7 Peaceful or guilt?

Off days are over and it's the day Nian Shi have to get back to work.

"Sigh I'll be working with her again. God please safe me and can people just stop being jealous of me for no reason," Nian Shi sighed as she looks at the team schedule.

Nian Shi reluctantly gets ready to work.

Nian Shi quietly puts her bag in the office and ate her breakfast while waiting for endorsement to start. She then resumes her shift.

Nian Shi tasked today was to assist guest and speak to guest more. Nian Shi felt so left out when Rachel was laughing and chatting away with Kenneth and Tae il.

Nian Shi told herself not to let herself get affected and just focus on what she needs to do.

A guest approached Nian Shi asking for help to keep her belongings. Since it was the first time a guest approached her to keep her belongings, she is not sure where to place them.

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It was on Rachel at the counter at that point of time. Nian Shi approaches Rachel and politely asked her, "Sorry Rachel to disturb you, where do i keep guest belongings."

"Just put it there." Rachel replied and rolled her eyes and walks into the office.

As much as Nian Shi wants to slap her face, she just calms down and told herself to just bare with it and trust that Si Yeon will do something about it.

It's 5pm and it was no longer the busy period.

Si Yeon told all the staff to come in to the office for a small meeting.

"So guys i have an announcement to make. Our sister hotel, GH needs help with manpower. So I'll just go straight to the point I've chosen Rachel to go over to help them. I believe with the experience and knowledge Rachel has right now she's able to help them." Si Yeon announced.

At that point of time Nian Shi was internally happy that Rachel is gone from her life!

After everyone resumes back to work, they were all feeling sad for Rachel to leave and at that moment, Nian Shi felt guilty.

"What if her transfer is not a coincidence? What if its because of me she's being transferred?" Nian Shi wonders.

Nian Shi worries that if they knew what happen, they will hate her instead for "breaking" the team.

*End work*

They were all discussing to have a farewell party for Rachel and no one approached Nian Shi if she wants to join. Thus, Nian Shi just clock out and went home.

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