5 Training (part 2)

Nian Shi first impression of the job was good. She feels that she is able to manage and adapt to the environment of the hotel industry.

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The next day, everyone was deployed to their respective hotels and Nian Shi was the only one chosen to be in Diyu Hotel.

This was the first time the company started with this training program and thus Si Yeon decides to guide me personally instead.

Nian Shi is not the type that will approach strangers nor have a long chat with them and somehow Si Yeon can see that in her.

Si Yeon pushes her to approach guest, speak to them and greet them. Si Yeon told her no matter how tiring it is we have to always smile infront of guest so that they will feel welcome!

// Hmm is that how idols behave as well? They have to pretend to be happy no matter how tiring it is so that their fans will be happy as well? //

After lunch, Si Yeon thought her everything about the system and the procedures on how to check in and out guest.

Nian Shi loves everything that is related to computer. She would rather do all the computer work rather than talking to people.

Finally, Nian Shi gets to hands on and check in her first guest. While typing their particulars in the system, Si Yeon went to the washroom.

"You are still typing? I already went washroom, take a look outside and come back, you are still checking in?" Si Yeon jokes around the moment he came back to the front desk.

Nian Shi laughed and handed the particulars to her seniors once she's done with it.

The moment she was laughing with Si Yeon, at the side of her eyes she could sense and feel a jealousy vibe looking at them.

Si Yeon then handed over the guiding task to Anne, one of the seniors. Anne is a every down to earth and super friendly and happy person. Being with her will instantly make you feel positive and happy, the same vibe she had when she is with her mum.

Anne like to joke around and Nian Shi and Anne can be found laughing most of the time. However, no one realise that there's jealousy about to rise.

Out of sudden, "Anne help me with this. How do i do this? Guide me too" the jealousy starts.

Nian Shi went through alot of people who are jealous about her for no reason on her previous job thus this is nothing to her, for now.

Rachel, the jealousy girl, keeps whinning and acting cute asking for help whenever Anne is having fun guiding Nian Shi.

Nian Shi being Nian Shi, she can't be bothered and just do what she's suppose to do.

Si Yeon went to the counter to see how things are going.

"Emm Si Yeon, is it okay if i work 12 hrs today instead same as them. I would like to get the hang of checking in and using the system since its quite busy right now," Nian Shi nervously asked Si Yeon.

"Can why not. I'll inform HR now that today onwards you will start 12 hrs shift." Si Yeon immediately went in to the office and email to HR.

"Nian Shi are you serious!? You will regret it," Anne laughed.

Nian Shi wonders why and she felt that its fine because she only plans to stay for only 1 year and continue back studying after that.

Nevertheless, Nian Shi laughed, ignores that comment and continue to learn the system.

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