1 Chapter 1

I'm late for school, high school to be exact, even though my house is just a few minutes walk away. I'm the type to take my own sweet time to go to school because honestly, I hate school. I want to be an adult, get my dream job that I don't even know yet and probably have my own family?

I'm those type of people who make up stories in their mind and daydream about it during the day. I would start to think about it during my classes and that's why I'm also failing high school. I don't care about it though because I know he wouldn't care..

He? Oh, sorry about that.. Let me introduce him.

He's the love of my life, the first guy that I noticed in my school. All the guys that I met before this were either too ugly or just had really bad attitude which truly did not attract me at all. We're both graduating this year but we're from different classes. He's a year older than me because he had to retain due to his bad academic record.

He's sort of a bad guy, more like popular actually, and has a lot friends whenever I see him in school. We would occasionally bump into each other and that's how I fell in love. We first met through one of my classes, Higher English, that I took with a few of my classmates. It was considered the hardest subject so only a few students could take it and lucikly I was one of them.

I'm actually very smart but I just don't like to study and revise like the other students. I'm the most laziest when it comes to subjects like Mathematics and Science but for subjects like English and Physical Education, I love them.

Back to me rushing to school, I was walking to my school gate slowly and taking my own sweet time. I couldn't care less if I was late or not because the same thing is going to happen again. I reach school late, the principal makes me go detention and then I go home. It's going to repeat over and over again so I stopped caring.

And that's when I saw him..

I saw my 'crush', I hate calling him my crush because so far, all of my crushes had crushed my heart into millions of pieces and I'm afraid to call him a crush because I really do like him. Deep down, he's the only guy that could cause butterflies to form in my stomach.

I noticed that he looked a bit sloppy and was rushing to the school gate like me. I cleared my throat and quickly walk to the school gate.

"Hold it!" The security guard called me.

"Yes?" I answered, turning back towards the man in blue and white uniform.

"Why are you late again?"

"Ehh, same thing."

"Mira.. How many times must I tell you? Your school attendance is going to get-"

"Yes, I know John! I promise this is going to be the last time that I'm late, okay?" I showed my pinky finger to him.

"Okay," He replied. "You're lucky the principal's sick!" He raised his voice suddenly.

"What happened?"

"Family issues. Apparently, his wife was sick.." John said, handing me a piece of paper.

"Ahh okay, thanks again John!" I waved to him and started walking to my class.

I saw a bunch of students were queueing behind me to get the piece of paper from John, the security guard. Honestly, being late has its own perks too. John was the new security guard assigned to guard the school's gate. I met him at the guard's post whenever I was late for school so we both started talking and got to know about each other's life quite well.

He's the only one that I could look for advise because my parents are always busy at work and they're very judgemental so it's difficult to talk with them when it comes to my personal problems. He treated me like his own daughter while I treated him like family.

I saw that my crush had already left after getting the piece of paper from John. For every student that was late for school, we were given this piece of paper to give to our teacher once we reach our class. It's like a late pass to inform the teacher.

Moving on, I was walking to class when I heard my name being called from behind.

"Mira!" The voice shouted again.

I turned my head towards the familiar voice and was quickly taken aback by the sudden hug.

"We haven't seen each other for only a day and you miss me already?" I chuckled, hugging the girl back.

"I miss you best friend!" She exclaimed, stopping in the middle of the corridor to properly hug each other.

"How was school yesterday?" We started to walk to class.

"Boring, without you of course."

"See! You miss me too, don't deny it!" She started to tease me, trying to get me to confess about my actual feelings.

"Okay, fine! I did miss you doof!" I playfully smacked her shoulder.

"Ouch, that hurt!" She laughed while holding her shoulder dramatically.

"I wrote some notes for you by the way,"

"Wait? You actually wrote down notes for me?" She asked, trying not to laugh.

"Shut up, I did it only for you okay!" I laughed.

"Aww, thanks babe!" She smiled.

We entered the class and handed the piece of paper to our teacher.

"Place your bags at the side and sit beside your partner, we're having a practical lesson for today." Our teacher announced.

We listened to her instructions and placed our bags on the table against the window. We saw the seat arrangement written on the whiteboard and quickly sat down at our designated seats. Lucky for me, I was sitting beside the smart kid while my best friend, Chelsea, was sitting beside the class clown, Chad.

The practical lesson wasn't that bad. It unexpectedly went by pretty quick and I learnt more about Chemistry today than I have ever in my whole life. The smart kid, Stacy, taught me quite a lot of stuff so I was able to successfully complete my assignment on time for the next lesson.

Stacy and I went to get our bagpack from the table against the window and sat back at our seats. I noticed that a few pairs were still working on their assignment and were nowhere done with it so I decided to make some small talk with Stacy. She's my partner for the rest of the school year after all so might as well get to know her right?

"So, do you study and revise at home?" I tried my best to start a conversation.

"Yes and no. I've been going to the school library to revise while I do my homework at home, no pun intended." She giggled.

"Do you revise alone?" I asked politely.


"Would you mind if Chelsea and I were to join you during your next session?"

"Absolutely not! The more the merrier!" She exclaimed.

"Thanks Stacy!" I smiled.

"Have you been revising at home?"

"Um.." I tried to come up with an excuse until she interrupted my thoughts.

"You don't have to lie, I understand." She toucher my shoulder and smiled which kind of soften my heart.

"Thanks for understanding!" I smiled back.

"The final exam's in a week, we should really prepare for it as best as we can!"

"What?!" I exclaimed. "The final exam?"

"Yeah?" She replied slowly. "You forgot about it? Wasn't that the reason why you wanted to study with me?" She genuinely asked.

"No.." I panicked. "I forgot about it actually.." I looked away.

"It's okay! We can prepare now because we still have another 6 days left to study." She reassured me, patting my back.

"Thanks Stacy for reminding me!" I tried to smile.

"No worries!" She gave me a huge smile back.

"Okay!" The sudden voice from my teacher interrupted our conversation.

"So class! Today's practical lesson was a practice for the actual practical exam. I hope all of you learnt how to do it well because I was informed that the practical exam would be on Friday, this Friday. All your classes are cancelled for that day so please remember to revise again before heading for the exam room on that day," Ms Dahlia explained to us.

"We will have another two practical lessons this Wednesday and Thursday so please try your best to understand and remember the steps. I will provide a summarised version of all the steps tomorrow during your English lesson. I will take your attendance and then all of you can head over to your next lesson. Thank you!" She ended the statement with a bow and started taking down our attendance, name by name.