching dress pants. She wore short heels. Originally it was for practice balancing but after years, it was a weapon of its own. Due to the strange logic of the world she lived in, no matter how much she trained and endured (cannonballs and flamethrowers), her clothes just never seemed to rip and not even a scratch on her heels. How strange.

Naturally, her body decided that the levels of monstrous power was just not enough and continued break through…not that she minded. Having knowledge of the presence of true superpowers in this world, she knew being stronger meant safer. Against the top dogs of this world, she wouldn't be able to walk in and activate god mode like she had done all her life so far.

In addition to this, her training had come along quite nicely…although it really didn't fit her way of fighting. She already knew her body was meant for a pirate-style way of fighting. Brawling, unorthodox methods of using weapons supplemented by godly strength and power. Strict and straight tactics, martial arts, and the ways they taught her how to use a spear and other forms of weaponry…it was alright at best.

She had to acknowledge it served as a solid foundation for what she planned to do but it just didn't fit her. The styles were created for 2 meters or shorter people while she was nearing 8 meters. The Government style was too…stiff for her opinion. Having freedom in her fights would help her develop more.

It was the day of her first mission when she decided that it was time. It was supposed to be the day when she was finally recognized as one of their own, her files and name recorded among the agents, to wear the suit and mask and fight for the so-called Justice…a shame since she failed to bond with anyone or anything. Time to finally leave the godforsaken government after nine years of taking in everything that was of value.

In the building, she purposely set off an alarm which prevented anyone from leaving the government building and she began. One by one, she picked them off, devouring their souls to prevent any evidence unless it was necessary. Locking down the exits, she searched through the facility destroying her way through walls, research, and especially any files related to her.

In the end, she found the agents, CP agents, waiting for her at the end. She was already stronger than them before they taught her…they were nothing to her now that she had learned.

Picking up all the bodies and throwing them down into the harbor, she made sure every file was deleted or gone. The less information the government had on her, the better. Finally, in the dead of night, she was gone.

She had a friend to find and a world to explore.

… …

17 years old

For two years she remained invisible to the world. Island hopping across the new world and facing the wildlife…doing what Luffy (ASL brothers) had once done. It was here that she trained and truly awakened her Conqueror's haki.

Calling upon it was challenging as she needed to be in an emergency. No one she knew has awakened it simply because they wanted to. But she knew she had it…she just needed a trigger.

It took a stolen Marine large sized Marine ship hooked up with a pulley system and a timer for her to finally force herself to panic and awaken the power at last. Sailing out into the calm belt, she tied the chains around her, set the timer for a few seconds longer than necessary, before jumping into the water below.

Within moments, she realized what a bad idea this was. Under the salt water, she managed to keep her eyes open…but not much else. She was sinking…and she was sinking fast. She kept sinking deeper and deeper until a *yank* and her chains suspended her in the water. She flowed naturally, unable to move a single muscle due to her devil fruit, as she stared into the eyes of thousands of giant sea creatures.

Like a bait, she tried to struggle, hoping for the timer to run out and pull her back up into safety but no luck. As soon as the Sea Kings saw the delicious snack (her) they were thrown into a frenzy as the world flipped over…for her, quite literally.

Currents of water even she has never seen before flipped over and over tossing her over and under as the chains barely held her to the ship. Only when she had regained her bearings did she manage to see clearly…right into the open maw of a gigantic sea king.

Fear. Anger. Regret.

Her heart pulsed with something different.

Live. Live. LIVE

She had a life ahead of her. She had something to prove…she wasn't going to die here.

From the very depths of her heart, her determination responded as her willpower manifested into pure power.

Conqueror's Haki

It exploded out of her in full force, uncontrolled, untamed, crude…but it worked. The Sea Kings immediately backed away just as the timer hit and she was pulled up to safety. As she climbed her way onto the ship, she promised herself to never no diving again.

That was not a fun experience at all. Sailing back to the wild island, she had much to play and test with her new ability. Hopefully she would have the time.

… …

She quickly found out that Conqueror's haki was different in its very nature from the other types of haki. It wasn't much as repetitive training could get her far…she needed to constantly find new challenges to improve upon calling on the power.

She knew of the different uses of haki but unfortunately she simply just didn't know how she could use it so. For now, all she could do was exert her will on the animals and beasts on the island.

In controlled manners, she could dominate and tame these wild animals. Beasts that were all too bloodthirsty suddenly all too happy to follow her orders and obey her like a loyal dog. In an uncontrolled manner where she let out waves of haki in a destructive way, she found herself opening her eyes in a scene of chaos.

All life around her completely knocked out and some branches (from the trees) heavily scarred from unknown power.

While this proved incapacitation using conqueror's was possible, she wasn't at a level where it could be used against half the strong players. She could exert some pressure on people's mind but it wasn't able to manifest physically like she knew the emperor's were capable of.

Well…she simply needed time…and some more experience. Infusion was still miles away but she could begin to think of theories of how such a feat could be possible. Was it necessary to learn the aura manifestation for armament first? Or Ryuo as the people of Want called it?

Probably not. I doubt original even knew what Ryuo was and she was confirmed to be able to use infusion on her fists and Napoleon during her fight with Kaido on Onigashima.

… …

It turns out she didn't need to go searching for the Rocks or avoid them…fate found a way and it seemed like it didn't plan on letting her go. Over years, she thought about this moment long and hard, pondering if it was worth joining the Rocks Pirates. Serving under someone that was rumored to be as horrible as her original was…or possibly worse.

The conclusion that she came up with? Yes. Yes it was.

Despite the horrible risks of joining a pirate crew as renowned as the Rocks, she had to admit there was no better way of getting stronger than joining the crew. To be among those who were finally like her, to fight enemies that could last or potentially even beat her. To struggle as she grows stronger. That was what she needed and the only place that could give her that…unfortunately, was the Rocks pirates.

It happened one day at port in a small city island when a rather loud ship pulled into harbor, completely ignoring any sort of rules or regulations. Pirates she was familiar with either hid their ships, bribed their way in, or pretended to be a merchant ship before paying for the island visa to stay for however long they needed to.

What she didn't expect was to see a full sized galleon charging its way into the harbor leaving behind a trail of at least 10 sinking Marine Ships, cannonballs, strange fire occurrences, and very loud screams. On top of it all, the ship didn't even bother to cover up their flag. It was still held up high as if yelling the word ROCKS to the world…the letter 'O' being a red skull…not really a good sign.

Generally those who used a red skull instead of white symbolized that there would be no mercy whatsoever. It kind of made her rethink about her decisions for a while before she reasoned herself that this was necessary. It was necessary to gain power, it was necessary to grow stronger, it was necessary to learn and make connections with the next great powers of this world…if she planned of being one of them.

… …

A week later, she found herself on the Rocks Pirate ship…and somehow as an official crew-mate. It seems like they had barely passed through on into the New World and looking for someone who knew it rather well.

It just so happened that she was rolled up in a fight between the Rocks and the local Kingdom…where the Kingdom's soldier mistook her for a pirate. After the sacking of the palace, she found herself sailing away…with the damn Rocks.

"So you lived your entire life in the New World, huh?"

"Yup" She really couldn't believe that she was talking with the Edward Newgate. The future Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world and someone who possibly held the power to destroy the world itself.

"Is it always this crazy?"

"You told me you were from the New World as well" Wasn't Newgate from a small village town in the New World? Why would he have to ask me this?

"As soon as I left the village, I was sent across the world to South Blue by a freak storm. Still don't know how I survived that, Gurarara!! Climbed my way into the GrandLine where I met captain…and the rest is history". Yup, definitely Whitebeard judging by that unique laughter. And the reason he would have survived was because he was freaking Whitebeard. Fate had plans for him…a storm wouldn't kill him.

"The New World is chaotic, always…so yeah, I guess freak storms and nature's abominations are a normal occurrence" No matter how much time passed, she still needed to hold in her urge to laugh 'Mamama'. Perhaps it was a feature of the strong beings of this world. Their laughters were unique.

… …

17 years old

She hated the crew, she really did. It was worse than living alone, it was worse than being with the government, it was worse than any group of people she had been with. The Rocks Pirate sucked.

By strength-wise, the Rocks were nigh unbeatable. The next powerhouses of the world were already showing fractions of their true strength. During raids, Newgate showed the capability to turn entire parts of islands to dust, Shiki dropped down meteor-like constructs and Kaido…well, he was just exceptionally strong for a cabin-boy.

