Weapon Master's Rebirth Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Weapon Master's Rebirth


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Harvey is a top-level weapon designer in the country, throughout his career he developed many advanced weapons for the country, because of the weapons he developed the country won many battles. He dedicated his entire life to developing new weapons other than that he did nothing like any normal person would do, like loving a person, having a family, and going on sudden vacations. One day while he was developing a new weapon an explosion takes place making him seriously injured. Doctors declared that his condition is not recoverable, while lying on the bed he closed his eyes, he laughed bitterly at himself because no one came to visit him, not even the people who praised him for developing good weapons. “If only I have the chance to live my youth again” he muttered this sentence and died. . . . . Maybe gods listened to his wish, he reborn in an otherworld where magic is real. As he wished he was reborn again as a teenager, let us see how he will use this life.


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