2 Training Montages and Romance?

4 years later

"Strike for the vitals as soon as you have the opening. Do not hesitate or you will die."

"Yeah I got that but what happens if I-AH!" Draven landed on his back with two large steel poles aimed at his throat and sternum.

"That. That will happen if you are suddenly distracted. Now go meditate, I will show you one of my battles for you to memorize and learn from." Revan waved the weapons away and disappeared to the holocron.

Draven sat excitedly and got into lotus position, his breathing went still then began following a rhythm that pull his body towards the Force. His mind focused on the cool relief that the Force gives that speeds up his healing factor times 11. His mind started to slowly be drifted along until it landed in a much colder place.

In a dark space, a gray cloud formed and expanded until the center opened up revealing ten people in a semi circle surrounding one man. They seemed to be in a jungle as a the trees there were humongous. They easily reached 50 meters and were at least a quarter as thick with the bark being an ashen brown color. The floor was the a bluish gray color as the grass barely had sunlight due to the trees' leaves shading them. Fog was scattered in clumps like they weighed more than the air itself.

The ten men and women were dressed in dark gray robes with black chest piece like armor and gauntlets over them. Each one held strange weapons that were unique for each one, some had two of them or one that had a staff-like weapon. The only thing that was the same for each one was the color, a dark red laser came off of these saber weapons. The man that was facing off against them was even more strange as he wore metallic armor that included a chest piece, gauntlets, boots, shin guards, gloves, and a T-visored helmet; all of it was colored a rustic red color and looked like they were worn extensively if the dents and scratches were any indication. No skin was shown as underneath the armor was this midnight black skintight mesh clothing. A cloak with a hood topped it all off, giving him a menacing figure of death and war. He also had those strange swords as well though they were in different colors than the ten, he held two of them, one for each hand as he faced them in a strange stance. One foot in front of the other, widened for stability and balance but with bent knees at a 45 degree angle, with the shoulders squared off facing away from his opponents. His sabers pointed away from him, the left saber facing the front group in a fencing position while the other faced backwards behind him. When they lit up, the left was a dark, almost bloody red while the right was an azure blue.

"Lord Malak was most displeased when he heard of your survival Lord Revan. He has sent us to finish off what he started all those years ago." sneered the head of the group.

This Revan fellow never made an indication of acknowledging them and just stood ready to engage. The group took this as an insult and attacked, lunging towards him swinging their weapons as it gave a low hum. Revan responded with a jab straight into the throat of one assassin while the other saber blocked and deflected the attack of another. To many that would view this, it looked like a deadly dance of back and forth. Revan dominating with skills and techniques that included using his legs to kick them where they were open and use the blades to slice and stab in vital areas. It all looked so simple, but complicated at the same time as one wrong step or twitch can lead to his death.

After only 2 minutes the assassins were all laid out on the ground, dead in various ways. With Revan looking straight ahead as if he sensed someone watching this all happen.

"I hope this has been a good learning experience for you." Revan said in a smooth voice almost sounding like he was amused. "Next time, I will do this bare handed and in various styles of disadvantages, but for now it is time wake up now, Draven."

With that, Draven jolted up in his combat stance and rapidly began performing the movements shown to him. All the while holding large metal poles weighing at least a ton, if not more. Revan and Luke could only look on in pride and amusement at how dedicated their young ward is.

"Reminds me of us when we were young. Especially you Revan, if our family's history books were correct. You and him have the same talent in just absorbing anything related to war and combat." Luke glanced over at the warrior and noticed how intensely he stared at Draven, as if reminiscing on a long time memory.


"Hm?" Revan looked over at Luke before shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "It's nothing. Just remembering something."

"Oh? You remembering something. It has got be about a battle or of a war you participated in." Luke tried to nudge his family until he felt his emotions, the sadness and nostalgia mixed into a cocktail with shame.

"Nothing like that Luke. I just remembered how my life was then. I also remembered Draven's first time ingraining himself with the dark side." Revan and Luke both seemed solemn at that moment until it all cleared away when Draven turned back to them.

