1 Where is the Second Prince

The atmosphere is very hot, with each passing second the temperature increasing.

There stood a man in the middle of the sky, he is wearing red armor and crimson flames are erupting from his body making the surroundings look like a sea of flames.

in a distance there stood another man in green armor, there is a panicked expression on his face after seeing the man in red armor. but calmed his emotions and maintained the calm expression on his face.

" I didn't expect to see commander Red Sun here, is there anything I can do for you," Asked the man in green armor.

"you crappy shit, stop the nonsense and tell me where is the second prince" said the man named Red Sun indifferently, there is not even a bit of respect in his voice.

The man in green armor didn't get angry instead he said with a calm tone " I don't know what you are talking about, commander. I don't know where the second prince is"

Despite the fact that he said with a calm tone his heart is beating faster than ever. if the other person knows that he is lying, he won't be alive in the next instance.


Sure enough, Red sun got angry and the flames erupting from his body grew intense, he released his domain. with a wave of his hands, he pulled the man in green armor into his domain.

the man in the green armor no longer maintained his calm, his face became pale, and said abruptly " There must be a misunderstanding, I really don't know the whereabouts of the second prince"

"Lian, don't test my patience. now you only have two choices, the first one is telling me where the second prince is if you do that I can promise you that I won't kill you" saying that Red Sun started walking towards Lian, with each step he is taking, the pressure on Lian increased.

Red Sun continued " and the second choice is you can lie again, you can try to escape also. but let me tell you what I will do to you if you lie to me this time. I will cut each of your limbs and break your power vessel making you a human again. in this case also I won't kill you"

"Now tell me which choice you will make. if you choose the first option and tell me where the second prince is, I can even reward you also," Red Sun said.

Lian was thinking about what to do, he doesn't have much choice though. if he says where the second prince is his Master will kill him but if he lies again Red sun will cut his limbs on the spot.

Now the best choice is, tell Red Sun where the second prince is and leave this country as soon as possible. if he leaves the country his master won't be able to find him.

after thinking for some time, Lian said "The second prince is in the Scarlette mansion"

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Red Sun observed Lian for a moment, he nodded and asked " why did you kidnap him."

" Someone asked me to kidnap the second prince, he offered me five lakh spirit crystals and he said he won't do anything bad to the second prince, so I kidnaped him" he paused for a moment and continued "I took the second prince to the Scarlette Mansion and gave him to that person, I don't know whether they are still in that place or not"

" You don't need to worry about that if they are not in the Scarlette mansion if will find them wherever they are. but now the thing is just because someone offered you some spirit crystals, how can you betray your king. this is unforgivable" Red Sun said with an angry tone.

Lian shivered and said abruptly " Please forgive me, commander. I know I did wrong but I only did that knowing there is no harm to the second prince"

Lian's pleading does not affect Red sun's anger.