1 Chapter I

"You know, we've been friends for 2 years now, roommates for more than a year, haven't you ever thought about hitting... all these?" She motioned pointing her body as if she's some kind of sexy beast because the fact is, she is.

They were on the balcony of their rented apartment. They've just done dinner and now indulging themselves with the glory of an expensive wine as a celebration of her friend's promotion at work. She just looked at her trying to analyze the whole situation. Maybe it's the effect of wine on her friend.

She had always been egocentric and always thought of everyone falling in love with her.

"Let's face it, George. I'm hot." She smiled at the vanity of her friend but she said nothing.

"Are you sure you're gay?"

"Well... Andrea, love. You." Now she's trying to step closer that their faces were just inches apart. " are hot"

Andrea, still a little far from being drunk might have made the wrong move towards her friend because whatever's gonna happen next or whatever George might do, she won't be able to stop. "that I won't lie about." And she can feel her breathe against her. So maybe it's because of the alcohol, or maybe it's because of her frustration; she doesn't really have the slightest idea.

"But not for my liking." And with that George went back to sitting properly watching the night lights that was reflected by the whole place.

"Bitch." And they were swallowed by the silence and comfort of each other's company and then called it a night.

It had been two years since Andrea started working in a magazine company and met George there. It took them quite a while before actually calling each other friends but when that happened, they became inseparable.

It was only a year and a half ago that George came out because Andrea was asking her to move in with her so that they can share the rent, knowing that both of them are just renting places. Not that she was hiding or anything but she doesn't want Andrea to think that she's taking advantage of her.

Andrea said she doesn't really have a problem with that since George made it clear even from the very beginning that she would NEVER EVER EVER hit one of her friends.

She remembers the other girl saying that her liking to be in a relationship with someone, romantically, goes to zero once that person can be a good candidate of the friendzone.

So she never really worried about it.

And so here they are.


It was a fine Friday afternoon and George came to sit with Andrea and another colleague as they discussed their assigned articles.

"I mean, that's really stupid. If you love you love, end of story." Andrea loved the endless arguing. She's one of the best creative writers of the magazine because of her point of views.

"I know, but you have to accept the fact that love isn't just enough." Millie, her partner for that project.

"And says who?"

"Patty Smyth 1992?"

"If you love each other, you have to find a way to make it work." Seeing George sit beside her, she asked her. "Right George?"

"Yeah, sure." She said as she reached for Andrea's cookie jar and taking a bite. "But that can only last for so long" she looked back at her friend, feeling betrayed.

"See. i told you" Millie taking the opportunity.

"No cookies for you, Georgina. Not even a single bite."

"Oh come on. It's not my fault that you like to romanticize everything."

"I so hate you right now, George."

"Hey, I'm just saying... it's not just love at all times. There should also be sex, lots of it. Like mind-blowing sex." Millie laughed at that.

"I had a boyfriend once..." George began explaining.

"You had a boyfriend and I didn't know?"

Andrea asked and almost stood up.

"You are full of surprises, George."

"Thanks, Millie. I would take that as a compliment. Well, as I was saying, he was nice and the sex was such a good fuck. But then it became boring."

"Is that why you changed teams?" Millie asked and by the looks of it she was pretty interested in knowing all the details about George and Andrea didn't like this. She wasn't jealous, she's just an egocentric manipulative bitch who wants George all for herself. Not that she's in love with her but because she's immature as fuck that she felt like having all her friend's attention because that's what best friends are. Or is supposed to be.

"Well, I was in high school that i started having the liking for girls but maybe if that guy in college was pretty damn good, I might've thought twice about becoming gay."

"Okay, this gay talk is over." Andrea butted in. "Why are you even here, Geo?"

"I need my dose of Andrea, that's why I'm here. When can we go?"

"Are you guys together? " Millie asked, not seeing it in the first place.

"No!" They chorused.

"She snores, a lot" Andrea said grinning.

"She's a sloth" George said.

"You look good together."

"Right. I'm straight as hell, Millie."

"Everyone has an inner gay. All you need to do is to channel it."

"Millie, no. Andrea is already awful as a straight person, God knows what'll happen if she'd be gay. - and totally not my type. "

"YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT MY TYPE EITHER. Plus, I have a handsome boyfriend who has really nice, big and talented hands. Pun intended."

"My hands might not be that big but i assure you... huh. "

"Tell you what guys, I won't be surprised if you end up together."

"Won't happen, Mills. Now, Andreaaaaa. Can we have coffee now? And can you be my wing-man later? There's a new gay club, 4 blocks away from home. What ya say?"

"Millie, wanna join us?"

"Nah thanks guys. You go ahead and make my predictions come true."

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