"Masters! I finished. How was it this time around?" Luke couldn't help but let a smile creep onto his face as he looked at the boy he and Revan have raised. Standing at a clear 5'10" and weighing somewhere between 150 and 160 lbs, the teen was something of a specimen especially with his naturally lean physique given to him by his spider quirk and dense muscles from the harsh training given to him.

"I'd say it was near perfect if it wasn't for that extra step you took. That step nearly left you open for an opponent to exploit if you let him. Overall, I have to say you mastered combat forms 1, 2, 5, and 7 of the sabers we have given you and all you need now is to construct your sabers and armor. Remember, you may have some experience, but that does not make you invincible. Of course, you will continue forms training until I believe you have mastered all 7."

Luke chimed in as well, "I agree with Revan. So far, the basic force abilities have come naturally to you. It is just your own mental blockage that is holding you back now. It is a good thing, just make sure to know when not to hold back." Just as Draven was about leave however Revan piped one last comment. "Don't forget that today is the day. Your school has already been notified."

Draven nodded and bowed to his masters before going off to his shower.

'I guess I'm going to have to tell Mei.'

This was one of the few times in his life where the masters have let him out early from his training days especially on a weekend. He was very much enjoying his time strolling the city when suddenly he felt a life force that he knew all too well.

"Drav-kun!" Two large soft mounds collided with his back while two arms snaked around his neck. He could only sigh as he knew who this was just based on their large life force signature.

2 years ago…

'How long has it been since I've been here?'

The warrior-in-training stood on top of a rooftop overlooking a portion of the city he used to live and hoped he never had to go back to. The underbellies haven't changed since his time running and surviving as the crime syndicates were holing themselves deeply into the city. Just as he was about to jump into the thick of things and gain more experience in combat, he heard a sound of fighting that can only come from heroes and villains battling.

'Might as well check it.', was his primary thought before leaping towards the battle itself. What he saw when he got there threw him through a loop.

'Is that teenage girl fighting a mutated Lion?'

What he was seeing was a girl that was hovering in the air dodging the furious swipes of a ten-foot tall Lion that may have taken steroids as part of its experiment. The animal was a massive beast that seemed to have this aura of a king. It bellowed a roar that shattered glass from local stores before lunging at its foe, aiming to kill the light blue haired nuisance.

Unluckily for him, this girl had quite a quirk. "Hahaha. Mr. Lion I think it's time for you to go to sleep now." Draven could only shake his head at the absurdity of this situation. 'If Luke didn't show that memory of him fighting that monster then I would be freaking out by now.'

"Might as well join in on the fun."

Draven took a step back then launched forward, enhancing himself with the Force to give a better boost on top of his enhanced strength. He flew over twenty meters and was coming in hot, straight towards the Lion's head. Before the mega lion could react at the new presence, it felt something collide against its spine and knock him down into the floor. Its first reaction was to swipe at whatever was behind him, though he couldn't as a blast of energy smacked him upside the head followed by an uppercut that shut his mouth from roaring out again. It was getting overwhelmed by these pests. His pride wasn't going to allow that, so with the strength given to him by those sadistic humans, he bellowed one more time a roar that was more concentrated than before.

"Ah! What the fuck!?" Draven held his ears tight from the noise, his eyes were clenching due to the pain so his sense had to warn him of an incoming object coming in hot towards him. His first reaction was to dodge it, so jumping over it seemed to do the trick, that is until he was smashed down by a large rough paw.

'This bitch. Okay kitty, you are going down.' Getting up groaning, he stood in front of the snarling beast, pulling the Force towards him, he began to condense it until the energy held some weight to it. Just as the beast was about to go for a bite, Draven sent the blast in between the eyes.

The lion's eyes were swimming so as a final measure Draven sent out a mind trick for it to sleep which thankfully it listened to and laid down. Once he sure that it was out, Draven let out a sigh of relief then proceeded to pop his shoulder back into its socket.

