1 chapter 1

kingdom of venila, only women can rule the country which was a order from their ancestors.maid came to the room and ask the princess to come to the throne area for the talk with ministers.

princess ,turn and said with cold turn go..am on my way there.. before ,maid left.princess jump from her window and went to human place near by village ..she used to go there because she has a from name Andrew (human).

hey alicena (princess of vampire),turn and saw him and smiled..how are u damn buddy..did you propose her..Andrew smiled and said right now am gonna propose her.

Alice will marry me ?.

Alice was shocked by Andrew words before he finishes his word,a sharp arrow hit his heart and he fall in her arms and said I love u Alice..

Alice was shocked and she turn to shown her vampire side and turn into bat and take him few metres away from them and said wake up , Andrew..Andrew saw her vampire transformation and said ,I will come back Alice and fall in love with u again..until don't forget me..I love u and he closed his eyes..

Alice was crying, and few enemies guard came and tried to kill her but she escaped with her kingdom guards and she went to palace .when she entered ,her mom slapped her infront of ministers and said u just escaped from palace and went to meet that human..how could u do this are u out of your mind..before ,she finishes her word Alice collapsed on ground and said I want to turn to human.please turn me to human momma..I want live a normal life with Andrew..

Alice was crying and sobbing but she fall a deep sleep ..so her mother make a monument coffin and said you sleep well dear..when she turn aside , her enemies were there to fight but her powers were controlled by her enemies before she loses her complete power ,she cover her daughter soul and turn her body to human and thrown here from vampire kingdom to human world's..

after 20 years ,she woke up with a beautiful girl and she was sleeping for almost 20 years but her mind and knowledge all contain human knowledge and memory..she was studying in Oxford University, USA. in human world her name is Selena.