We are Each Other's Demon
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We are Each Other's Demon


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What is We are Each Other's Demon

We are Each Other's Demon is a popular web novel written by the author 87w, covering ACTION, DRAMA, REVENGE, PSYCHOLOGICAL, CRIME, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 11.8K readers with an average rating of 4.84/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 15 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This Revenge was consensual and the cost was everything. You and I are now each other's demons. We shall never meet again. If fate says otherwise, let us prey on each other's throats.


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A nice read! A recommended one for me! I should say you have potential and See that you have still room to grow. I know this is a though road ahead but you will mature as a writer later on. Good luck!



First of all thank of for the story author! ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Now, let's talk about the novel in detail. For the readers: If you ask me what this novel is about then I'm sorry you guys need to read on to find out, hehe. okay jokes apart (◕દ◕) The novel has a intensely packed plot line since the beginning which is highly entertaining and you folks will have to grab some popcorn on the go ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗ The characters are finely crafted and each one will make emotionally attracted (ps not the evil ones) hehe, okay so the mc I'm talking about the mc, the other characters introduced along the course of your read. The author had indeed made them strong, supportive and engaging. The narrative is not stable, that is it goes from first person to third person back and forth, but that is maintained attractively no doubt. If you ask me about the tone, then well it is intense and sad as I have said earlier. I guess there will be happy times in the later chapters... ( ╹▽╹ ) Now, about the grammar check part, these chapters aren't free from typos here and there with some minute grammatical mistakes, but that doesn't in the least takes away from the engaging storyline. Personally, I really have enjoyed throughout and couldn't stop myself from getting emotional (。•́︿•̀。). Good job author, keep up the good work!


This is a really great read! The worldbuilding around the story is really nice, and the plot develops are a good rate, making the story really easy to immerse yourself in and follow. The one thing I would say just as a tip for the author, is to make dramatic parts stand out more. There were a couple of times where I had to do a double take when reading because something very dramatic had happened, but the lack of emphasis made it anticlimactic. Overall, great writing, and a great piece of work from the author!


Where do I even start? In my long-form reviews, I tend to start with my conclusion and I proceed to explain how I reached said conclusion. That strategy fails me, as I find that having just read all of the available chapters, I still don't know what to think. This webnovel seems to be divided into equal parts of inspired and lamentable. Honestly, until I've written the last sentence of this review, I might not know myself, which part wins out. I'll take small comfort from my befuddlement in knowing quite how this review will turn out, by sticking to the tried and true method of discussing what I like about this webnovel. As alluded to, there is a lot to love about We are Each Other's Demon. First and foremost are the characters. The characters are so fleshed out, they seem so real to me. They're gritty, they're edgy, they're witty, they're cleaver... well, some of them are. They're damaged. Damaged in a way that alludes to them being victims of a decaying or perhaps decadent society. Honestly, the very character's personalities themselves aid to the worldbuilding in a way rarely seen in a webnovel. It's difficult to find a better word to describe the skill with which the author crafted their characters that "inspired", The world itself is a mystery to unfold. There's enough abstraction in the parse details wrung out through the experiences of the characters to leave one clamouring for more. The story is much the same. We are given enough to keep up, but not enough to solve the mystery of the full backstory mischievously obscured by the author. The story progresses but in a non-linear fashion. For some mysteries, we're given the end before the beginning, and I love that. For other parts of the story, we only see it piecemeal. The story is progressing, and the author has found a way to hook the reader at every turn. Deftly crafting the story in such a way that we will get satisfaction for our burning questions, but not second before the author decides we're ready. It's that very same quality that leads to some of the negatives. Truth be told, I'm actually at a loss on whether what I'm about to detail is negative. It's certainly unordinary. 9/10 times I would say to avoid what I'm about to explain like the corona-ebola (The coronavirus mixed with the ebola virus) the question is, whether the author was right in not avoiding it in their work? Set up concluded, I'll get to that thing which should be avoided. The author shifts points of view on the fly. Sometimes the author creates a new chapter to do so. Sometimes the author just flips the switch and boom, we're in a different character's head. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if the author was consistent with a third-person perspective narration. One of the chief benefits of such a narrative perspective is the ability to cover more than one character at a time, and the ability to cover more than one perspective within the same chapter. The narrator, however, utilises both first and third-person perspectives. This is a massive taboo. Not simply because it's rarely done, but because it leads to intense confusion. It's also a distraction, it brings to the reader's mind the question of who exactly is the narrator in this story? It's not strictly a passive voice, blended into the background, nor is it strictly a participant in the narrative. The effect of the authors baffling choice is the reader being pulled out of the story in order to internally ask and fail to answer the question. The issue I'm having with declaring said choice as insane, and suggesting that the author amend it immediately is that the first effect, the aforementioned intense confusion, might just fit the story perfectly. The authors use of this most unorthodox convention, might just be one of the tools in their belt to help obscure the full story. It is not inconceivable that this thing, which 9/10 times should be avoided like a Weinstein might just work for this particular webnovel. It would be inconceivable were this work not somewhat inspired. Ultimately, in my view, I think general writing conventions should win out, but oddly for the first time seeing narrative perspective shifts such as this, it's not the hill I'm willing to live or die on. The hill I am willing to die on is the maddening, utterly maddening spontaneous shifts in tenses. Past tense, to present tense and back again, all in the space of one paragraph. It's atrocious. There is no justification for such a gaffe. I can imagine the difficulty in going through the entirety of the work to edit it for tenses, but in my view, it is more than a necessity. The changes in tenses are so distracting that I almost abandoned this webnovel before finishing all of the available chapters. I'll put that into context, there are only 7 chapters. This issue was so bad that I almost failed to read 7 chapters. Related, but not quite identical, the writing suffers from misspellings and incorrect words used. Generally speaking, the prose is a mess. It isn't possible for me to say this with any more fervour, the author would benefit greatly from more time spent proofreading. So we've reached the end, I've said most of what I have to say. So what's my conclusion? Is this a good webnovel or a bad? My answer is as it was, I don't know. True, the writing is subpar. True the narrative is somewhat confusing. but there's so much to love about this webnovel. Too much for me to simply condemn it. Is this a good or a bad webnovel? Honestly, at this point, I'm not willing to say one way or the other. What I will say is this, the author has a real gift for storytelling, they'd be an unstoppable force if they were to also refine the craft of writing. Writing Quality: 2/5 Stability of Updates: 5/5 Story Development: 3/5 Character Design: 5/5 World Background: 4/5 Overall 19/25


