8 New relationship...will it last?

At first it was rather quiet.

But as time goes by, everyone seems to be back to normal. Nian Shi grew closer with the team and they had much fun while working even though the hotel were always full house and busy especially lunch time onwards.

Finally shift ended.

Kenneth went home together with Nian Shi and from there he confess;

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Nian Shi hesitate. Kenneth is a nice guy which no one will hate.

"Okay" Nian Shi agrees and smile.

Nian Shi thought even if she don't love him now, she will love him in future. Nian Shi hates losing friends and the fact that she already took him as her friend, all the more she doesn't want to lose him thus she agrees.

Nian Shi has always been outcast and people get jealous of her for no reason. She was afraid that the same thing might happen again because everyone there treats kenneth like their baby brother and Nian Shi believes that being with him, Nian Shi will get to be closer with the rest even more.

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Other people might think she's just using him to gain friends but the fact is that she doesn't want to be alone.

And true enough, everyone of them became even closer.

Months have passed and everything seems to be smooth sailing.

"Nian Shi come in" Si Yeon calls Nian Shi to come into the office in a serious tone.

Si Yeon told Nian Shi that him and the hotel management now that she and Kenneth are in a relationship (Relationship between co-workers are banned in the same outlet) and that one of them will have to be transferred out.

Nian Shi was so pissed off. She likes working with Si Yeon and he is the only manager that Nian Shi feel can groom her and become someone better but at the same time, the whole team will be sad of the fact that their little brother is going to leave.

Nian Shi told Si Yeon that she decides to break up but that doesn't solve the issue and all the more either one have to be transferred.

Nian Shi felt even more guilty now because Si Yeon knew how much Nian Shi wants to work with him and thus the only choice was Kenneth to be transferred.

Nian Shi already made 1 of the staff who "outcasted" her transferred and now because of their relationship another close friend of them will be transferred.

Kenneth assures Nian Shi that he is fine with the transfer but Nian Shi is still worried.

Nian Shi took this opportunity and told Kenneth that she wants to break up. Nian Shi told herself that she have to go through this. She can't always depend on others to survive and she have to stand strong even if its on her own.

Thus, she made the first huge decision in her life. To just bear with it even if the team decides to outcast her after they know about their break up.

But soon later, she felt bad for breaking up with him. Nian Shi is an overthinker. She hates when people assume things about her and at the same time will think too much about what others will think of her.