2 Chapter 1:

'Why did this have to be finished today?' He thought as he typed on his computer , ' I have to finish this report for my boss today or my ass is getting fired'. "Hey Quincy are you coming with us?" Turning around Quincy saw that it was Greg , he was a pretty good guy and his only friend at William and Sons Law Firm. "Well I need to get this report done Greg" Quincy told him as he typed away. "Aww c'mon you can work from home." Greg said to Quincy asking once again. "Fine fine I'll come with." Quincy conceded to Greg and grabbed his coat, the report was pretty easy and he could do it from home. "So Greg how's the kids these days?" Quincy asked him as they stepped out of the building and walked down the street. " Oh pretty good they're growing up one day at a time. " Quincy could feel himself smile at Greg's sentence as they walked "that's pretty good Greg." Quincy replied his voice sounding tired and worn to his ears.

After that a awkward silence happened between them and Quincy focused on the hustle and bustle of the city. They soon reached a stoplight and Quincy pressed a crosswalk button after a few moments waiting the light turned green and Quincy and Greg began to walk across the street. Suddenly a honking noise filled Quincys eardrums and he looked over to see a bus running out of control and on a path straight for Greg. Time seemed to slow for Quincy and he was faced with a decision, he could either save Greg or save himself. Almost unconsciously Quincys legs began to pump as he ran and tackled Greg out of the way, 'I mean he had a family I on the other hand had nothing to lose and no one to mourn for me' Quincy thought. The last thing Quincy saw was the bright lights of the bus filling his vision then darkness. Almost seconds later Quincys eyes opened to a bright Coral reef albeit with some weird dart things sticking out of the coral and sand all around him.

"Where where am i?" Quincy asked himself as he looked at the coral and then looked at bubbles coming out of a crack in the ground. 'Am I underwater!?' He thought to himself panicking and began to hold his breath. Quincy held his breath till his lungs felt like they were going to burst and he took deep breaths expecting the water to fill his lungs and for him to drown. But he was able to breath which caused Quincy to slowly calm down. Looking at his hands he saw that they were webbed, the webbing stopping about halfway up to the second joint of his fingers. Looking at his feet he saw he had the same webbing on his toes which stopped halfway to the middle joint of his toes. Hearing a voice Quincy looked over and quickly stumbled back as two men in a car and submarine looking hybrid raced past him kicking up bubbles.

Quincy began to run after the men only to find he had never been sitting against the sand instead floating only a couple millimeters above it. "Ughh" Quincy grunted in frustration and began to kick his legs and swim in a breaststroke style his webbed feet and hands making him go faster than he expected. After a few hours of swimming Quincy saw what looked like a large city made out of underwater stone. Swimming into the city Quincy was multiple humanoid people with webbed feet and hands just like them, though they were floating upright and kicked in a walking like manner so well that Quincy could barely tell they were swimming. Copying the citizens swimming technique Quincy eventually got the hang of it and explored the city.

Along one road Quincy was able to see one of those car things that had passed him on the way to the city. They were peculiar the body looked like a car but without the space for wheels instead having propellers on the back , some were topless and some looked like a regular car. "Looks nice huh? Never seen a subcar before?." Quincy heard a voice say looking back Quincy saw a bulkier but older man facing him. He wore an expensive suit and Quincy could see gills on the side of his neck like the other. Taking his hands off the subcar like a kid caught with their hand in a cookie jar Quincy rubbed the back of his head feeling his hair. " what's your name kid? " the man asked in which Quincy frowned " kid? I'm in my thirties buddy. " the man laughed " kid you can't be more than seventeen , now what's your name? " the man asked. Quincy frowned "Quincy how about you? " the man smiled showing off shark like teeth " names Sam Mako though everyone here calls me Mako. ".

Quincy nodded " hello mister Mako" he said Mako smiled and soon three men wearing suits walked out of a building and flanked Mako. " open the door for me and the kid boys then Terrence drive us to. " he whispered the last part into a man with a buzzcut whos face looked like a boxers. The men nodded then opened the door to which Mako climbed inside and saved Quincy in. After climbing inside Quincy looked at Mako " so where am i? " he asked Mako. " Huh? Don't know this city? You must be from out of town, this place is known as Coral Bay the greatest city in the Ocean. ". Quincy nodded and watched as the man took a drag from a bioluminescent cigarette looking thing. Soon the subcar stopped in what looked like a dingy alleyway and the doors opened to which Quincy was suddenly pulled out.

" Now this city has a couple of rules kid. " Mako said as his men restrained Quincy "one is you have to be careful with who you trust as various mafia families run this ocean and well the one that runs this one is mine, the Mako family." Mako said as he threw his biogarette on the ground. " Two is don't fuck with the families and respect them , that includes touching their shit. " he said and cracked his knuckles. At this gesture Quincys eyes got wide and he began to try and break free " and the final one is don't make a Apex Fish mad and well" he said walking up to Quincy " you touched my shit and made me mad " Mako said. "But since you seem to be new I'll let you off easy." Quincy sighed in relief at those words till Makos fist hit him in the gut. " aghhh! " Quincy yelled out which earned him a punch to the face. After a couple minutes of being beat by Mako Quincy heard him say something about leaving and heard the subcar start up then drive away.

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Laying on the ground Quincy groaned until a old man though not as old as Mako filled his vision. "Hey kid want to make it so this doesn't happen again?" The man asked. Quincy nodded taking in water shakily at the beating . "Then here I'll help you." The old man said holding out a gloved hand looking up at the man Quincy hesitated thinking about Makos advice but then eventually grabbed the man's hand..