6 Couldn’t take it anymore

*7:30pm - end work*

"Nian Shi how do you usually go home." Anne asked.

After explaining the way home, Kenneth said "Hey i live 1 stop away from there. Let's go home together."

"Yes! It's along the way with me too! I'll show you the shortcut!" Anne excitedly said.

"So now you have a new friend you totally forget about me," Rachel was jealousy and said to Kenneth.

Kenneth is the youngest in the team thus everyone loves him and take cares of him like a little brother.

Kenneth laughed and went to the locker room together with Rachel.

After that, they went home together. Nian Shi didn't speak anything to them and she's an introvert so she don't usually starts the conversation first.

The next day, Nian Shi came to work and saw seniors that she have not met.

"Nian Shi, this is Tae li. You will be attached to her today as she is good with system." Si Yeon introduced Nian Shi to Tae il.

Tae il is fierce when it comes to guiding trainee. She doesn't like trainee who are slow.

As Tae il gave guest particulars to Nian Shi to register the details, few minutes later, Tae il suddenly took over the computer and key in rhe details instead. She doesn't want the guest to wait for too long.

And this went on for the entire day.

Being the positive and passionate Nian Shi, she won't let this thing brings her down. When she reached home, she turns on her computer and start practicing typing names, stories and everything just to speed up her typing skills.

She did this practice almost everyday after work.

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It's been 2 days since Nian Shi have not met Rachel as they have a different off days. Nian Shi became closer with Anne and Kenneth without the jealousy Rachel around.

The 3rd day, they were on the same shift again.

The same thing happen. When Anne and Kenneth was trying to guide Nian Shi, Rachel just pulls them away from her. This went on for almost a 2 weeks.

Nian Shi who never speaks her mind to anyone, lashes it out on her WeChat moments.

"Why the XXXX is she doing this to me?"

The same thing happen again for another week and Nian Shi couldn't stand it anymore and thus she decided to resign.

Same experience she had on her previous job, she never wanted to experience or see such attitude ever again. She handed her resignation letter to Si Yeon.

Si Yeon sat down together with her in the office and tell her to explain to him what actually happen. Si Yeon also mention that he saw her WeChat moments about her being unhappy.

Nian Shi hesitate because she is new and that definitely Si Yeon will believe his team who has work with him more than a person who just came in seemingly to "destroy" the team.

After 30 minutes of hesitation, Nian Shi told him everything and cried. She did not cry because she was sad, she cried because she was so pissed at the situation.

Si Yeon did not accept her resignation letter and told her to calm down and never make any decisions based on feelings. Si Yeon promised to give her a better working environment in a few days time.

It Nian Shin off days for 2 days. Nian Shi has been thinking if she should continue or should just stop. This is far from what she expected working as front desk.

First, she was attached to a fierce senior and next was being forcefully outcast everytime during work.

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