She was no exception to this monster four as with her strength alone she pummeled through almost anything. Her mastery in her spear didn't end at skill as it pierced through mountains and any obstacles. Stabbing through shields and swinging away entire battalions. Her training was finally beginning to pay off…and so did her Devil Fruit.

She knew that her original would have already created some of her major homies by now (and possibly even her own) but she didn't…and she had good reason. Devil Fruit or not, tempering with a soul was delicate business. It was truly an essence of a person and to simply steal and shove it into something else before ordering it to do her biddings was degrading. She was to be everything her original wasn't…she would not create smiling dumb clouds and gullible soldiers. She was creating something more.

The first thing she did was clear out an imaginary space in her head (using her devil fruit) as a place to store souls. Hopefully an infinite amount of souls but if not…she could always try to expand it. Devil Fruit powers were limited only by their imaginations after all, limits were self-set with the word the fruit used. She didn't plan on setting a limit on souls.

Now that an actual place to store souls was created, she needed them.

The fear factor that her Devil Fruit had in her original was something she didn't want to deal with. During battle, it did help in clearing out weaker minded ones in one go but she wasn't an Emperor yet. She didn't have that reputation of an unbeatable pirate, a mad glutton, or the horrific stories to go with her name. Stronger enemies or those that did not know her, did not fear her.

So she came up with a more direct approach. Locking onto them and putting a bit of her own soul on the line, she would play a tug of war with her target. This tug of war, she found, had nothing to do with physical strength but rather it was a battle of willpower…nobody ever stood a chance. After all, the reason why she even made it to this point was undying ambition, to be better, indomitable will.

She played with the souls inside her head trying to mold it to become something different. Different from just the happy-go homies or the silver liquid-like substance that her original made it look like. It took a long while but she succeeded…

Time. She figured out she could change the essence of a person into pure time. This was quite similar to her original but her had taken it a bit further. Injecting this time into herself, she felt herself getting slightly younger. Literally de-aging. The stronger the souls and the more she took, the more time it returned to her. At the age of only 17, she had figured out a crude, cruel, and ugly form of eternal youth.

She didn't plan on using this ability much for the next few years. At least until she hit 25. While she knew her body was quite sturdy, she wasn't invincible. Getting to her physical peak in physical age would help her…and only then would she use this ability to keep her youth.

Life. The second way she changed souls was life itself. It was after a spar with Newgate and she was feeling sore that she tried this on herself and found that it healed her instantaneously. This would be a huge boon during emergencies or in battle in general.

Power. Unfortunately, she couldn't use this power herself. She created a homie using someone else's soul as she injected power into it. The homie was far far stronger than she had ever intended (though much weaker than her). Fearful of her creation, she immediately banished it before taking it all back into herself. Free-will of her creations frightened her…she would need to find a way to bind it to absolute loyalty towards her other than fear or admiration; That was reserved for family only.

… …

The first time she ever lost a fight was when she sparred against her (evil) captain Rocks D Xebec. To experience loss for the first time was quite traumatizing, painful, and left her in a daze for a while but at theism time she knew that it was necessary.

Through her loss she finally grasped the level of strength she wanted to reach. She was humbled…even though her captain was a complete prick, dick, ass, and every word of an insult that she could think of.

After all, the entire fight started because Rocks looked down on her…well, he looked at his crew as nothing more than his minions. Still, after the comment of being a 'bitch who knows nothing' she had challenged him…and almost died.

Landing on an uninhabited island, she and her captain chose this as the sparring ground before they fought. Two days later and with half the island gone…the victor was clear. Her captain was still standing while she woke up in the infirmary.

She was able to give him a good fight if his broken ribs, nose, and bruises all over his body meant anything however she lacked in her raw power and experience. Experience of fighting those near her level of power.

Haki was the final reason she failed to win. While was was confidently able to employ the basics of all three variants, she was no master in being able to breakthrough indestructible skin and willpower. No matter how many times she tripped him up, tied down his hands, parried away his strikes, she couldn't get in a blow that could immobilize or down him for good. Whereas his attacks seemed to ignore her natural defenses completely and left her not only to cover her skin but also her muscles and bones underneath.

She felt herself growing stronger by the moment as her haki blossomed and grew stronger by the second…but in the end her stamina failed her. Another proof that she wasn't as different from her original just yet as within two days of constant fighting…she lost herself to that state and everything was over.

She remembered hanging onto her mind by a thread before hunger got the best of her and she remembered not much else. By the way her head hurt once she woke up in the infirmary, she could only guess that her captain knocked her out with an infusion technique and her, having been blinded in her hunger pang, took it straight to the head without even trying to block it.

Damn it…

She might have lost and failed to prove her point but the fight wasn't worthless…she got strength from the fight. She was stronger after than before despite the broken bones and her most likely concussion. Her will felt stronger and her conqueror's was rumbling beneath her skin, in anger and rage from the defeat. She hated this crew (except Newgate), she hated her captain…but she was making progress. Big progress. Perhaps if the opportunity presented itself, she would become the monster that Rocks never managed to be…and she would be the one to close his eyes for good.

Later on she thought about giving Rocks the slightest bit of mercy. After all, he was below killing his crew for the smallest reasons. The only reason he didn't kill her after she was knocked out, she could only assume, was because she was the strongest among his crew, rivaled only by Newgate.

… …

She fought (as in sparred) regularly with Newgate as a way for both of them to keep fit and strong on a crew that was very unbalanced. The Rocks Pirates (unlike her expectations) was a huge crew composed of nearly two hundred direct subordinates.

Most of them were lackeys that her captain had picked up somewhere and decided to take them in to use them later on as cannon fodder or something just as useless. There were a few here and there that were surprisingly capable (as her captain chose stronger members from the New World to replace the dead ones) but they were weak in the end.

Kaido, the former cabin boy, was beginning to show his potential strength as he literally fought his way up the ranks of the crew. From other cabin boys, cremates, and proving himself in constant battle against the Marines, she came to acquire the general respect from the crew…along with her, Newgate, and Shiki. Her view on Kaido was…skewed…as she knew what he would become but for now he was but an ignorant child who was quite hungry to battle.

Shiki was an arse…but a manageable one. As long as she kept his ego floating and left him to his boasting, he was generally happy. Initially he tried to make a move on her but a conqueror's mixed fist to his face made sure that would not be happening again. Sure he was strong but he was nowhere near the level of her and Newgate (and Rocks).

Finally there was her captain. If she could hate anyone more than her captain, it would probably be the Celestial Dragons (she saw a couple) and no one else. The guy was a selfish, arrogant, stubborn prick who thought nothing of the crew. Everything was always about him, it was always him.

He was never satisfied with what he had, he always wanted more. From the whores that caught his eyes in the brothels, the gold in the treasury he ordered us to break through, and most importantly the power that the crown held.

In every nation the Rocks invaded, Rocks tried desperately to seize the crown for himself…and most time it worked literally but not actually. In fear of our overwhelming might, the ruling figure would hand over the symbol of power…and Rocks would be satisfied for a day or two in which the Kings would swear an oath and coax him into leaving for some other island nation.

By the time they were days away, she would hear that the nation had charged the Marines for their failure of protecting them before they resumed their sovereignty. So in the end…nothing really worked.

Still, she had to give it to her captain for being a true monster in combat. No Devil Fruit…just pure physical monstrosity and a very brutal tactic and mind. He was everything she thought what Blackbeard would be but possibly even stronger. She was beginning to understand why it took all the figures on God Valley to finally bring an end to this crew.

… …

18 years old

The crew docked for a rather large supply restock period so they expected to be at the island for quite a while. As the second commander (Newgate was first mate) she didn't have any obligations to join the fodder in buying, stealing, and getting the supplies she needed. She had her lackeys for that.

Walking into a bar (she had to duck under the door), she immediately recognized that large, rolling, tongue and the crazy hair. As expected, the man tried to woo her, charm her, and amused by his actions she let him.

It was only a one-night but she purposefully didn't use contraceptives. By the time they were leaving port, she could already feel the slight bump and difference in her body (thanks to her ability to sense souls). She had to admit…the prospect of becoming a mother scared her…but her love and excitement overwhelmed everything else. An inexplainable sense of love and care flowed through her for a child she didn't even know…all rules and thoughts she had before this just seemed trivial at this point.

Her child was the exception…always.