"Thank you healing factor. What would I do without you."

"Excuse me. I have a few questions for you."

"Hmm?" Draven turned around and came face to face with a beautiful young lady that seemed to radiate this cheerful life aura around her. Something he couldn't help but memorize.

"That was so cool! You are so strong and this energy! It is almost like my quirk! How do you use it, is it what's making you strong, can you do that blast again, what school are you from, what is your quirk?" The light blue haired girl was getting closer and closer to his face with each question she asked until they almost nose to nose.

"Um. Personal space please." Draven took a step back while the girl just kinda floated back.

"Oh right sorry. Introductions first. Ahem, Hi! My name is Hado Nejire! I am an upcoming first year at Mustafar High. Nice to meetcha!"

'God, when I met her I thought Mei cloned herself.'

"Hey Nejire, what are doing here? Where's your other friends Togata and Amajiki?"

Draven turned around to face the girl that pretty much landed on him. Light blue hair and periwinkle eyes greeted the warrior-in-training as his vision was filled to the brim with the smiling teenager. He admitted to himself long ago that he attracted the beautiful and crazy girls that all wanted to be in U.A.

"I decided to fly around the city, that is until I saw you and decided to be with you the rest of the day." Her eyes seemed to sparkle with the many fun possibilities they could do.

"Actually, I was just going to go see Mei and make sure she actually got some sleep and something to eat." Of course, Draven noticed that her sparkle seemed to dwindle just slightly at the mention of the pinkette, but put it off as jealously of them being near even in the 'womanly' areas despite the two year age gap.

"Oh. Okay well I will just go then. See you Verd-san." 'Verd-san? Not good. Okay I need to make it up to her.'

"You know what Nejire-san. How about you and I hang out right now then I will visit Mei later so she can go to sleep at a reasonable time?" Nejire's eyes sparkled again in that childish wonder that made me enjoy the warmth her life force gives off. "Really!? Just you and me. Yay!"

She slingshotted towards him right after her cheer and made sure to bury his head in her breasts as a thank you. Draven only shrugged and pried her off a second time so they walk together normally. From there Draven and Nejire began to walk around the city talking and laughing while enjoying the sites. From the outside, this looked like a normal couple walking down the street, however Draven knew this wouldn't last as nothing is ever peaceful when it comes to his life.

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'*sigh* Why am I not surprised?' He glanced over to Nejire, whose face shifted into a worrying expression before sneakily roaming her eyes to him.

"Drav-kun." Her little whine was enough of a message for him to nod his head and let her do her thing. All Nejire could do was give a sheepish smile and flare her quirk, readying for a launch into the air.

"I knew you would understand. I'll text you later to see if Mirio and Tamaki want to hang out. Bye!"

Draven nodded and waved nonchalantly as she boosted off towards the trouble that must have occurred towards the business district of Mustafar. 'Same ole Nejire. Always wanting to help others. Now..what should I do?'



With a sigh, Draven walked towards the garage shaking his head exasperatedly. 'Same ole' Mei.'

"Yo! Mei! I can smell the soldering iron from here! You better have worn a mask this time or I'm taking it away from you!"

Some shuffling and scraping of metals occurred before the garage door opened, a pink blur then proceeded to slam herself against Draven's diaphragm.

"Ven-kun! Please don't take it away. I wore a mask this time. I swear."

She clutched onto him tightly while giving her version of the puppy eyes. Draven could only sigh and pat her head gently. "Alright Mei. I believe you."

Mei sighed contentedly in his torso while enjoying his hand on her head. A cough woke her up and she reluctantly let go and began dragging Draven over to her 'babies' to be tested. Once inside, he couldn't help but be amazed at the blueprints she's made these past few years. Some of them were ideas he felt could be implemented now as a way for police enforcement to gain a one-up on the villains.

There was one however, that his eyes seemed to hone on. A faint smile graced his lips as he read the schematics, then he began to shake his head at the ridiculousness of the idea. Before his mind could go into a tangent, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and yanked him into a chair. Draven was about to protest until Mei tossed a small blade at him.

