11 A Change

Chapter 10

When I came to, I found that I was in the medical wing with Sea Stone shackles on. There was a nurse looking after me along with Marco and Ace who were also in the room. Whether they were here to make sure I don't cause trouble or because Marco had his healing flames were unknown.

Me: Did my ship make it safely?

Marco: Jeez. Girl, you know we didn't have any plans on chasing in the first place, yoi. So yes your ship safely escaped our territory. Flying that flag, I would expect that they made it safely.

Me: Thank god... by the way. Whitebeard went easy on me, didn't he?

Marco: I'm not sure. If you fought him on an island, I'm sure you would have been obliterated immediately but on our own ship...you gave him one heck of a fight where he couldn't use his abilities as much as he wanted to.

Me: Hehe...I fought a Yonko. I bet brother's going to go ballistic if I tell him what happened...

Marco: You almost died you know? If Ace hadn't stepped in, one of us might've actually killed you.

Me: It had to be, didn't it though? I'm a member of the Big Mom Pirates sailing through your territory. Taken something that technically should belong to you...though I did steal it from the Celestial Dragons who were in the process of being robbed by Doflamingo.

Marco: That's a very complicated story you know?

Me: That just shows that you should keep a better eye out for your lands. You had a member of a Warlord Crew and an enemy Yonko ship in your lands. Mama would never let that happen...though I guess that's because she's more land greedy than your captain is.

I turned around and saw Ace who was awkwardly leaning against the wall in the corner of the room.

Me: I guess I haven't had the chance to say thank you, much less even tell you my name if I think about it. But first of all, thanks for not killing me.

Ace: umm...yeah, sure. It's no problem.

Marco: Why's your face turning red fire brain?

Ace: Shut it Pineapple.

Me: I'd like to hear more nicknames and insults but could you tell me how long I was out for?

Pineapple turned back to me in all seriousness and told me.

Marco: You heal exceptionally fast, you know that? 3 days is not exactly enough for most people to heal from all broken limbs, a fractured spine, and busted lungs. I mean, how is that even possible?

Me: *cough* *cough* Man, your captain really did try and kill me with that shot, didn't he? And here I thought a Tekkai might be able to allow me to take a single hit.

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel like shit. I had an IV stuck in my arm since I wouldn't have had a way to hydrate for the last few days. I had bandages all over my body. I had new clothes on; it looked like a patient's gown but at least it was something. I was seriously debating whether I should seek out Blackbeard and kill him now.

Marco: Well, for a moment you really looked as if you were going to kill Teach. We spar all the time so getting injured isn't much of a problem but killing our Nakama isn't something pops will allow. I know you didn't mean to but Pops was kind of panicky when he felt your bloodlust for a bit and didn't pull his punch.

Me: To tell you the truth, I really did consider killing him there. How could he do that to me... *sulk*

Marco: Come on! You slammed a haki covered Sea Stone cuff onto Jozu's head giving him a concussion. Others were knocked out for over a day because of how hard you slammed them down into the floor. Losing your clothing a bit isn't that bad.

Me: It's different, ok? Imagine losing your pants and your jewels are in the open for everything to see while you're fighting. Even if you know the opponent didn't mean for that, it's hard to suppress your anger for a bit.

Marco: Now that you say it, fine. yoi

Me: Well, I fought and I lost. What am I going to do now?

Ace: You seem particularly relaxed for someone who's been caught by an enemy yonko.

Me: I've heard enough about Whitebeard's crew; I don't think you'll kill me or doing anything just as bad or worse. Besides, losers can't complain right?

Marco: I like this one yoi.

Ace: Marco! She's a little girl!

Marco: gah! No! I didn't mean it that way! And by the way we know close to nothing about you. Care to introduce yourself?

Me: I'd rather not do that more than once. Can't I just introduce myself officially in front of everybody and be done with it? I'm guessing Whitebeard wants to meet me anyway.

Marco: She's got brains too this one.

Me: Only reason why I lasted so long against you commanders up there. Your morals stopped you from attacking me when I had one of you guys as a meat shield.

Marco: You know, I might be able to regenerate almost instantly but being used as a shield did really cut deep into my pride. I'm the first division commander of the Whitebeard Commander's for Pop's sake!

Me: I'm not sure if you'll take this as a compliment but you and Ace over there make for horrible shields. I know you're not Logia but you both have their qualities. You didn't stop any bullets or blades for me.

Marco: What did you expect from fire?

Me: I don't know, burn hot enough to keep the others away or something? Or maybe in your case I could get some of the healing flames too. But unfortunately that didn't work.

Marco: Ok girl, let's go.

Standing up was a bit challenging, not to mention actually walking. I had really overexerted myself fighting Whitebeard. My left eye (which is the one I mainly use for future sight) went blurry for a few seconds before focusing again.

Me: *groan* You guys don't go easy on a little girl at all...*stumble*

Ace caught me as I was about to fall and Marco grabbed the IV pole. I just decided to give it a rest and lean on him. I was too exhausted anyway to complain.

