4 Training

"Good morning Nian Shi! You're early! Have you taken your breakfast?" Si Yeon cheerfully greeted Nian Shi.

"Good morning... yup I've eaten." Nian Shi shyly replies and actually she lied that she had her breakfast.

Nian Shi sat down while Si Yeon prepares the things for the first day of training.

Since Nian Shi was early, Si Yeon introduced her to the team and guide her on the things the team will do as a front desk.

Finally the rest of the trainees came and they went to the meeting room.

Training then starts.

It was 2 hours through the dry training and Nian Shi is getting sleepy. She hates lectures and listening to things without doing anything.

Its finally lunch time.

And that was worst. Food coma.

Knowing that will happen, Nian Shi bought sweets to keep herself awake during the training.

An hour later, training resumes.

And it has only been 30 mins through the "lecture" and Nian Shi can't stop yawning.

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Nian Shi slowly open the packet of sweet and eats them. Si Yeon was behind Nian Shi as it was Min Xie turns to present.

Si Yeon came to Nian Shi desk and took the sweets from her table, without asking her permission, and eats them.

Nian Shi HATES people who takes her food and she doesn't like sharing but she let him off since he doesn't know her yet.

"Haha why sleepy?" Si Yeon laughed.

In Nian Shi mind, "Isn't that obvious" but she innocently smile and said yes.

It was finally group work and role play. Finally time to get moving for Nian Shi!

9 hours has past, finally training ended and everyone parted ways greeting each other "See you tomorrow."

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