He caught it mid-air by its hilt. A thrum of electricity coursed through the thing as he weld it carefully away from bare skin. The hilt was made of a carbon-based rubber, black in color. Its grooves were meant for grip and being no longer than 4 inches long and three quarters of an inch wide. The blade, was more akin to a dagger in length with it being between 5 to 8 inches long and at least an inch wide. The metal was a dull gray, but that was not what made it special. No, what made it special was the sky blue energy field that seemed to just surround itself without any wasted energy being exerted.

"You..you did it. I know I gave you the idea, but I didn't think it was actually ready yet." Draven sat there stunned examining the blade and its hum of energy as he waved it in a clear technique. Mei smugly smiled and pushed her chest out in pride.

"Hmph. Nothing is impossible for one Hatsume Mei. You should know that by now Ven-kun."

Rolling his eyes, he decided to test the stun blade by pressing it against his forearm. The moment he made contact he felt his muscles beginning to lock up and tighten while a faint smell of burnt hairs wafted in his nostrils. 'Yup. It works.'

"You dulled the blade?" Draven couldn't help but tilt his head to the side in confusion as the stun blade was meant for both non-lethal and lethal means just in case.

"Well yeah. I know you said to make it have both options but it didn't sit right with me. So instead I upped the power for compensation."

Draven nodded his head and passed along the blade back to her. "You did good Mei." He began to pat her head for a bit as a congratulatory gift before getting up to stretch his legs. "My masters said it's time for me to create my sabers. Armor too."

Mei's eyes widened in surprise before a look of realization flashed by followed with some trepidation then finally sadness. "That means..you won't be here until the U.A entrance exams." Her lips drooped down into a frown when he nodded in confirmation.

"Yeah. I have to finish up my training which means I have to do the trials. Alone."

Frowning, Mei scoffed, "Your masters are stupid crazy monks. You better come back. You promised me that we will go to college together."

He smiled and gave her a small comforting hug, "Of course. How else can I get my dose of genius insanity?" Mei giggled a little then laid her head against his chest listening to his heartbeat. Slowly her eyes began to drop until her body slacked. Draven sighed, 'I'm sorry Mei. Don't really want to do this, but if I don't then there is a chance you could convince me to stay. Sleep tight Mei.'


3 months later…

The wilderness is a beautiful thing with its lush green foliage and quiet ambiance. But it is also a dangerous area, plants and animals have evolved since the time of the discovery of quirks. With this evolution came the loss of cities and nations that couldn't support themselves no longer so nature took back its land and humans have since left it to be uncharted territory once again.

That is, until one teen was seen walking with a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol on his right hip and a vibro-knife on his left. He seemed to be wandering as there was no clear focus in his steps. Despite his body wandering, his eyes were vigilant with his hands nearing his weapons at all times.

A cool breeze flared his nerves enough that he pulled out the blaster and held it steady. Waiting a couple seconds for any movement, he slowly put it away. 'Why the hell are my senses going crazy?'

Less than five seconds later, thundering steps quaked the ground he was on. Draven tensed his legs for quick movement and waited with bated breath for whatever monstrosity barreling towards his general direction. Fortunately, he needn't wait too long as the beast burst out colliding with the trees, knocking them over in its haste. It was a massive animal, nearing five meters tall and half as wide, it's mass weighed in the tons at least. Stark white in color with brown tufts of furs sprouting in random places, it had menacing red eyes resembling orbs of crimson surrounded by inky black sclera.

"Holy shit! Is this an ox or a bull?" His answer never came as the beast snorted and came charging faster towards him. Draven leaped on top of the mutated animal and grabbed onto the horns that were pointing inward. The animal didn't seem to like that as it bucked as much as it could while Draven hung on.

"Motherfucker! Stay still!" It apparently wasn't listening as it continued to buck and holler the annoyance off his back. Just as Draven was about to fall off, he stabbed his knife into the beast's back for an extra leverage point and dug on tight.