No matter what, she was not going to become the twisted mother figure her original was. She was going to properly love her children, and let her children live out their lives as they pleased.

Barely a month into her pregnancy with no one else knowing of her state, she was already fantasizing of her little Perospero.

… …

20 years old

Oh god…oh god why!

Many months prior…

The crew had successfully repelled a rather large Marine Force from one of their main islands which had two Marine Admirals defending it. They managed to kill one while the other fled missing an eye and an arm.

High on the victory, the crew decided to party (while her captain searched for the King to torture) and brought out the booze the they had stolen from the island.

One cup turned into a bottle, two, three, soon it reached ten before she gave up on trying to handle the bright atmosphere for once and let go. She drank with Newgate (who was the only one trying to stay sober), she drank with Shiki (obnoxious but lovable idiot at this point), she drank with John (he was already pretty much a corpse), and…and she drank with Kaido.

And he led her to his cabin

And he fucked her, or did she fuck him?

They were both very very drunk…

She was such an irresponsible mother… *sigh*

"Is mommy okay" Her little angel asked her. Perospero was such an adorable two year old. Her joy of her life climbed onto her hand (remember, she's 8.5 meters tall now) as she lifted him to her eye level.

"Mommy is fine sweetie" She cooed at him as he giggled joyfully. She would never let anything turn him into the mad, frightful, minister of candy her original had made him become…never. "It's just…you might have siblings soon sweetie. Are you alright with that?"

"Siblings?" He raised both his chubby arms high before waving them "Yayyy!" At his antics, she felt her heart melt. He was her little baby…and no matter how ugly Kaido was her new kids would get the same love as well.

After all, she was a mother.

A few months later, she gave birth (which wasn't hard or even stressing with a body as strong and large as hers) to the triplets she was expecting. Three more angels to bless her life; Oven, Katakuri, and Daifuku.

She made a mental note to make sure Katakuri would stay away from doughnuts until he was at an age where he could control himself. Not simply due to his mouth incident but also because kids (and everyone else) needed to eat healthily. She was willing to become the devil's advocate to get them to eat their vegetables. Little Peros already knew she was capable of doing so.

On a side note, she realized that Yamato wasn't Kaido's only child now…how strange. She would like a daughter as well though.

… …

21 years old

Seems like her wish was granted! She was expecting quadruplets but she instead got one loving little angel. Her little Amande, the future swordswoman she her strange love of wide hats. She loved her long neck (snake neck tribe)

With the crew's business, Newgate finally began growing his beard or rather mustache but it was just so wrong. The mustache simply looked so normal as it didn't defy the effect of gravity…along with the fact that Newgate was blond.

She didn't know why she never thought of it before but it was natural after all. He had blond hair and had a dirty blonde (short) mustache. The first time he showed it to her, she was so shocked before she doubled over in laughter at the sight.

He tried to get her to explain but she didn't budge, even when her best friend tried to bribe her with a very nice bottle of wine she was trying to find. She just couldn't…hahahahah!

Like always, it ended with Newgate getting amused with her before he dared to challenge her (in a spar). If he won…she would have to explain what was so funny about his new beard, and if she won, he had to shave it off.

She took the dare immediately before darting off to the nearest uninhabited island to create some shockwaves and tsunamis across the nearby ocean.

It was a rather close battle but she came out victorious with a conqueror's imbued (yes! She finally figured it out after around 7 times of being hit around by her captain) crackling spear to his throat.

It was hilarious as she watched Newgate nearly sob as he shaved away his first path towards becoming Whitebeard.

Sorry good friend, but it's just not now and it's definitely not that

All the while, Peropspero was laughing at Newgate with her with her little triplets trying to keep their new little sister from crying.

Ahh, family

… …

23 years old

She got the triplets…Cracker, Custard, and Angel. Looks like she just had to use that name now.

As her little gang of children grew larger in both size and number, there were more and more problems she needed to deal with. The obvious being…they were children and they had needs that couldn't easily be solved on a Pirate Ship…and an infamous one at that as well.

Second was the cannon fodder acting up as she began to grow softer and softer, mistakingly taking it as a sign that she was open, or weaker, or not worthy. Most of them she ignored as her division (she was technically still second commander though she didn't act like it most of the time) understood what it meant to mess with her.

One time she caught one of the crew's weaker members bullying her little Amande…she didn't even have time to think before the man's heart was pierced by her spear. He was dead before he touched the ground.

That taught the rest of the crew not to mess with her children…she was still a powerful pirate but she was a mother first and foremost. Her children, her joys of life, were the exceptions to any and all rules she had created for herself.

… …

25 years old

She realized that the children she gets seems to be selective. She was expecting twins (Brûlée and Broye) but instead she only got Brûlée. Not that she wasn't happy about getting just Brûlée or even happy about not getting Broye…but just weird. Did it have something to do with her mind? Soul? Could she really choose who she was getting?

Over the last few years (and most of them in pregnancy) she learned to fight better, or rather in a way more adjusted to her. Ever since she carried Perospero, she tried fighting with a shield in her other hand…it didn't work out in the beginning as it was simply too different but not it felt strange to not have her protection.

Sparring with Newgate (he was the only one who could match her in a fight. Kaido endured but he was more of a sandbag than a partner) she learned to protect herself from the most ridiculous levels of strength.

Using her shield (right hand) to absorb shockwaves and direct hits and parrying them aside to let her spear (she's left handed) to pierce through previously indestructible skin. On a spar with Kaido, she managed to pierce entirely through his shoulder when she put her all into it. Finally proving and letting her worries down a bit.

God Valley was approaching…and she wasn't looking forward to meeting Garp and Roger as enemies. While she's never fought them before, she knew their future titles carried more weight than it seemed. No one becomes the Pirate King or the Hero of the Marines through a simple promotion…they do it through their own power.

Meanwhile, her children were growing beautifully. She changed her (large) cabin into a nursery and hired a (initially unwilling) maid (and also nurse) to help her take care of her 9 children. 9 beautiful children.

It seemed like her time of being wooed and charmed at the islands and the one night stands would have to be on pause for the next couple of years. She could already feel the tension beginning to rise as her captain turned his head towards the Poneglyphs. He had figured out that there was something more.

… …

26 years old

She had begun siphoning souls from her enemy, turning them into pure lifespan (time), and injecting them within herself to keep her physical age at 25 forever. Just because she became a mother didn't mean she wanted to grow old. Not only her appearance but rather because the New World was a tough, violent, and cruel place…weakening either through injury or age meant death. She was going to survive and provide a safe place for her family, her children. Not even time would stop her from doing this.

She managed to rip out the soul of a rather well-known pirate in the New World (600 million beri bounty) to turn it into a homie. She wasn't planning on maybe a clay-doh piece of shit like her original…she had better uses for a powerful soul.

Memories of her original's homies betraying her, failing her, came to mind. The King Tree in the seducing woods falling for her (original's) enemies' words and helping them escape. Hundreds of homies falling at once against a skeleton with an afro due to his aura which wasn't even conqueror's haki…and most of all her own soul, Zeus, running away and joining her enemy in search of food.

No. It's MINE.

Her soul was her's and no one else's. The souls she took was she's and no one else's. Taking the pirate's soul, she stripped it of free will as she traded it for power. She combined the soul with her spear creating her first ever personal homie.

It wasn't her soul but it was the most powerful one she had made thus far…and it proved to be frighteningly effective. Her new spear, while it still had no name, could now officially be called a weapon befitting her strength. It no longer broke, shattered, or had to be constantly sharpened or repaired. She wasn't sure if it would be continued to be used later on but for now, this was her go-to weapon.

… …

27 years old

It finally happened, the God Valley incident…and things did not go to plan at all. Not that she expected it to, as this was the God Valley incident after all.

Xebec, who had practically been descending into madness as he got more and more full of himself, his strength, and delusions of what he could be finally lost it when he ordered his crew to attack God Valley despite the entire crew being against it.

But hell…when did Xebec ever care about their opinions anyway? So it happened…God Valley.

She could say that the only good part about the entire thing was when they arrived before any of the Marine Forces (or World Government) noticed and began rampaging across the district where the World Nobles lived. Perhaps it was their arrogance or their belief that nobody would be dumb (or crazy) enough to attack them…but it worked in their favor.

