3 First official day

"Okay everyone, do take a look at the envelope given to everyone of you. Those are your designated hotels. We didn't choose where to allot you and it was done randomly as our company we prefer staff to be able to work at different locations rather than stay in the same hotel," Trainer / Manager Min Xie handed us the envelope.

Nian Shi slowly open her envelope and was shocked to see that her prayers were answered! She gets to work with Si Yeon!

Min Xie who happens to be behind Nian Shi told her, "oh you will be working with Si Yeon! Good luck to you" it sounds so sarcastic. But it didn't bother Nian Shi the slightest bit.

Si Yeon who overheard our conversation, just laughed. Evilly. Nian Shi was wondering, "What is going on with these two."

It was bonding time. Si Yeon approaches Nian Shi. Deep inside Nian Shi, she wanted to scream in joy but she keep her composure and remain normal.

"Emm how to i address you since you will be my manager?" Nian Shi nervously asked.

"No need to be so formal and call me Sir or Mr. Just call me Si Yeon." He replied.

In Nian Shi's mind, "Wow that's a cool manager."

As Si Yeon was replying to messages on his phone, Nian Shi happened to see his wallpaper and that he was already engaged. She happen to see the ring as well. So Nian Shi immediately drop the thoughts of having a crush on him.

Si Yeon explained and let Nian Shi knows the ground rules when working with him. The most important part which he emphasized was about being late or taking sick leave for not being sick.

Nian Shi is and will never be late and she will not be the type to take sick leave.

"You better don't be late. If you are late, you will be send home" Si Yeon emphasized again.

"Send home. Wow that's awesome! Free ride." Nian Shi usually jokes around like this only when she is comfortable with someone.

Si Yeon then laughed.

That night itself, Nian Shi slept early as she was afraid to be late for work to Diyu Hotel as its located around 1 hour from her house.

*Diyu Hotel*

"Good morning, I'm here looking for Si Yeon. Today is my first day of work here." Nian Shi politely greeted the front desk.

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Randy, one of the front desk, went into the office to inform Si Yeon and told me to have a sit first.

Few minutes later, Randy came out and told Nian Shi to come in to the office.

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