Weak Mage Book

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Weak Mage


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Julian Mizaki, son of a wealthy noble was a highly intelligent student that excelled in his academics. However by the age of 10, his parents discovered that Julian had no mana in his body. His parents decided to hide it from everyone, as people with no mana had always been looked down their entire life. Through their high status, they managed to secretly enroll him in the nation's second most renowned Magic Academy. His parents had thought him all the necessary instructions, and had told him to hide about his zero mana. They wanted their son to pass out the academy with a simple mage degree and live life happily ever after... With their strong connections to some of high position in the academy, they were now solely depending on how well can Julian hide his secrets. Will Julian be able to pass out from the academy peacefully? How will a mana-less boy manage to survive in the academy...?


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