Rocks gave clear orders to slaughter the bastards and it was about the only time she ever truly agreed with his ideas…quite ironic that this was when he was fully mad. The Rocks pirates stormed the island and the district as they began slaughtering the Celestial Nobles left and right. Her, Newgate, and a few others tried to kill the nobles selectively and tried to leave the servants and slaves alone while other members of the crew slaughtered them all regardless. She didn't have a say but perhaps death was better than continued servitude under the fools.

When the Marines arrived, all turned to hell with the fleet admiral (Kong), all three admirals (2 of them new), at least 10 Vice Admirals and pretty much the entire force of the World Government arrived in conjunction. To make matters worse (or better), Roger arrived not long after.

It was at that point her captain Xebec completely lost it and began crackling about how he was going to become the King of the world…that he was going to change and become something more. With that crazed statement…he gave his final order as captain and ordered us all to protect him while he goes searching for something.

Captain's orders were absolute…at least they were supposed to be. But the thing was, she had absolutely no loyalty towards the man who had been her captain for almost the last 10 years. She had joined him to get stronger…and now she had more than enough power.

She sent her division to fight against the Marines to their deaths (because who cares about them) while she tried her best to chase after her former captain. The thing was, it seemed as if Newgate had the same idea.

"What are you doing here?" She whispered to her best friend

"Gurarara! You think I'm going to let you do this alone?" Somehow he still managed to keep his smile despite the madness all around them. "He's no captain of mine as much as he was yours. We're going to do this together!" He swung his Naginata clearing a path through the Marines.

Once they arrived they found a fight like no other.

Rocks, Shiki, and John were fighting against Kong, Garp, and Roger. For the moment, it seemed as if her former captain had the upper hand as he continued to blast them wave after wave of long reaching attacks.

"Xexexexe!!! Newgate! Linlin! Good timing! Take on these fools for me. Hold them back at all costs! Xexexexe!!" He tried to pass on the fight to them but he must have felt something was off because as she approached him, he raised his fist against her.

"You" His eyes murderous was burning with anger. "You…you dare betray me?!!"

She didn't bother to answer as she lifted my spear and shield, the point facing him.

"Fleet Admiral Kong, Vice Admiral Garp, as much as I hate with Marines, I need your help in taking down my former captain" She gave Roger a glance as well "Your help would be appreciated as well."

She was met with eyes of disbelief from my former crew as if they could believe what she had just said. Still, she knew Xebec's time was gone…he needed to be gone. As much as he was an idiot, he was an active danger to this world. He was a threat to her family.

The fight that followed gave her the explanation of what had happened to God Valley. Putting together 8 of the most powerful combatants the world has ever seen and making them fight to the death provided the reason.

Before they fought, the island was there. When they finished…the island didn't survive.

There was not a soul on the island that wasn't heavily injured in some form. She wasn't much better as she took the spearpoint (quite literally) of taking on her former captain and also being the one to chase him all across the island as he desperately sought something.

"You can't kill me! I'm KING! I AM THE WORLD!" *slice* She managed to slice off one of his fingers while he tried to add theatrics to his words. His scream of anger and frustration sounded like music to her ears…years of anger pouring out of her onto the most powerful yet incompetent captain the world has ever seen.

He dived away from her and into the sacred spot under the valley itself where he managed to break through a wall just as she followed after, rubble forming behind her from overcharged use of soru.

"HAAHAHAA! I FOUND IT!" He cackled maniacally at the gigantic Straw Hat laying there. It was a hat that was too big for even her…perhaps it belonged to the giants? Wait…wasn't that…?

"URANUS IS MINE! I WILL BECOME KING. I WILL BECOME… IMU!" At his words, her head went into overdrive as her memories rushed forward.

The mysterious figure leading the World Government. Higher than even the 5 Elders.

No. No. She couldn't allow it. She wouldn't allow it.

She prayed that for once her strike would hit true…and with assistance, it did.

Newgate appeared directly above Xebec as he punched his former captain square in the back. Cracks forming around his body and air signaling that he has used his devil fruit to crush through his captain's defenses.

Xebec, to distracted by the discovery failed to evade or black Newgate's strike as he came flying towards her…towards her spearpoint. And it pierced through.

Xebec's heart was skewered through by her spear and out through his back just as it broke, but it was done…her captain was dead. Killed by her own two hands. She trapped his (now dead and powerless) soul inside her for later use…a soul of someone as powerful as her captain was bound to be useful one day. Just as she was beginning to feel safe and hope for the day, the island began to shake as water began to pour into their location.

"Newgate! Did you do something?!"

"I overused my fruit up there! And just now, I put everything I had into it. It looks like this island's not going to survive. Gurararara!!!"

"You idiot! I'll kill you after this!"

She looked at what her dead captain had been once after, the rumored ancient weapon Uranus. For a moment, she was tempted to take it with her, to see what it could do, to possibly hold the power to become King of the world…

But she shook it off.

That was Rocks' dream, not hers. She wanted a large happy family to keep safe. A family that loved each other and cared for one another in this mad world.

In a hurry, she looked around to find some other treasures lying behind a wall. A devil fruit…and a rather massive spear. An actual weapon that fit her size perfectly. Judging that she had just lost her weapon by killing her former captain, she took these two items as compensation.

Surely something that was hidden in the most protected vault of the Celestial Dragons couldn't be bad right? (She would later learn that her spear was actually one of the 12 Supreme Grade blades…and the Devil Fruit a specific fruit that Kaido was supposed to have eaten.)

She and Newgate jumped through the hole that he made in the 'ceiling', just as the space underneath was flooded with water. The rest of the island followed soon after as the few surviving members of both sides ran to their ships in hopes of survival.

While they were leaving, as a final 'fuck you', Newgate launched one more quake to make sure the island stayed under.

… …

The dissolution of the Rocks pirate followed soon after as almost all of the crew was already dead. Xebec was dead, at least 90% of the crew was dead…and those who survived were too big headed and powerful to serve someone else.

John was the first to leave with barely a goodbye as he stole a ship from the nearest island…she never saw him since.

Shiki was next to follow but perhaps it was the time they spent together (despite him being an ass) so they managed to share their contact details in case they needed each other. There wasn't much honor among pirates (especially Xebec) but nakama was nakama…good or bad.

Kaido was next to leave…and without his mythical fish devil fruit. Knowing what type of monster he would become, she purposely held the devil fruit she found from him. She was aware she was risking much of the future but despite how she thought of Kaido now (a young boy looking for fights), that didn't mean he wouldn't become the menace and chaos loving creature (or beast) he was found to be later on.

Newgate chose to leave as well, to form his own family as he said. She could only smile in encouragement as they promised to meet and help each other should they ever meet.

"I know I said some shit about your mustache but trying growing it again once it's white."

"Why? I thought you didn't like my mustache"

"You know what? Grow a mustache and call it a beard and see who challenges you on that. I bet nobody will."

Like always, our little talks ended up with both of us hitting each other (rather hard) before we gave it a rest as she let him go. This was the last time she saw him before they became emperors of the sea.

She was the last to leave as she headed back to where she knew Streusen was waiting. The loyal chef had actually waited for her all these years, waiting to make history, a change in the world with her. Even if she knew he was simply taking advantage in his own way, she needed to give him the gratitude and love he deserved for that…for in the end, he was helping her create her crew, her home.

"So old friend…you're still here. Waiting for me after all this time."

"Lass, I told you we were going to make history, didn't I? Come on then, let's create a legacy the world could never forget." The elderly man smiled back at her.

… …

"Mommy, why are we here?" Amande asked her

"Amande dear, I'm going to create something special. Something that is going to protect our family."

"Wowww~!" Her beautiful children chorused as she explained what was happening.

Right now, her family (and herself) was on a ship heading towards the shore of one of the most dangerous islands in the New World. She had traveled all the way to the beginning of the New World to track down this very island…and now she was here.

It was grander than she could have ever imagined. The pure level of static and power in the air made even her shiver from excitement and the nerves telling her that she was absolutely batshit insane. But this was for power, power to protect her family from harm, so for her, the thing that she was about to attempt (and risk) was justified.

Raijin Island. Even from this far away, she could tell how it earned its name after the Japanese god of lightning.

Great bolts of lightning thick as entire buildings battered down endlessly on the broken and desolate landscape. The winds howled madly as the dark clouds above stirred everlasting chaos…it was perfect.

Leaving her children and crew on board the safety of the ship, she took a smaller boat as she made it to the banks of the island that was constantly hit by lightning…over and over and over. Lightning so strong and powerful it made the ones seen even in the New World storms look like toothpicks in comparison.

