Way Of The DarknessWay Of The Darkness

Way Of The Darkness

by ChaoticLuck

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Xue Mo was the strongest human in his world, yet the shackles that held him back to his past still left him unfulfilled. To break free, he was willing to sacrifice everything. And he did. After creating a new race for the sole purpose of attaining power, will it be enough to achieve his wishes? How powerful is this race? With unlimited possibilities that his new race offers, Xue Mo, will once again step into a new life and a new existence, combined with his previous life experience, will he pave a new Dao or consolidate it with his old one? Note: New Author, Sporadic Updates Singular Love Interest Power Couple Dark Themes For those who saw the R-18 and thought there is sex or smut there isn’t it’s for the gore and torture. Disclaimer this is for the maker of the cover if you want me to remove it contact me by typing in a review (Modified by _Daulla, TrueDawn, Lasagna_God, Mayeda_iffath) (Unlimited link to the discord server don’t look at the one that is used in the authors note or elsewhere they were limited) https://discord.gg/Dcu2MMG

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