Ace: You know what? Let me just carry you.

Me: Please don't fall asleep while you do. I heard stories about how you just randomly fall asleep in the middle of doing things.

Ace: Murphy's Law. It usually happens when Thatch cooks my favorite things or I'm about to fight. Or in the shower sometimes, it gets kind of awkward then.

Me: To much information, I'd rather not know.

He put me into a princess carry before continuing to walk with Marco in the bad still holding the pole at the right distance so the needle wouldn't fall out. All of this was slightly awkward since I was still cuffed. But I knew better to complain about that. They've all seen the amount of chaos I could cause alone.

Even if I was completely out of it, I don't think they'd like a repeat experience of that. As Marco said, what I did to a few of them really did hurt their pride.

Finally, we arrived in front of a massive door. Actually, all doors on board the Moby Dick were massive but this one was exceptionally large. Marco knocked before opening the door and leading us in.

It was more cramped inside than I thought it would be. With the massive 6 meter tall Whitebeard lounging on what I can only call an equally large beanbag. The other commanders were already waiting, probably heard from one of the nurses that I was awake and gathered here.

Whitebeard himself didn't look so good. Not because of my fight as much as it was his age which made him look that way. Well, it didn't look like he wasn't completely normal though. His entire torso and arms were wrapped in bandages. His nose was held up by a metal fit and his legs had some stitches in them that wasn't there before the fight. As normal, he had some machines connected to him which probably helped him breathe.

The commanders themselves didn't look so great, especially the ones that fought against me for an extended period of time. I honestly thought that they would send me some hostile glares but surprisingly, either they didn't care or I was somehow already forgiven. I would bet on the first choice or Whitebeard had already spoken to them beforehand. Well, it wasn't like it mattered.

Newgate: Gurararara! Took you long enough little girl. I guess now's a good time to properly welcome you aboard the Moby Dick.

Me: Mr. Newgate. Thanks for the hospitality you showed me a couple days ago, though I didn't know kissing the deck was in the program. Besides that, we've got matching outfits I see.

I pointed at my bandages as the room roared in laughter.

Newgate: Gurarararara!!! I like you little girl! I think I can start to see what Ace saw in you.

Me: Excuse me?

Ace: Pops!

Newgate: Gurarara! We all know already brat. Quite obvious in hindsight really. Anyway, although I'm sure you know me let me introduce myself.

He propped himself up properly on his beanbag which shifted greatly under his weight. His towering form almost touching the ceiling.

Newgate: I am Edward Newgate, captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and father to all my sons.

Me: Charlotte Syrup. The 36th Daughter and 77th child of Charlotte Linlin, Matriarch and leader of the Big Mom Pirates. I am also the Minister of Syrup.

Thatch: *scoff* You're named Syrup and also the minister of Syrup? How convenient.

Me: She probably named me 'Syrup' for that reason as well. Almost all of the Charlotte children have a food themed name. My older twin sister's name is Pudding.

Newgate: And how old are you?

Me: I turned twelve a couple weeks ago.

A couple of gasps and shock ran through the room as they realized my age. I think many of them assumed I just looked extremely small or young and was not actually that small. Makes sense, as that would be what someone with morals would think...but not Mama. The ability to bring home her snacks is the only thing that matter for her.

Newgate: That Linlin...and she sends you on missions like this?

Me: Perhaps except for Big Brother Katakuri, I have the highest amount of talent and potential. Mama realized this and sent me on missions ever since I was seven. Of course, the tasks she sent me on then was much less dangerous than the ones I go on now.

Newgate: Doesn't she have other children or soldiers to do that for her? Why would she send you?

Me: Because I get the job done. No matter what happens. I have never once failed her or the crew...maybe up until now. But even now I have completed what she sent me to do. I have successfully brought home her wine, maybe at the expense of myself. But Mr. Newgate, I thought you would know this. Didn't you once sail with her under the same flag? You would probably know her better than I

Newgate: She was not like this when we sailed together. More importantly, we didn't interact much at all even when we sailed under that flag. Now, I'm going to offer something Syrup. I hope you really consider this carefully.

Me: I always do.

Newgate: *snicker* Alright then young miss. How would you like to sail the seas with us? To take my name upon your back, become my daughter.

... I thought it would be something like this. It was tempting...very tempting. To be honest, Big Mom was barely better than Kaido and I'd much rather sail with Whitebeard or Shanks but I already had my answer at the ready.

Me: Sorry Mr. Newgate, but I have to say my answer is no. Or at least not yet.

Newgate: May I know why?

Me: I know your concept of family in this crew and I respect that. Nearly everyday I wish my family was like that. To have the love and bond you have for each other...not just a pirate crew held together by nothing more than fear and blood.

I took in a deep breath before I continued.

Me: To be honest, I don't really care what happens to Mama. I don't care about most of my siblings either. If it was just them I'd join your crew here and now but they're not all there is back in Totta Land.

