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Welcome To The Afterlife


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The difference between life and death is a fine line. Evan Shadows; A 19 year old boy who finds his way into another world after dying in a tragic accident. In the world of Neodeka there are horrifying monsters, dragons, and ofcourse pretty girls. Though, after getting scratched by a terrifying creature, it seems he must set out on a quest with his new friends to find something called a 'Life Crystal' before he starts to turn into one of those monsters! --------------------------------------------------------- Continuing In Volume 2 Evan Shadows and his friends finally defeated the evil dragon Atsuko the world of Neodeka broke apart. Everyone was separated in the fall, ending up in yet another strange world. The world of Jigoku. A kingdom preparing for war under their king Goliath A.K.A Sadako's father. Evan, Sadako and Basa are alone on their journey thus getting to know one another and becoming trusted allies. Avery Volk has been on a rampage in the world of the living for 2 years, torn up over the loss of his beloved Blair. Until one fateful day an old friend shows up with news for hope, a way to save Blair, revive her from the Phantom realm. Unfortunately, Avery will have to face Goliath himself in order to get Blair back. Though, Goliath seems to know Avery even though they never met before, or so Avery thought... Lyran Ichihara comes into contact with a handsome boy with wings. Though they get along just fine, he doesn't want to tell Lyran his real name for some reason. Instead, he goes under the alias 'Angel'. They travel the wasteland in search of the rest of Lyran's party into the town of Selina which is cut off from the overbearing rule of the demon king Goliath. A mysterious time traveler has come from the future with an ominous message, Evan, Avery, Sadako, Basa, Cera, Jericho, Lyran and Angel find themselves in the middle of a conflict between two nations. what's worse is their combined strength wasn't even enough to take down one man. Jesshira the Dark Chimera is the reincarnation of Anubis. Jesshira has teamed up with vampire Lord Damien. There seems to be some unexpected ties forming. Read to find out what happens as some relationships form and some tear away. Also, a new life is created. ------------ [ Sadako The Demon Of Neodeka ] The tale of the life of the daughter of the king. She was cast out of the castle at a young age and forced to work to make ends meet. This poor lonely girl would one day become the powerful demon known as Sadako Gravestone.


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