1 The interview

Wei An finally moved on from her previous job and decides to find a better job that is equivalent to her qualifications.

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Wei An decides to change her name to Nian Shi. Thus is story if about Wei An leading a new life as Nian Shi.


Hi Nian Shi,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the interview. Our interview location is as per below and attire wise will be smart casual.

Location: G Building

Time: 2:30pm

Data: 22 Feb 2016, Monday

"Yay!! My very first full time job finally!! Let's work here for 1 year, gain some knowledge and continue to study in hotel industry!" Nian Shi screamed in joy.

*22 Feb 2016, Monday*

- Nian Shi point of view -

Oh my god! Today is the day.

This is my first time going to a formal interview. Where's my high heels?

Oh there you are!

Okay, last check. Clothes are neat, high heels on, perfume sprayed. Okay I'm good to go! Nian Shi you can do this!!

*At G building*

Security guard, "Do change to a visitor pass and your interview will be on the 15th floor"

Nian Shi, "Alrights thank you"

It was Nian Shi first time enterting a huge building. Nian Shi was even happier to see all the office workers tapping their employee card on the lift. It felt like as if drama came to life.

"Hi, i am here for the interview." Nian Shi shyly asked the receptionist.

"Oh alrights, have a sit first and help me fill up this document first in the meantime while i call the HR to come and talk to you," said the receptionist.

Nian Shi didn't understand why she have to fill up her personal details and school information again when its all stated in her resume.

Anyways, Nian Shi just fill it up without complaining as she was in a good mood.

15 minutes later,

"Hi there, you must be Nian Shi right? I'm Rina, the HR who will be interviewing you today, " the HR personnel finally came in.

30 minutes later,

"Thank you for the time Nian Shi. If you are selected for the front desk role, we will email you," HR Rina sends Nian Shi off.

While walking out of the building, Nian Shi told herself, "I doubt I'll be getting this job since I don't have any experience and since the ask me to wait. Oh well I'll just look for other jobs then."

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