I smiled as I thought about few specific people back home.

Me: Within that horrendous wonderland, there are those that are like real family to me. Big brother Katakuri; he was the one that taught me and pretty much raised me. He can get pretty overprotective at times but he's like a father to me. Big sis Brûlée was always there for me as well. She often yells at me a lot and complains about a few of my habits but she always slides me an extra biscuit or muffin. As much as Brother Katakuri protects me physically, sis Brûlée is double that with her words. She's a total mom...more so than mama.

I saw a few expressions of sympathy in the eyes of the crew as I smiled and told them about the rest of my family...or the ones I truly care about.

Me: Then there are my older sisters Smoothie, Lola and Chiffon. Sis Smoothie's always so cool. She's the one that takes me shopping and do all the girl's night things.. Though brother Katakuri always stops me from going to those snack parties. Sis Lola and Chiffon...they're real sweethearts. Sis Lola ran away from Totta Land so I don't know where she is but I'll always remember her. She taught me there's more to live for than the crew.

I heard a few sniffle from some of the weaker hearted members of the crew, but I wasn't exactly done yet.

Me: Finally, there's my twin sister Pudding. It's not as much as she's something to me but rather I need to be there for her. You see, she's...a special case. Our biological father was a member of the three-eyed-tribe and sis got that. Because of her extra eye she was bullied against for a pretty long time...even keeping it a secret from me. Even Mama called her hideous and monstrous and that really hit her hard. I need to be there for her so I can reassure her that she's more than just a puppet for Mama. Like how sis Lola did for me. So that's why I can't leave the crew for yours yet Mr. Newgate. I'm sure you understand the importance of family.

Newgate: Of course. Of course I do. Our respective crews might be in a state of war right now but remember that the offer still stands. Izu, please take the cuffs off from her.

Namur: *sniffle* *sob* Huh? Of course pops.

The fishman hobbled along, produced a pair of keys and unshackled me from the cuffs. To be honest, it felt as if it was the first time in hours since I had freedom of my hands... which when I thought about it was probably true.

Me: I'll take this as a sign of trust. Thank you.

Newgate: Gurarara! You're one nice girl Syrup. So what are you going to do now?

Me: I should head back as soon as possible...though I want to repay you for not only sparing me but offering me a place in your family in some way. May I tell you something Mr. Newgate?

Newgate: Speak

Me: My Devil Fruit abilities give me a variety of abilities as one would usually have in a kitchen setting, but I have especially toned and trained them with the skills of a knife and maybe some cooking techniques.

Newgate: I saw

He rubbed his arms at my words and making a fake pout which did not look good on the face of an elderly giant man. This earned him some chuckles.

Me: No, I mean really. I can turn the place into the temperature of inside a freezer or make the place into a literal oven if I want. But I usually try to work with my knives more. Anyway, the point is that I might has well as a fruit known as the Ope-Ope No-Mi. Have you heard of it?

Newgate: You mean that small cherry Devil Fruit that the World Government made a big fuss out of a couple years ago? Yes, I've heard of it as well as it's previous user.

Me: Anything it can do, I've learned to do it better with mine. In other words...I can treat you. What I've told you about your illness a couple days ago, with Marco I can cure you. And I don't mean the cure when I literally put salt in your wound...sorry about that.

Newgate: Gurararara!!! You're willing to heal an enemy yonko? Now this is pretty funny. While I appreciate the offer, I believe that the life I've lived has led me to who and what state I am in now. It was all part of a journey and I would like to keep it this way. Gurarara...thank you though Syrup.

Me: I don't understand. The journey only ends once you die. Why don't you take this treatment as part of the journey as well? Your time is far from over and I think your sons are kind of worried about your help. Not to mention I do feel bad about your arms as well.

Marco: Pops! You should listen to her!

Sounds of agreement sounded across the large room as the sons persuaded the giant man to take the chance. Of course, I needed to say something first.

Me: For the kidney though, you'll need to find a donor of someone your size...though I think that's simple enough for your ship doc to do it alone.

Marco: I didn't know he had kidney problems.

Me: Not yet, but one of his is down. If the other one is down as well, Strongest Man in the World or not, he's going to lose a fight against an East Blue Chore Boy.

Newgate: Gurararara!!! You make some funny jokes Syrup. Very well...I give you my permission to operate on me.

Me: Would you rather do it under or conscious? I don't have to ability to nullify the pain through my Devil Fruit.

Newgate: Bleh, could you do it now?

Me: Just a warning though, it's going to be quite painful.

Newgate: Gurara! I'm sure I would've experienced worse.

Me: Alright then. *Kitchen*

As the massive cube encubed (get it?) the room, I took out a fillet knife and approached the very relaxed man.

Me: I'll start with the lungs.

Through this operation, I'm sure Whitebeard's lifespan increased by at least another twenty years. Something that ended up changing much of the future.

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