As soon as she finished her thought, she was immediately hit with a lightning bolt which sent her down onto one knee as she waited for the charge and shock to pass. Being an invulnerable monster, she was unharmed but just from the level of shock she was feeling, she knew that anyone less would have died instantly from the blow.

She continued onwards towards the highest point on the island, the mountains, in order to complete what she had came here to do. As she climbed she found that, somehow, there were inhabitants of the island. Covered head to toe in black cloaks and not having a shred of metal on their figure…huddled inside of the caves and peaking out to take a look at her.

She ignored their hushed whispers and sounds as she finally made it to the peak of the mountain…where she lifted up her spear to the sky like a lightning rod and hoped it would work.

Perhaps it was fate that sensed what she was doing, or perhaps it was just immense luck but the dark clouds above stirred as they formed into one colossus blob-like entity looming over her like an elephant over an ant.

Static in the air began to sizzle her hair as she felt the air begin to overcharge and electrify. Love her she saw the clouds building up what she knew would be the largest, grandest, of all lightning.

She reached deep within herself as she prepared to do what she had came here to do.

*flash!* …

With a flash, the lightning struck true at the spearpoint…just as she injected a portion of her soul into both the spear and the rumbling clouds. Like magic, the spear began to absorb the dark clouds following the lightning. The clouds above churned and heaved before turning into a cyclone (tornado) like structure as it began to drain into her spearpoint.

Slowly but surely, the thunderclouds entered her spear along with all the energy it held. For the first time since the beginning of the very island, the sun could be seen as the clouds retreated from the sky and into a single pole arm weapon.

It took hours for every last bit of the clouds to enter her new weapon but it was done…and Raijin island would most likely have to change it's new soon. But she had done it…she had crated a weapon of mass destruction.

She felt her own soul resonating within the wooden pole and the spearpoint. She could feel the rumbling of the heart of chaos embodying the New World under perfect control. Most importantly, she could feel the pure power of a weapon such as this, a weapon that would only respond to her.

This was no Zeus like her original had created…this soul would not betray her as it simply didn't have much of a conscious other than being able to recognize her. She didn't create a companion but rather a pure weapon, and a weapon was supposed to do exactly what the wielder wished. No free will.

As a test run, she pierced the air with her spear and keeping the far corner of the island in mind. The very moment she willed her spear, an arc of island unseen before in scale fell from the heavens above as it vaporized the part of the island into nothing. Where it was once land, it was now ocean.

The Goro Goro no-mi would have nothing to her against this weapon. She chose to name it after the spear of legend.

Gungnir. The Piercing Spear of Odin

… …

At the bottom of the sea on her way to Fishman Island, she took a detour to the deepest chasms known to man. Underneath it all was tangible, bubbling, glowing red and orange magma.

Enduring the heat, she took out her shield. A special shield that was manufactured solely for her. Perfectly round with an arm grip strengthened with diamond on the inside and leather. The outside was layered with a Seastone alloy.

As she lowered herself (with a bubble around her) she touched the bubbling liquid with the tip of her shield as she brought the heat of the earth into her shield.

This too took months but once it was done, there was only one name worthy of her shield.

Aegis. The impenetrable shield of Athena that pierces fear into the hearts of mortals (Later on she would call it Red Bull out of habit and for the memes)

… …

Many believed that the greatest waves crashed on the surface of the New World…they were half correct. She knew that the greatest of waves existed under the New World. Under the waves where currents of size untold swept even the largest of the Sea Kings.

Here she was, having parked her vessel right out of the largest current of the world…and she was attempting to put her soul into it.

On her back was her cape that she had come to adopt months ago. A specially made cape weaved from a newly discovered alloy called Wapometal (she remembered the general method of its creation and played around with some burnt toys before she got it correctly.) She could worry about cashing in the discovery and profiting from the discovery later…but for now she had a nigh impenetrable, shape memory alloy, cape that flowed freely on her back.

Within hours, the cape was imbued with the powers of the greatest ocean current in the world. She could already see the potential of having such an ability in an ocean dominated world.

Njord. She chose to name it after the Norse god of wind, sea, and riches. Fitting as she was a pirate who relied on the wind, the sea, and sought the riches the world had to offer.

Now, she had all three homies she had planned and dreamed of for years. All she needed now was a place to call home…and she knew exactly where to go.

… …

30 Years Old

They spent two more years at sea going on various adventures as she let her fleet grow and grow. Around the New World, she heard of her former crew mates growing infamous on their own rights as well.

Shiki, the boisterous charmer that he was, had already become an annoyance to the World Government as he picked up people left and right. Having taken most of the fodder that Rocks had left behind and any piece of scavenge-able stuff of worth for a pirate. Of all the survivors of the God Valley incident, it was him that had the most…if only in terms of volume.

Newgate had finally taken on his title of 'Whitebeard' as he began picking up his sons across the world. Creating his family as he sailed across the New World and putting those in need under his direct protection. He was obviously stronger than Shiki but less of a threat. As incompetent and dumb as the Marines could be sometimes, even Kong (and soon to be Sengoku) knew the boundaries of pushing pirates better left alone.

John, the greedy bastard, began his career…only for him to disappear soon after. She honestly didn't care.

She was doing great as well in terms of a 'Pirate Captain'…but it wasn't as if she wanted this to happen. All she was doing was creating her three main homies and trying to get back to her island where she could create a home for her family to live in peace.

She did not ask for stragglers to swear loyalty, nations to become her protectorate, have a group of escaped slaves (each of them former pirates of 100 Million beri or more) somehow saved by her and stating they have a life debt towards her or have a fleet of 200 ships subjugated after she took out their horrendous and abusive leader.

By the time she reached her very starting point in this world…she had a fleet rivaling that of the force shown in Marineford. As much as she was pleased that so many put their trusts in her ability to govern and rule, she was not looking forward to all of that extra paperwork and trouble such a large group against the world government would bring.

Perhaps as a little pat on the back, she had Mont D'Or that year…hopefully her little child would grow up quickly, eat the book book fruit, and help her deal with all the problems that would surely arise. Sure, she had the ability and capability to deal with these things as captain but she was a mother first and foremost. She would rather spend her days with her children than sitting in front of a desk signing away on papers she had no interest in.

… …

32 years old

She used to wonder if there were the 4 Emperors before Rocks or herself. The short answer was No.

The Balance of Power in the New World was always balanced but not always by the same forces. She remembers when she was just a child, she had never even heard of the 7 Warlords of the Sea.

It was only after she joined the Rocks that she heard of the creation of a system where the Marines would employ powerful pirates to fight against them…and balance the scale once more.

During her time with the Rocks, the sole force to balance the so called Justice was the Rocks crew. Him and his crew alone were enough to put the forces of the Marines at bay. It was after the 7 Warlord Systems that the balance was restored (or the way the Marines wanted it).

After Rocks' death (and the Marines made Garp take full credit for it. How typical) the balance of power began to shift back to the Marines once more…until the remnants of the Rocks crew began to grow more powerful than they had originally expected.

Whitebeard. Shiki. Kaido. Herself…and maybe John? Not to mention Roger was still sailing out there as well, though he had no interest in power, treasure, or land like the rest of us. He was simply on his way sailing throughout the world.

This level of power as we spread across the New World, taking what we desired as our own spread a level of panic in the World Government never seen before since centuries…however like always, the balance had to be restored as a World Draft was done and the Marines (with extra budget from the Celestial Dragons after their massacre) grew more powerful than ever before.

Now a new force was introduced to replace Rocks. The Yonko of the sea. Not as unified or collected as the Rocks but easily more organized and larger. Due to their separation, they had more of the New World under their heels than Xebec ever did.

It was really the World Economic News (NewsCoo) saying all of this but the people of the world gobbled up the news and took it for word. As soon as the papers were published (much to the Government's displeasure), it was official; she, along with Whitebeard, Kaido and Shiki, were Emperors (yonko) of the sea.

33 years old

Taking the island for herself was not even a challenge. Apparently the current ruler was someone the citizens hated even more than the Drum Kingdom hated Wapol…and so driving out the Kingdom and his supporters (or draining out their souls and leaving their bodies out for the citizens to torture…sadists really) they were seen as heroes who saved the nation.

