Welcome to Alvis: The system of Dual Cultivation
novel - Fantasy

Welcome to Alvis: The system of Dual Cultivation


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What is Welcome to Alvis: The system of Dual Cultivation

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Futanari, Yuri and It's R-18 for a reason. Erica was the creator of Alivs, the ero-game of the century till it had to be closed down due to lack of funds. In her grief, Erica made a few mistakes causing her PC to catch on fire. When her life seemed to be at the end of its journey, a system appeared in her mind and offered her a new life...... .........As a futanari, the only futanari in a world where only girls exist. Now stuck in this new world, Erica has to find her path to a new future while also maintaining her ranking on the leaderboard of Alvis. But why is she here and what purpose does it all serve her? Even she does not know. What she does know is that she has to do as the system tells her to do and to collect a Yuri harem.

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The author here, with the shameless review. Remember, your replies and support fuel me, keeping me going so I would appreciate all your responses and feedback. In the meantime, make sure you are an adult when you read this or we might have a problem on our hands.


I don’t know why i picked up this book, but once i did i was unable to put it down. Its a nice spin in the genre and i cant wait for more. thanks author


I really like the "plot" you are talking about, even when I cannot seem to grasp any. But the writing is decent enough .................................


I just discovered this today and I can say that I'm in love. It is really difficult to find a good gay and female lead and this one certainly interesting to say the least


At first, I did not know why this book was recommended to me but I gradually fell in love with the characters in it and am really enjoying all the diverse personalities


i like the book. but i hate when people do system that it like do this or die. because if i was that character i would tell them to do it and get it over with.


Reveal spoiler


This is a nice story for what it is. I really like the MC, Erica as well. She seems like a fun character but I'm liking the background characters more and more as the time passes


Don't know why I am doing this but I love this very much. Hopefully, arthur would like to give us more and more as I would really like to be ready more and more and now I am babbling.


I don't know why I'm here or how I found this but I'm through my enjoying this to the maximum extreme. Especially the 'plot' mentioned here.


I do not know what I am getting into or why I am getting myself into this. I just know that I must finish this, whatever this is and not leave it in between. Really, I would love to read more


I don't generally like to read harem but this one is a special case and for some reason I really like it a lot. I'm just waiting for more from you now


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