Thanks for reading my story, I really appreciated it! :D This story getting longer that what I planned it to be, but I’m thankful for the result this far


The plot is very interesting . The sentences are well written and it'll probably get people hooked with the story. The characters are all nice on its own. You also update very consistently. Keep up the great work.👍😊


A good read! The writer is talented. The story is eloquently written. The plot is full of suspense and I find it interesting. This work is unique. The title, the synopsis, the first chapter, everything about this story is good and will attract the reader immediately. The detailed descriptions add elegance to the story. Amazing job, author!


This novel is pretty original and has a good plot, told from many different perspectives. You'll piece the puzzle together soon enough. I do wonder here this goes.


First thing, I enjoy Caron's personality 💞. Second, the other characters too are greatly portrayed. The narratives are clear and easy to read. The world background is detailed. This story is filled with much action which is nice. I'm also kind of curious about the king. Overall this book is a great read and addition to my library! Great work author!


An interesting read that grips you're attention down to its whirling plot. Your synopsis provides a brief introduction but enough to awaken the curiosity of your readers' minds. And in the prologue, you start the action right out of the bat. With a tough, independent FL. That's what I like about this story author. Hats raised to you! Hope you keep updating and entice us more with the next chapters. Keep up the good work! ^_^


Aye what a nice read! :D Mmkay let's start with the writing! I love how the author was able to perfectly portray the characters' emotions and feelings in each of the scenes. The emotional scenes were probably my fav part of this book aye! :D I would suggest proofreading it a bit, but hey, still a smooth read regardless! :D Also, the thing I really really love in this book is how each character has their own backstory and personality, not just the MCs hehe! So that's a plus for me! :D Me also like the details given in the mystery and hints hehe! Makes it fun for readers to dig up cluesss Great work, author! Added to libbbb <3


Really enjoyable story. Reads almost like a Tarantino film with the gangsters, banter and constant flashbacks to unveil little pieces of the story that lead up to the dramatic opening. As I read, I wasn't entirely certain what was going on the whole time, but the author gives just enough information to grab the reader's curiosity, making you want to read on. Interesting characters too. And I love a good tale of vengeance. There is no better motivation than revenge. Disappointed I don't have more of the story to see what happens next. Regardless, this is a quality read that I will be keeping my eyes on as it progresses.




Enjoyed the story and the author did a great job so far. Told the story in a great way and the reading was enjoyable, keep up the good work


Great plot honestly, I'm really digging the author's creative imagination and crafty writing style. She was able to grab the reader's attentions flawlessly. A very captivating work.


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