Unanimously, they immediately voted her as Queen of the land before she could even say no or come up with a clever reason of why that was not a good idea. She really should have said that having an infamous pirate as a ruler would bring all sorts of trouble but she was weak to her children after all…and her beautiful babies simply adored the idea that their mother was becoming a queen. Especially Angel with how she could play princess. Seeing that, she lost her ability to say no.

Ahh, the joys of being a mother (stress to, but let's not mention that)

She failed to convince her children to not name the island Whole Cake Island or the new country Totto Land. No matter how many times she asked them or tried to tell them that it was not a name befitting an Emperor…oh well, they were her children and she had to go along with their loving suggestions.

So an Empire was formed, or more specifically a strange wacky country called Totto Land. She put in every desire to not turn it into a horror Disneyland filled with living flowers and furniture singing creepy songs or have houses and pretty much everything created with sweets.

No. No. If she was forced to rule a country anyway, then she was going to do this properly. Proper infrastructure, benefits, taxes, roles, and a functional government that did not involve a hungry queen eating away at the city.

Laying out the groundwork with Streusen (who was all for the food city), she relented about having the Whole Cake Chateau as a symbol of Power but nothing else. Streets would be properly paved, ports and harbors were to be properly maintained and checked for pirate invasions, drugs, and any illegal activities, and more.

She's never ruled a nation before but really, who has? She could only hope that things turn out to be better than she hoped. At least a consolation was that she had a beautiful pair of twins that year; Smoothie and Cinnamon.

… …

She couldn't remember sacking innocents after the God Valley incident but it seems like creating an entire nation in the New World was simply too much for even the World Government.

Originally her bounty poster was simply her name 'Charlotte Linlin' along with an old photo of hers with the Bounty of 1.8 Billion Beri…but being a Yonko meant that things needed to change.

With the formation of her nation and being crowned (with no actual crown) queen, she decided to name her bundle joy of family that loved to play pirates as the 'Union' Pirates.

The name stuck as it was partially true. She had children from many different species; subjects and crews from all sorts of different backgrounds. From the height of the White White Sea to the depth of Fishman Island, to the bland islands of East Blue and to the wildest denizens in the New World…she had them all united under her rule.

Her Jolly Roger was a shield with a white skull embedded into it with two spears crossed under it. She wasn't having her original's shabby Jolly Roger…no…ew…even a child would have more artistic talent than that. That flag would never have gained notoriety if not for the fact that the captain happened to be a gluttonous madwoman who rampaged across her own territory often.

No. Not her. She was not Big Mom.

So she became known as 'Charlotte Linlin. Captain of the Union Pirates' 2.5 Billion Beri

It was around this point she began to question the bounty to begin with. She knew in the early stages that bounty held meaning. There were bounty hunters who actively hunted pirates…and some of them were quite alright (at best) being capable of catching those with a hundred million bounty.

But as the price and strength skyrocketed in the New World, the bounty became meaningless as there was nobody with the strength to even try and catch someone with a bounty of over 300 million and much less one of the yonko like herself.

Oh well, whatever ideas floated the Marine's ships after all. Perhaps she should have some members of her crew that did not have a bounty catch other pirates and cash them in. She was already giggling at the prospect of when the Marines realized that they had been paying her crew the entire time.

… …

37 years old

She hears of the Celestial Dragon (Donquixote) giving up his rights to live amongst humans. She had to say…she was amused.

Originally she planned to let the story flow as it did in canon since she really could not care less about their family. Homing (Doffy's father) had made his choice and risk when he decided to give up his power and that was his to pay alone.

But the thing was…her mind was just greedy like a pirate's. She had no love for Homing or his family but she cared for her family and her safety. Another sandbag in front of them would not be turned away.

Knowing the capabilities that Doflamingo was capable of with his Devil Fruit as well as his skills in the Underworld, she knew that if she lost this chance, then it was an opportunity wasted. Perhaps this was one aspect she shared with her original (despite how much she despised that) of collecting individuals of use into her crew. Her original more for her own amusement and herself for further protection and influence on the world.

So she waited…and waited…for the perfect chance to strike. Nineteen year old Perospero and 17 year old triplets were too eager to prove their capabilities to her, and who was she to say no to her babies.

She gave them a clear route and idea on what to do as well as had their ship flying her Jolly Roger high. She did not plan on having some idiot or dumb Marines attacking her children.

It took months but in the end they half succeeded. They had failed to save the father (Homing) as it was too late but they managed to bring back a fatally ill mother and two very-alive Donquixote brothers.

It turns out that they had decided to go on a long detour to where Doflamingo tried to return to the Holy Land…but was rejected by the Celestial Dragons. Calling him and his family a 'family of traitors' they warned him to never associate himself with them again…and here he was.

Already she could see the madness infecting him as he swore to bring down the Celestial Dragons (good for him!) and everything they stood for. It seemed as if he was at least the slightest bit manageable as his mother was still alive. Thankfully with a little help from her Devil Fruit and their best doctors, Miss Donquixote was able to make a full recovery and Doflamingo, Rosinante joined her little Kingdom.

He would have to find Trebol and the rest of his family later…but for now? Doflamingo and his family were under her protection…and hopefully results would begin to show in the next few years. Taking in a mentally unstable child capable of mass destruction was not an easy decision even for her…even if she happened to be leagues stronger than what he would ever be.

… …

"Publish this immediately"

"Yes Mama" Katakuri replied.

A month later in the city of Flevance, the White City, the city of Amber Lead, the people left in horror in what could have happened. The reason being a literary document published and spread to the city detailing the experiments done on a rat…regarding the Amber Lead syndrome.

The Royal family, when it was discovered that they knew that the lead was poisonous the entire time, fled the nation never to be discovered again while the White City began to rebuilt…but this time color entered the city.

From the sidelines, very few realized the presence of a yonko looming over them. Unaware that they owed their lives to a rather lazy mother who didn't want to deal with future upstarts.

The less supernovas, the less problems for me later on. Blah

… …

38 years old

Having studied Finance and Economics in her previous life, she knew the basics of how to keep their finances afloat…but generally except for inflation, more was always better.

When she heard about Chinjao's defeat against Garp, she knew exactly what she needed to do…after all, she was a pirate.

Gathering up her fleet with as much storage ships as possible, she set off towards the Ice Island where she knew Chinjao's secret stash of treasure awaited. Treasure which could help her and her family, her expenses, and her nation as a whole. She had big plans for the money (gold) than just a spending spree. She was an Emperor of an independent nation and that meant their money should act like it.

Finally arriving in the place and beating up a couple of guards, she came to the location where she found the largest stash of treasure she had ever seen in her life. The amount of treasure stored here was enough to rival entire mountains worth in size alone. An endless amount of gold laid beneath them.

She knew this couldn't be the work of one pirate. Even Blackbeard, Kaido, or herself would never be able to amount to this much even if she (or they) dedicated their entire life to amass nothing but treasure.

The was the work of generations of the Chinjao family storing their riches little by little over the centuries…and she was here to loot it all. She knew some would be foolish enough to ask if she didn't feel guilty…but in truth, she didn't. She was a Pirate and Chinjao was a pirate as well.

From the very moment he decided to sail into the sea, he had to take the unspoken risks that anything could happen. He could die, he could lose, and he could be robbed of everything he had. Even the very best of Pirates including the future Pirate Kings (Roger and Luffy) have robbed from others…even she was ready and prepared for such a possibility.

So no. This was already in the job description of a pirate as a possible risk.

She raised her Gungnir high up as it began to gain static as it began to crackle and spark. She could feel her own hair begin to rise as she gathered it all into her very palm. The pole arm began to ink black as her will took it as its own.

A moment of suspense…and she stabbed her spear down into the unbreakable ice


The ice underneath shattered as the cracks spread across the entire island before it widened…revealing the full glow of the endless treasure below.

From behind, cheers rose up as her crew began to excavate the entire place, bag after bag, ship after ship. Just from a far glance, she could tell that this entire thing was worth at least several trillion beri.

More than enough to level an economy of any island…good for her as she was running a union of islands. Specifically an archipelago of 1 main island (Whole Cake Island) and 34 surrounding smaller islands. The scale together larger than nearly any landmass or nation around the world.

It took a full week for all the gold and treasure to be dug out and taken her ships (she called new ones in as it wasn't enough) but it was done…and now they were beyond filthy rich. As a final fuck you and putting the art of misdirection to practice, she had her crew put the symbol of the Celestial Dragons right underneath the Ice…perfectly visible to anyone (or anything) attempting to break through.

