Webnovel writing guide (for dummies!)
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Webnovel writing guide (for dummies!)


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What is Webnovel writing guide (for dummies!)

Read Webnovel writing guide (for dummies!) novel written by the author Dontlookdown on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Are you trying to write a novel, but you just aren't sure that you are capable of making a successful story? You're in luck! Anyone is capable of writing a story people will vote for, no matter how dumb you may be; just look at the power stone rankings! By following my detailed guide, I guarantee you that those sweet readers will flock to you! From cultivation novels to whatever the last category I choose to write about, this guide leaves no base uncovered. Now just sit back potential fanfic writers and read my book, because soon you will learn how to prey on the less intellectually gifted through the use of foolproof cliches and feel good self-insertion! Enjoy!


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Your mastery of the English language is superb and you have given me information that I needed to write my own novel. I specifically gained much from your guide on creating an MC. Thank you.


I have to admit that I laughed beyond what is considered reasonable while reading your guide. A masterpiece. Your Dao of Webnovels is immeasurably deep, you grasped the essence of it. But don’t forget there is always a peak beyond the one you have just reached. Never forget that hidden pigs are eating tigers these days. I wish you to not court death and to see the Mt Tai.


This is essential reading for anyone trying to survive in the dog-eat-dog or maybe cat-eat-cat or whatever world of Webnovel. I hope that this is just the first of a whole series of guides. Reading it first thing in the morning made my day, and it will make your day, too. You know: you get whatever you deserve.


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We have reached PEAK xianxia with this here novel. Nothing more to read here on this site. This masterpiece of a book has squeezed the essence of all other cultivation books on qidian and put them all into one short read, saving you potentially hundreds of hours of wasted time. And not to mention how much I have learnt. Not about cultivation writing, but about humour and how to tickle a reader's funny bones. I literally reread this a few times to analyze all the comedic nuances. My greatest gratitude to you, the author :D


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