We all going to die but korea will never learn english by king ill sok Book

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We all going to die but korea will never learn english by king ill sok


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Is like watch predator finding your true enemy But is just there were there a simple yet invadeding alien From mars what juice Life is not good the the say of king illsok We change our name write a new words that our self know And just other make there own words A make it good Is like spokening dollar just i learn with my play in road who know is die We going to die who going to say in earth a simple answer God who create us , and just simple sleep Life is not with the bad side like movie badman and robin Drive the fat old mobile who does work at night why its a solar just one battery will last 3 more years in storeage I hope man last long long a singel battery I hope life ge life and othet just read my poet Say your good , But you all my writeting in just throwing back to certain Girl name reana in twitch the finaly he buy Hope meet in public hospital If i have in a ginie in bottle i wish there will equal Like drop rain one buy one only one drop And the sun just half and moon half to And girl half man half girl is like sugar Half of sugar half milk and drink with out water that equal we save watet buy drink boko juice but no watet just the balat and laman just throw Is drive in school old cuting class there and tommorrow you will be a drop out its equal must equal is like subtract The 1 to 2 equal is half like buy soap makano half lang po Paano yon balat gamit yong laman itapon Maligo sa umaga matapos pasko doon palang mag lalaba Is like drop a bomb in herorusma kill all the man but just leave why they make kids but one man will alive Like movie tarzan and janet jackson We must equal in all thing So our house must half all half that equal We ken save and our money is half half head half fish Is not tail its super korny ,, But its not a joke we learn half life half bread,