Warriors from the north Book

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Warriors from the north


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A great army stands upon the stone plains of the northern lands, 8 monstrous northern warriors stand to face them in a losing battle and as they prepare to die a glorious death fit for any warrior they are enveloped in the dark embrace of the ravens of Odin. when they awake the see a new land of vivid colours and strange people, where did they end up? what dangers will the face in these unknown lands? All they know is that they have land to plunder and new foes to fight. What kind of prey will they find in this world where cultivators rule using the Qi of heaven and earth and beasts lurk in the wild, will these monstrous warriors meet their ends at the hands of these new enemies? Follow through their struggle as Ingvild, the leader of the group creates his mercenary group to survive in this world which believes in survival of the fittest!


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