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What is Watches Over You

Watches Over You is a popular web novel written by the author BlindBandit, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, MYSTERY, HORROR, MATURE, SUPERNATURAL, YOUNGADULT, SEINEN, PHYCHOLOGICAL, Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 5.1K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 3 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Your bed is beside the window that overlooks the garden outside. You left it open one Friday night because you enjoy sleeping in the fresh air. You had a nightmare that woke you up, and you are now paralyzed in your bed. You open your eyes and look out the window. The moon is obscured by clouds, and a faint light shines through the night. A man with a severed upper torso is seen looking at you through the window, staring at you. He is aware that you have noticed him, but he does not flinch. His unblinking attention was rooted in you. A pungent stench could be detected, as it entered the room. Have you seen IT watching? ------------------------------------------------------------------- WSA2021/Spirity Awards Spring 2021 entry on Horror&Thriller. I publish 3-5 chapters per week. Each chapter has a word count of 1500 or more. I am a new writer doing it for a hobby and who is still learning, so I make mistakes. Don't be afraid to express your confusion or point out any grammatical mistakes. You are welcome to come by if you like. I read all of the comments. Naturally, there are certain things I can not reveal. For example, if anyone points out an inconsistency and I don't answer it, it's most likely there for a purpose. Enough of my rambling, Stay safe everyone, and thank you for reading. ~ Baibai Minna-san

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Shameless Author Review: If you enjoy horror, game-like systems, physiological and horror folklores with a strong and intelligent male protagonist, then this book is made for you!... Release date: Monday-Friday, 6:00 p.m. (GMT+8)


Well... That's scary. I... am not into Horror much. "The Secret of Crickley Hall" was the only book I read that belonged to the horror genre. Now, it's this one. I love the creeps and chills it's plot gives. And the worst part is, I sleep besides the window and open it occasionally because I like the fresh air and sky and scenery. Now, I guess, I won't be opening it, hehehe, kidding. Your plot is gripping, so is the name of the book. I am hoping there will be some love story in between... Will be adding this book into my collection then. And please, update according to the schedule you wrote above.


I haven't read horror in a while, this was a nice return to it! First off, I really like the interactions between Oliver and Noah, they're both enjoyable and pretty realistic characters. The description of the horror stalking Noah gave me a vivid, creepy image in my head--which means the author succeeded! I like where this is going and definitely will be waiting to see what comes next.


This is a fire! , it really scared me, I never thought reading any horror stories could really scare me, thank you very much author for the amazing story. good luck on your journey.


This novel is not-your-ordinary-and-typical HORROR story!! This is perfectly narrated! Once you started reading, you can never get enough of this. When you read the first chapters, it will give you the chills. The chills will hype up as the chapter continues until you felt numb with scariness as you read.


Incredible!, the story's plot is horrifying, the story is descriptive, and the characters are so real. This is a good story, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you, author.


I think that this story's first chapter clearly gives me what it is talking about I like it it's not bad definitely gets a power stone from me tomorrow.


Interesting start so far. I am very interested in the horror genre of any type of stories so that kept my interest when reading the first chapter. I'm curious to see how this will develop.


First of all thank you author for the nightmare I'll have tonight. Now since this work has only one chapter rn so there's limited information but for the first I'm getting a feeling that this work is going to be superb especially from the synopsis that make you imagine few things. I do sleep with my window open to get some cold pleasant air which now I believe I won't be opening till I forget this. By reading the first chapter and synopsis I can definitely say that this work will really horrify you and give you some goosebumps. Lastly I'll say the author to update it more and to keep his word to update it atleast 3 times a week, I will definitely read it once I get used to what I read today.


I'd say this novel is most interesting. I really enjoyed reading it, though I normally don't enjoy reading horror. It was very creative and suspenseful at times. Overall I really loved it!


The style of writing is simply good, neat and quite good written. First, the premise is good, intriguing synopsis and good first chapter, it could be personal, I think you can find better cover. The interaction between characters is interesting and good written, the description is pretty solid as one could feel the atmosphere in the story. Overall, good read. Good luck.


Best novel ever!!! Overall, for those fantasy, mystery, thriller and horror lover, this is a perfect choice for you. Mass Release!!! 😁😁😁


Pretty enchanting that your bones will lose the definition as bones. That's the horror! But, we're still few chapters in, now imagine that when more of them come! For writing quality, the tenses are mixing between present-past tense, I suggest that you should stick with one tense. But, there are no grammatical errors so far. Nice!


As a horror writer myself, the author did a bit of creepiness and chill on the two chapters that the author wrote. Creepiness and thrill. Words aren't hard to comprehend. If you are into horror give this a try!


I was only able to read the first chapter, but the base for the story is promising. The banter between the friends is relatable, and their dialogue flows well, which, to me; is a good sign for future chapters. The bus Scene is 😱(I won’t say more because then it’ll be a spoiler😁).There were a few present and past tense inconsistencies, but no grammatical errors or such that I found. All in all: both the work and author show high potential. Keep it going Author!❤️


Reveal spoiler


It's nice. I don't know much about horror, but the setup made by the author was cool and you could read the emotions of the character through the events.


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