Nobody was there to witness her heist. Anyone who saw her and her crew were caught and killed (the guards)…and the only evidence left was the symbol many feared (except for powerful idiots like herself). She had no problems with another nation antagonistic against the World Government.

… …

Currency was powerful and having one as universally adopted as beri was undeniably the most influential in the world…and she didn't like that, especially in her territory. Putting the power of currency in the hands of another meant giving some degree of control over their economy…and that was unwise as her enemy happened to be the world government itself.

But now, they had a solution. A solution backed on mountains and mountains of gold to create a new currency. Money no longer backed by the Celestial Dragon's wealth but rather by themselves.

First she created a bank (Union Totto Bank) where all the gold was stored before they developed a new form of currency to be declared use in her territory. Union Island's Dollar or USD. Putting together her best team, they created a printing press which would make the currency near unforgeable (is this the right word?) Before they began to print and print. Print enough to replace the beri within their territory.

As far as she remembered, the beri was equivalent to Japanese yen…and it got confusing fast as the numbers got too big so she set the exchange rate to 100 beri to 1 USD.

As the bank opened and using her authority for once, she called in all the beri in her territory to be exchanged for the new currency. Declaring that beri was no longer allowed to be used to exchange goods and services within her territory, the change happened fast. To keep the people calm about the value the USD held, she allowed her people to exchange their USD for gold directly at the bank.

Having stockpiles of beri from the change, she had much of the beri sent across to unaffiliated territories to purchase gold and stock in important businesses (shipbuilding and such) as they could prove to be useful later on.

Overall, it took a couple of months to shake the beri off of their economic hold but it was done…and now the power of money was in their own hands. Encouraging the circulation of the USD across the various islands, trade flourished.

A happy country was a rich country after all. Just like how nobody complained about having steak for dinner instead of vegetable gruel.

… …

40 years old

He came. He finally came. Gol D Roger, the future Pirate King. He sailed on the Oro Jackson to the edges of her territory before going ashore on one of the outer islands…setting up camp.

Gathering up her men and some of her older (and more confident) children, she too arrived on the spot to meet him.

Roger and her met in the middle while behind them, their (and her) crews shot glares to the other side. Roger had his sword out as she had her spear and shield at the ready.

How long has it been since she's met him? The last time she had seen him in person was the God Valley incident over 10 years ago. It seemed much had changed during that time as Roger, while stronger than ever before, did not look healthy to her eyes. His body was harder and battle ready but his soul was all but broken. He was worried…worried that his body will fail him before he reaches his last goal. Worried that he would fail to leave a legacy in this world.

Despite that, he showed none of that in this confrontation. His signature mustache groomed perfectly to the last hair, his wide grin matching hers as they both waited in anticipation of what was to happen.

As they looked at each other in the eye, they couldn't hold it for more than five seconds as they burst out laughing.


And suddenly, the laughter stopped. Smiling with a full grin to each other, they said to each other.

"You're looking old Roger!"

"It's been a long time Linlin. It's you who didn't age, not the world."

At our words, we burst into laughter again before once again, silenced. Looking at him dead in his eye, and him to mine, we said the same thing.

"Whatever you've got, hand it over!"

Conqueror's roared to life as our eyes glowed red. A single moment of peace before the clashing will of kings broke apart everything near them. Weaker members of both their crews (poor babies!) fainted right away as the stronger members struggled to remain standing.

"HAHAHAHA! LINLIN! LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE STILL A MONSTER!" Roger rushed towards her as he took back his aura of a supreme king. Instead, the power moved to his blade as he jumped high up. His blade inked black and red before crackling with something more than just armament; infusion.

She readied her own as she crouched and braced herself to receive the future Pirate King's full attack. The outside of her shield began to melt as magma began to rise before turning black as pink lightning raced across its surface. He wasn't the only one able to play that game…she too was perfectly capable of infusion.

"Come then ROGER!" She brought her shield up to protect her head. "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!"

The blade and shield never managed to touch each other as their wills battled for supremacy…but neither managing to get a clear upper hand. Her's was stronger in pure force and power but Roger knew how to maneuver so that he never lost his grip.

While there was no winner, the clear loser was the island and environment around them as the entire place began to be blasted to bits. Trees and rocks were uprooted, shattered, cracked, and broken as they were sent all across. The fainted members of the crew who were just regaining consciousness were knocked back into dreamland and the waves of the sea were pushed far back from the pressure.


Like maniacs, they spent the better part of the day battling as the sky above split in half.

… …

7 hours later…

"You should have just said so Roger!" She was happily drinking the sake that the Roger pirates brought to her as she conversed with the man himself. "Obviously you can't take the actual thing, not that I think it's even possible, but a rubbing of the Poneglyph is something I can give you."

"Hahahaha! If only you weren't with Xebec then we might have become friends earlier!" Roger threw back his head in joyous laughter as the rest of his crew followed.

As the night deepened, their talks did as well until Roger finally told her of his condition…of his soon to come death.

"Rouge…I plan to drop her off in Baterilla before I go die."


"Ehh?" His cheeks were red from all the drinking they had done.

"Once you reach the end…once you become Pirate King. Bring her here, to Totto Land. I'll protect her from everyone. The Marines, the Pirates, and anyone who has a grudge against you. I swear it on my name."

She wished she had a den den mushi to remember the face Roger had when she told him what she was willing to do for his lover. It was…it was a face of a man who was going through a thousand different emotions at once.

Initially doubt, distrust, confusion but as he searched my heart (with his observation) and found nothing but conviction his face turned into one of gratefulness, sorrow, regret…and tearful gratitude. She was never able to picture how a crying Roger would have looked like but here it was…

She pat him on the back and they both knew what it meant.

I've got your back. You can do what you want and die in peace when your time comes.

… …

43 years old

The madman did it. Well…she knew he would do it but seeing it done was another matter. The world exploded into madness as the Roger Pirates entered ever dialogue in every tavern and bar across the world.

The Marines, delusional Pirates and bounty hunters, and many old players gathered up their forces to catch the man for their own reasons. To bring him to Justice, for money, to become the next Pirate King.

At this, she simply laughed watching as Roger played with them up until his very last moments.

On his way back to Paradise…he visited her land one last time with a woman in tow. A very beautiful woman whom she recognized as soon as Roger walked in.

"So you've finally come Roger. You must be Rouge, a pleasure to meet you." They shared pleasantries and small talk as one mother to another about to become one. At the end of the day, there was a tearful goodbye between the two as Roger planned to go onto his last journey.

"Take this Roger. It'll help…a bit." She handed him a small vial filled with purple liquid. While it looked like poison, it was actually a concoction her best doctors brewed along with the help of her soul manipulation. In essence, it was an incredibly powerful painkiller in which allowed the drinker to go in peace. The effect lasted for over a week.

"Hahaha. Having feelings for me Linlin? I'm afraid I belong to Rouge!"

"Shut your mouth you damn monkey. Now take this and drink it once it becomes too much. This is my respect to you as one captain to another."

Carefully, he took the vial, inspected it, and placed it inside his coat pocket. In exchange, he took out a flag, his very own flag, from his back pocket before giving it to me.

"Will you keep this Linlin? Will you give this to my child?" She smiled as she accepted his flag. How ironic for a captain of one crew to take the flag of another…but such was life after all.

"Good luck Roger, but you won't need it."

The only reply she got was his crackling laughter as he set off…never to be seen again until a few weeks later when the Marines announced that they had caught the Pirate King…and the beginning of a new era.

… …

Her bounty skyrocketed (which she didn't think was possible at this stage) when it was discovered that she was sheltering Roger's child. After it rose to 4.5 Billion Beri, the Marines decided to launch an all out assault on her in Totto Land.

Raising a Tsunami with her Njord (cape) she instantly wiped out most of the fleet before they were anywhere near her island. Only the strong managed to survive before a battle ensued.

The battle was 3 days long and the Government published as a 'draw' when in reality she came out the obvious victor.

They had failed to kill Rouge and her newborn son while she suffered nothing but the deaths of replaceable homies.

They had failed to kill her while she had killed 2 of the admirals, severely injured Kong and Sengoku while fighting Garp to a standstill. Her children had decimated the weaker Marine forces as the stronger ones faced off against the Vice Admirals. Years of harsh, neverending, training had finally paid off and the results were showing.

As the Marine fleet was retreating, she sent a final lightning bolt into the calm sea to draw out the Sea Kings on them. After what they tried to do (harm her family) she didn't plan on letting them escape easy.

