2 A Method To Her Madness

July 17, 2020

*Ame's Detective Bureau Notes #343097*

-This place is like an underworld. It stinks! The walls and the ground are filled with bones, Animal bones? Human bones? Beats me... "NO POOP SHERLOCK WE ARE IN THE UNDERWORLD" -> Don't mind Ina, she ain't getting some zzz's today so she's so upset.

-Ina'nis just found her book. I AM GLAD SHE DID. Because if she left it at the restaurant then there's gonna be some REAL GROUND POUNDING SESSION when we get back to our world in one piece. YO MAMA <- Oh, Gura wrote this.

-I'm gonna title this one "The mystics of the Underworld" ahh... doesn't sound really fine... how about "SHEOL: A practical guide to the Underworld" or "I went to the Underworld to meet Abaddon, not clickbait" I'm just so excited to explore this place!

"He who stride the paths of Hell," Lightning and thunder clapped loudly among the dread, searing flames of absolution.

"Finds the key to the gates of his own--"


A loud thud was heard at a distance. The flames seared fiercely and the thunderclap raucously slammed the crimson red sky that reeks of sulfur-induced air. The monsters nearby were caught in attention and sprinted furiously towards the collision.

"My head hurts!" Ina stands up and wipes all the dust in her clothes. She picks up her book and flips a page.

"Phlegethon, good. I was--" Before Ina could continue, Amelia immediately drags her.

"Chottooo!!!" cried Ina being dragged by Amelia.

"Ina summon me a camera! Let me take a picture of this place! Oh my god, so this is the Underworld! This is awesome!" Amelia screamed ecstatically.

"Please take your hand off of my arm! And if we'll fall in this lava, it's all your fault!"

"Ina! Ina! Please use your magic to fly us up! Onegai! Onegai!" pouted Amelia.

"No can do! I've drained my powers on creating that portal. It's a one-time use you know!" Ina frowned.

"Matte~ so how can we get out of here?" Amelia stared at Ina with a dull face. Silence filled the air.

"It's... It's not like I would have been stuck with you here or anything," Ina sneered.

"So you're planning to trap me inside here?" Amelia still staring tediously at Ina.

"N-no! It's- It's not...!" Ina sweats furiously.

"INAAAAAAA!!!" Amelia screamed angrily with her loud and eerie voice. The gremlin vibes turned into a demogoblin aura and the searing flames raged among her. Her eyes, wide-open with red flames blistering inside her pupils.


July 17, 2020, Ina's dea-- Wait!

"Ina... I thought you were my friend..." The angered Amelia drops down in sadness, her eyes were cast down with tears flowing.

Ina's frightened face slowly turned down. Amelia's sob resonated in the dead air.

"It's not really what I am after!" Ina shooks her head down and her tears were starting to fall.

"Ina... why are you crying?!" Amelia faces up looking towards Ina and her tears burst out all of a sudden.

"I don't know too... is it because... you are crying too?!" Ina's tears burst out after Amelia.



In all of a sudden, the ground starts to shake violently and rises above with lava spewing all over the place. A marching noise was heard and it shook Amelia and Ina down. They both screamed for help but no one was there to answer. Then finally, the ground stops moving.

"What was that in all of a sudden?" Amelia uttered in fear.

"We're surrounded!" replied Ina.

As they look down, A group of centaurs was standing beneath the risen mound that they're standing.

"Ara ara~ what do we have here?" A huge centauride appears holding a huge, spiked Maul. The lady centaur wore a thin piece of bone-plating armor revealing her huge upper bust and her long braided hair seemingly reaching down to her hooves.

"Mo-Mommy Hajime?!" screamed Amelia in surprise.

"Haji-huh?! What the hell are you talking about?" replied Ina.

Amelia starts to laugh maniacally, her mouth dripping off with saliva, her face twisted and her mind was preoccupied with the lust for eradication. Her eyes were sparkling and she was breathing heavily.

"Yabai, this is bad!" Ina's eyes grew wide as she sees Amelia's grim side.

"Hehehe! Ina, give me my concoction!", Amelia chuckled.

"It's... it's in your coat!"

"Oh... hehe!" Amelia grabs a syringe out of her trench coat. She flicks the syringe facing upward. The solution inside was dripping from the needle to her hand.

"This is what I've been waiting for!"

Amelia's concoction was created during the reigning era of one of the most powerful drug in the world, the Asacoco, and is made to rival the Asacoco itself. Amelia's drug didn't become popular because she was still part of a covert research chemist group that just accidentally picked her up to let her help with the work. An accident happened. Amelia slipped off the floor and accidentally dropped some various ingredients into the mixture hence, her concoction was created. The said effects were not that dangerous but higher dosages were to prove high levels of lethality. Outmatching the effects of the Asacoco, Kiryu Coco, the chairman of the Yakuza and the creator of the Asacoco enhanced the effects of her drugs by mixing stimulants and depressants, and once again, it outmatched Amelia's concoction. But that doesn't stop Amelia from making the most powerful concoction. She spent years and years trying to get the ingredients for creating the most powerful stimulant drug that has ever created. She succeeded and she's just waiting for a test subject and she's found an opportunity.

Ina looked down to the centauride and yelled.

"Run while you still can!"

"Nani? What the hell are you-"

In all of a sudden, a loud scream was heard.

"NOTHING BEATS A GROUND POUND!" Amelia leaped off the edge falling towards the centauride with her arms on top of her head while holding the syringe facing forward.

A bang and a despaired scream were heard afterward.


"Watson...? Ina...? I'm scared... Where are you?" Gura rubbed her nose, sniffling loudly.

A two-headed dog-beast leaped in front of Gura frightening her.

"Well... Well now, what do we have here?" barked the two-headed beast.

"Uhm... hello!" uttered Gura in a soft voice while rubbing her tears.

"FOOL!" screamed the right head which frightened Gura.

"You don't know us? Well too bad, this is going to be your demise without knowing the one who killed you!" chuckled the left head.

"Orthrus, leave her alone!" a cloaked figure riding in a small boat, rowing down the river of lava.

"Charon? Oho, the ferryman eh? Or perhaps another reaper?"

"You've got no business here Orthrus, go back to your cattle!" replied the cloaked figure.

"Perhaps, I should be the one saying that? This isn't Styx, imbecile! And more importantly, it's not your business either so leave!" growled the two-headed dog.

"Darn it, that Hades didn't know how to feed you and your brother equally huh, shame."

"Y-you! How dare you insult Hades! Now, I've got the acceptable reason for killing you, BEGONE!" Orthrus leaped ferociously towards the ferryman.

"Yare Yare Dawa..." The ferryman threw its cloak away revealing a tall, pale-skinned lady with rose-pink hair, her eyes hued in crimson-red.

The lady raises her right hand and a huge scythe abruptly appeared.

"Begone!" In a blink of an eye, Orthrus's heads were decapitated and its body is slowly turning into ashes mid-air.

"Such a crass!" the lady sighed then bats an eye on the peeking Gura.

Gura hid herself in a small slab of stone while watching the lady kill Orthrus.

"A human?" The lady whispered.

She jumped off the boat and starts to walk towards Gura. Gura was frustrated, she can't move her legs and the tears are starting to fall from her eyes.

"Do not be afraid little one, I won't hurt you." The lady smiles depicting the face of an angel.

Gura slowly comes out of the slab, staggered, and couldn't take her eyes off the lady.

"A-ano, you are beautiful, onee-san!" uttered the astonished Gura. The lady chuckled.

"The name's Calliope!"


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