2 The result

Feeling dejected and assuming that she won't get the job, Nian Shi just sigh and walked towards the bus stop.

The bus finally arrive 5 mins later.

Just as she was about to sit down in the bus, she received a call from HR Rina.

"Hi Nian Shi, we just had our interview earlier on and i would like to inform you that you are able to start work on 7 March."

Nian Shi screamed internally and said, " Thank you so much! Alrights i will check the details that was just send to me by email. Thank you!"

Nian Shi just smiled to herself and went back home.

*7 March 2016*

Today is the day whereby Nian Shi life drastically starts to change.

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Nian Shi as usual is excited for her first day of training!

Nian Shi reaches G building early and sat by the reception while waiting for the other trainees and trainers to come.

Nian Shi is an introverted person thus she remains quiet most of the time and doesn't show how excited she is.

Finally everyone arrive and so they went in to the training room.

HR Rina introduced the trainees to the trainers. The trainers then explained to us the agenda and did a presentation on the how the hotel grew to have different branches around Singapore.

Hours later, the trainers then declare themselves as the managers of those respective hotels! They were so friendly and outgoing that it doesn't seem like a manager at all. Thus, Nian Shi thought that her hotel life for that 1 year will be an awesome year.

The trainers then individually introduced themselves and Nian Shi had a "love at first sight" for the youngest manager, Si Yeon. Si Yeon has been smiling and being friendly towards the trainees.

Si Yeon introduced himself saying that he is the youngest manager and currently incharge of only 1 hotel which is the biggest hotel. He also "threatens" the trainees that if ever anyone of the trainees get to work under him, they have to be mentally prepared.

Everyone laughed, thinking that he was just joking.

Nian Shi may be introverted. But she likes challenges and she even love people who likes to test her. Thus, she keeps praying that she will be allotted to work under Si Yeon.

Isn't that great to be working together with your crush?

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