Her bounty reached 5.5 Billion (just 64 million below that of Roger) after that, but really, who cares?

… …

Little Ace was toddling around the nursery in the Chateau while her children ooh ahh-ed at the cute little baby. The little child giggling at every peek-a-boo and clapping every time Cracker swore.

Rouge, though sad about her husband's death, was pleased to know that his legacy lived on by blasting forward an entirely new era; the Golden Age of Piracy. She wouldn't have expected anything less from her love.

While this new mother-child love was going on, she placed the island of Ohara under her protection. She knew she was messing up canon far too much but thinking back, she already broke the chain multiple times. Whatever will be will be as they say. A genocide on that scale was too much…even for her. If nobody was going to stop it, then it had to be her.

There were many skirmishes between her and the Marines following her announcement to take Ohara under her wing but thankfully the Marines backed off. Instead, she caught many (many) spies and assassins trying to sneak into the island and kill off the scholars but after bringing her Tart Border Control ships around the island, none of them ever made it through.

… …

49 years old

Kaido took over Wano and was doing his shenanigans with Orochi and Oden…the same time she discovered a secret path to greater strength. Unrivaled greater strength. She already had practiced her observation and armament to greater lengths (future sight and emotions, ryuo).

After so long, she had finally managed to awaken her Devil Fruit which allowed her to see and manipulate the souls of even inanimate objects. Obviously, her first target was other Devil Fruits. As crazy as it was, she succeeded.

Battering the soul of the devil residing inside a fruit inside submission, she took it into herself where the two souls remained calm and didn't fight to the death (thankfully as she didn't want to die).

As a result…she had taken Kaido's mythical fish fruit for herself. She remembers' Katakuri's pikachu surprised face when he entered and found a dragon instead of his mother. Cute child.

… …

50 years old

She congratulated Kaido on officially getting on Whitebeard's 'I'll kill you soon' list after he had killed Oden after boiling him in a pot.

The idiot only realized then that perhaps it wasn't the best idea to risk war with the Strongest Man in the World…and she totally would have helped her best friend whoop the old cabin boy's ass. Unfortunately, Newgate was buy trying to stop the rampant parasite pirate problem in his domain.

Due to his crew sticking strictly on the Moby Dick and having his territory all over the New World, his territories tended to cause problems. Much more than her safe and sound islands which happened to be surrounding her main island. So much better…at least this way she had a one up on Whitebeard the next time they met for a drinking session. So far, the scores were 30-31 with her being the 31.

… …

51 years old

She was surprised when a young Monkey D. Dragon along with the original members of the Revolutionary Army came to her island seeking help. Being someone who also hated the Celestial Dragons…she welcomed them into her domain.

It was interesting to see a young version of Emperio Ivankov as well as Bartholomew Kuma among them…she would really like to have them in her crew (as extra body bags) but sadly, even she can't have them all.

As her land's form of currency (USD) was nearly untraceable for the World Government, they made their temporary base on one of her islands while they regrouped gathered their allies from all across the blues.

The Marines, like always, found out that she was hiding yet another highly wanted criminal in her territory and the same scene happened. (Sengoku: Why can't I just retire! Goddamn this hag) Feeling a sense of Deja Vu, she picked up her spear and shield, her cape hanging behind her as she marched into battle…only to see Dragon whipping around the storm of the New World as if it belonged to him and sweeping away the Marines.

Making sure to document this legendary scene, she had it spread to all across the world where it accelerated the process of those joining the Revolutionary Army's causes.

It was a full year before they paid their respects and left her land for Baltigo. Finally being strong enough, resourceful enough, and large enough to operate entirely on their own to oppose the largest faction in the world.

"Good luck" She told the young dragon as he left.

… …

She managed to steal the Ope Ope No-mi from the World Government's very hands. She didn't know how it could come in helpful but a fruit with an ability as BS as this one…she could not let it exist outside her control.

Who knows? Maybe one of her own children might take it.

… …

52 years old

After a night with a member from the Three-Eyes Tribes, she ended up having Pudding…but it was twins instead? Even to this day, she had no idea how her pregnancy worked but she wasn't complaining about another beautiful baby.

She decided to name her Syrup.

She could already sense that her little one was strange. For one, having no third eye despite carrying the blood, and having a soul that seemed a bit older (or mature) than what it was supposed to be. Despite all this, she loved her children…strange soul or not, once they were born into her family, they were family. In her opinion, family was more important than nakama.

… …

53 years old

Doflamingo and his family was beginning to take over the black market as he began to supply nation after nation for rebellions against the ruling governments…all of whom were those which were subservient to the World Government.

Having already toppled a few powers and the World Government missing out on the payment of a couple billion beri, she could say that this plan had merit. Obviously he was contacted by Dragon later on for his brilliant idea as the two began to exchange information and plans.

She had to admit that she never expected the two to work together so flawlessly had it not happened right in front of her eyes…though in hindsight it made sense.

One wanted to replace the government while the other simply wanted to watch the former burn.

That didn't excuse Doflamingo from going crazy and trying to take his birth right to take over Dressrosa (she brought the idea to her) but she did agree that it was alright to place the island under her protection.

She would have to gather more men and people to have the island protected from annoyed Marine forces but she was a yonko after all. Yonko did what yonko wanted to do and it was as simple as that. In the New World, her words were law and those that didn't accept it would either die or run.

… …

54 years old

Garp came to take Rouge and little Ace to East Blue. She didn't know how he managed to convince her but after a couple of hours, they were ready to leave.

Giving Rouge a large (literally) hug and a suitcase full of cash (beri), she said her goodbyes and exchanged den den mushi numbers (expensive ones which the Marines wouldn't be able to tap into), Garp took the loving mother and her child away. Hopefully she would be able to see her again…she missed playing sudoku with that woman.

… …

55 years old

She had her children stop the Sun (Fishman) Pirates from disbanding into two when she offered the chance to let them serve as a subordinate crew. Jinbei, knowing the benefits, accepted as the captain immediately only to be followed by Arlong going out of his way to attack her children.

Having received prior instructions, Cracker and Snack beat up the poor shark black and blue until they were sure he could no longer live a life above the sea. After witnessing that, the Sun Pirates decided that it would be a good idea to seek protection by becoming a Subordinate crew. Good for them (and they sent Fishman Island candy as a thank you gift! Cute children).

… …

57 years old

"Gurararara!!!" He really looked a lot older "So that cheeky Roger's son is on the sea now, is he?"

"Not yet, but he will soon. Why, you have plans for him?"

"Eh? No. Not yet, but who knows? Gurararara!!!"

Every time her and Newgate met up, the entire world held their breaths for a fight or an alliance…especially the Marines as they knew that the two of them were on extremely good terms.

The thing was, neither one of them were interested in forming an alliance. For Newgate, he didn't want another family to come crashing his own while for her…ehh…to much work and less time to spend with her family.

… …

59 years old

Syrup ate the Ope Ope No-Mi before she could even say stop.

Well…at least it seemed like she had great potential with the fruit. While she lacked in physical strength, Syrup had far more skills and knowledge that it even put her to shame in her younger days.

Words couldn't describe how proud she was of her little baby already.

… …

60 years old

After declining a marriage request from Prince Loki of Elbaf (the giants) and nearly risking a war when she (herself) refused to force Lola's hand in marriage, Lola decided she wanted to explore the seas under her own flag.

A few other of her children have sailed on their own but so far nobody truly left to become their own captains…perhaps that was why she was more worried about her.

"Do you have all the supplies? Log Poses, maps, enough cannonballs?"

"Yes Mama. Really, you don't have to worry."

"Oh~ My baby! When have you grown up so fast!" Hearing the news, Pound came rushing to say his goodbyes (or more like begging her to change her decision) while Chiffon helped her father stay on his feet.

"Make sure not to trust any man that approaches you without a gun or a sword. It's most likely a trick."

"Mama, I kno-"

"And don't forget to call often! Your father and I are going to be worried sick!"

"Mama, seriously. You don't have to worry"

"And take my flag with you in case things go wrong. Hopefully those idiots won't disturb a crew flying my flag"

She finally hugged her grown up daughter as she made her way to port.

As she waved goodbye, she came to realize the long years she had spent in this world…this dangerous cruel world where she came to have a family of her own. How things will go? She didn't know…and that was exactly how she liked it.

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