We Don't Fall In Love Book

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We Don't Fall In Love


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With her mother being in the hospital, her father messing up with unpaid debt, losing her lifelong dream to become a singer, and losing her job, everything in Kaya's life seemed to be crumbling in front of her eyes. And there is nothing she could do about it. She thought this was the end for her and wished for a miracle. But as a grown-up who believes in miracles? But miracles do happen. Sylvan Park is the Emperor of the business world. From fashion lines, and entertainment businesses to hotels and restaurants, there is nothing he doesn't own. There is nothing he can't buy . . . except his grandmother's life. Sylvan loves his grandmother more than anything else in this world but he knows she is dying and he can't do anything about it. The only thing he can do is fulfill her grandma's last wish: Marry someone he loves. But when Sylvan claims he would fix everything in Kaya's life, was it just a business offer or something else? Whatever it is, the more they dive into each other the more it's hard to get out. They can not escape each other anymore. Fate had connected them long before they collided. But don't worry, They Don't Fall in Love, or at least that's what they say.


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