1 Chapter:1- A Fight We Have To Survive

(Mizuki POV)

"This ship is wrecking. I don't think that the ship can hold it's floating to the surface. we have to move everyone out of the ship. Hurry Jimin escort them to the lifeboat until we hold the squid."

"Fine, hold them until I return. promise me you will not die."

"I promise. Take care of yourself"

He flew rapidly to rescue the people on the ship. The lifeboats were installed at the side of the ship. the squid was huge and was taken the spot where the lifeboats were. We have to figure out the method to push it back or at least away from the lifeboats. It seems impossible to do. We were trying so hard to pull it apart from That particular area but it seems our efforts were not worth it. My face was like so terrified by the facts that my teammates and the people who we were responsible for taking them with us up to her can die along with us because we fail to Protect Them.

I shouted at Himoto and Kazu

"hold it for more longer. We have to scout people first. then we can fight it with full force."

We weren't able to protect and rescue, do both at the same time. So we need to make time and hold it longer so the people can escape first. we need to do things according to the plan to make sure things were in outside. But I was not sure if we can win.

as soon as the people were rescued Jimin Returned to us. and joins hands.

"Let us gear and fight with full force."


"Jimin take charge from the left. Himoto and Kazu were holding it from the upper side."

Mizuki commands her words to her comrades. she was looking desperate to get everyone out of this situation and win against the squid.

"Rin listens to me, I was about to say this to you once we are here to distract the squid. I didn't find its weak spot yet but I'm sure there is one somewhere. I need you to go over its head. you need to damage its eyes first. we must make it go blind. if we were able to do that we might able to win against it."

"do you any specifics plan?"

"right now I'm out of ideas. you need to figure out yourself. how you can be ion it's head"

"Fine, I'll do that. make time for me. look over there at the sail plank I think I can climb up there and take a jump from that. until I do that, hold it as much as possible."

"fine, I'll talk to everyone else. now go."

"Jimin come to me."

Mizuki yelled. as soon as he hears her voice. he rapidly came to her.

"yes what is it."

"you need to distract the squid. we are still figuring out its weak spot. but somehow I feel we need to make it go blind first. if we do that we have an advantage."

"that would be great, then I should take action rapidly you all distract all it then."

"No! wait I already send Rin for that task. you don't need to rush. you don't need there. I need you to do something else. your task is to go there in the front desk and distract it by aiming for its skull so it will distract itself and cannot see Rin."

"wait, I don't think it's possible to hit the target from this distance. it is impossible to hit it skull from here even I go up there I can't."

"I know, but we need to distract it from Rin. so we can accomplish our main goal."

Jimin trusts Mizuki so he decided to go with her plan.

"then he needs time."

Mizuki nodded her head slowly while looking at Mizuki, Jimin can sense her trust in her eyes for all her teammates. while looking at her eyes he finally pushes his body and rushes upward so he can hit the targeted area.

"I'll go first."

he rapidly ran to the deck and climb up to the pole and striking it from up there. meanwhile, Rin jumped after, on its skull. it gets distracted for the strike happen over it. while Rin landed successfully. and ran rapidly over its skull while avoiding its tentacles.

"almost there."

"Go Rin. it's now time."

he was so near the eye that he picked his award up in the sky and aim his strike.

"her it comes."


"what was that sense."

Mizuki has sensed a weird feeling. it came as a warning ⚠️. but it's too late.


the squid has acknowledged his presence over his skull. he turned his eyes towards Rin and rapidly take action against it.

its a hit!!! Rin got hit from near.


his blood came from his mouth as soon he gets hit on his stomach with the tentacles and over the deck.


Himoto shouted.


Himoto dodges the attack. she was worried about Rin but was not unable to go to see him she was holding the squid back.


Himoto turns around to the direction of the sound.

"I know it's painful to see. I can sense it. we are not in a condition to move from our position. we have a duty to protect all here. we have to win. Mizuki is there down at the deck there she would help him. trust her."

"Fine, I'll do that I'm counting in you Mizuki. take him aside of the battle site."


Mizuki was terrified this time. she underestimated the power is squid. and now she is regrating it now.

"I shouldn't have told you to go up there I'm so sorry."

she was crying at the same time in front of Rin. while even on that state Rin just said.

"Don't cry. things might not go according to us sometimes. you are not to blame. it me."

"no you are not!"

she hold Rin's hand and was taking to him. Rin strength is getting weaker faster and before he completely go in unconscious he just said.

"I'm sorry Mizuki. I won't able to accomplish my task."

Rin has failed his task and shattered to the ground after he got strike. Mizuki can see clearly, he was now not able to move but as the fight was on, its tentacles were moving to defend himself and attack again. if Rin was not moved from the site he might get crushed under its tentacles. he was unconscious at that time Mizuki need to take him out of the site. she take him in her back and stand. and walk towards the other side.


"Aaahh...aah aah!!!"

another scream came from her right. she looked at that and shouted.

"What!!! No!!"

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