The beast didn't exactly like that. It decided to say Fuck this and ran towards a boulder hoping to turn on its side and slam the human against the rock.

Quickly, Draven swung his body upwards into a perfect handstand with both hands on the hilt then forced his feet to swing downwards colliding with the ground and grinding up dirt. Using his super strength, he pulled down forcing the animal to lean and eventually tip over on its side. However, the momentum it built up was proven to be too much as they were still coming in hot for the boulder.

Draven reacted faster than he could think and shot his right hand out. Surprisingly, a line of white fluid shot out of his wrist and hit the surrounding trees forming a spider web trap. Once they collided, the web managed to hold them just long enough that the horns of the beast barely grazed the rock.

Draven let out a large sigh of relief ripping out the blade and stabbing into the damn beast's head. "Motherfucker made me go through all this trouble." He muttered wiping the brain matter and blood off on its fur, all the while picking up his blaster he dropped when playing rodeo with the beast. Looking down on his wrist, he inspected his wrist and noticed a distinct spider web mark on it that he suspected is where the fluid came out of.

'I know there is an innuendo about sticky white fluid, a right hand, and teenage boys in there somewhere.'

He was about to experiment with his newfound quirk ability when a group of people came running towards him with slug rifles and vibro-spears. Three of them came rushing out ahead of the other two brandishing their weapons at him.

"Jorhaa'ir arutii." The hunters wore solid silver armor with only the one who spoke having shades of blue and gray on their T-visored helmet and chest piece. He held his slug rifle pointed at center mass and never wavered.

"My name is Prudii Cabur. I am a genet jetii verd." Draven had his hands up to show he was unarmed while the others tensed at him speaking their language. The leader slowly put his rifle down then motioned for the others to do the same.

"A jedi huh. Haven't seen one in quite awhile." The lead hunter stayed silent for a couple moments before speaking again. "Prudii Cabur huh. Your father or mother?"

"Father. Didn't speak much of his time except to teach me the ways and language of the Mandalorians."

The hunter nodded then walked up to the jedi. Draven noticed how tall the Mandalorian was as he had to look up at him. He was at least 7'2" while only one other was taller at 7'6" with both being as big or bigger than All Might in muscle mass. The leader removed his helmet to reveal military cut gray hair, darkly tanned leather skin, and amber orbs for eyes. The other two behind him remove theirs as well revealing themselves to be related to the leader by the structures of their faces and the fact they were twins.

"Name is Kag of the Ordo clan. The ones behind me are my eldest and youngest sons Brazz and Okka. The ones behind them are my twin sons Jazeadth and Arurk." Kag said while pointing back at his kids who either waved or stayed still staring at Draven.

"Riiight. Okay then. I best be on my way then." The jedi warrior was going to take a step away from them until Kag planted his hand right on Draven's shoulder and held him there. 'Holy shit! This guy is strong as shit!' Draven could use his spidey strength and shove him off, but that would antagonize the man and his group. So, instead he stayed put as Kag eyed the beast still stuck in the spider web.

"Hmm. Impressive. You managed to take down an albino kath hound, a mutated one too no less."

Draven looked over his shoulder at the kath hound for a second before going back to Kag, shrugging his shoulders. "It attacked me. We fought. I won. End of story."

Kag nodded and looked at his sons, all of them nodded their heads and put their helmets back on. Kag stared directly into Draven's eyes and asked him, "Well ad'ika. Follow us then, meet the rest of your family."

Draven's eyes widened in surprise before chuckling a little. Turning around, he lurched the hound over his shoulders and ran back to them following their seemingly random path. He suddenly stopped and yelped, causing the others to turn around with rifles ready for danger.

"What's wrong ad'ik?"

"I..i..I completely forgot to tell Nejire-san I was leaving! Shit! I should have let that kath hound get me." He groaned out while the others could only chuckle and keep on marching, ignoring the moans and groans of the warrior-in-training.

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