1 Fighting for a Life Worth Living

The discovery of quirks created a big bang of possibilities and consequences. The career choice of being a 'Hero' was now an option as more and more of these quirks became known. However, it was not all good as with all heroes, there needs to be villains that abused their gifts for criminal activities. War was also a huge problem as the debate of using these quirks in modern warfare made for more casualties. Not to mention the fact that this sudden evolution was not for the entire population, many died due to these quirks being naturally rejected by their bodies.

At this point of time, over 80 percent of the world's population has a quirk which is fine, but that came at the cost of over 5 billion people dying worldwide.

So now we are here in Japan, where the most amount of heroes are concentrated. One boy can be seen in the underbellies of the city of the Mustafa prefecture. Downtown was a cesspool of criminal slums that no hero would go in alone unless they wanted to be known as a martyr. This boy looked no older than 4 years old with short black hair that seemed to suck in the lights of the city, dark blue eyes that shined with an unnatural glow of power, and pale skin due to undernourishment. He was clearly not from around there if his sharp angular European features were of any indication.

He was running from something or someone as he kept looking over his shoulder. The boy had athletic abilities that were above his age group as he jumped, vaulted, and climbed over objects to get to an uncertain destination.

'Where is it?! Where?! I know it was supposed to be..Here!'

He made a right turn and without thinking, slid into a vent that went somewhere. In good timing too, with the thugs chasing him making the same turn a few seconds later only to find nothing.

"Damn it! Fucking little punk must have gone somewhere else. Fuck! The boss wanted more bodies for his experiment too."

"Stop complaining and let's find another person before the boss and Doc decide we're good enough for the trials." Both shivered in fear before heading back towards their areas of search. Neither bothered to check the vent as it looked to be bolted into the concrete and had no way of going inside, unless you were tied to its force signature at least.

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"That is the last time I am going to that scrapyard or market place. Need to find a new spot now, great." The boy sighed before walking towards a dark tunnel that echoed his footsteps. He made a turn towards a wall and placed his palm on a seemingly random concrete slab. A door grounded open and revealed a candlelit room with three supernatural shapes floating in the center.

The farthest one on the left was a cube that shined a light blue color with dark intricate designs reminiscent of runes. It gave off a warm motherly feel to it that made him want to hold and cherish it. The farthest right was a triangle that gleamed with a bloody red light that seemed to pulse with untapped energy. Its runes were violent strokes and gave off power, anger, and burning heat. The one in the middle was what held his attention the most, it was neither a cube or triangle, instead it was a sphere, one that held silver and black energy that swirled in chaotic patterns. The runes were balanced but not predictable, it felt..right. Like it was meant to represent something, as if it held both sides close its chest along with another energy.

'Mom. Dad. Your last words better not have led me down a freakin' cult.'

His steps were hesitant at first until he shook his head and held himself high. His back straightened, his stride confident, his eyes poised, everything screamed 'cockiness'. Something a kid could have at a moment's notice. The boy got within ten feet of the glowing shapes before stopping, not out of fear, but because something made him stop, an instinct within him told him that this was far enough. It seemed to be correct as glowing turquoise runes lit up underneath him that traveled over towards the shapes.

Somehow he triggered a switch because the two shapes on the left and right glowed their colors brightly. Then, blue and red vapor released itself from the shapes until it collected into smoke. The smoke wrapped around the shapes until a solid shape formed for each one.

The cube held the shape of a young man somewhere in his early to mid-twenties with a medium height and build. He had sandy blonde hair and bluish-green eyes that held infinite intelligence in them. His clothes were black robes that a stylish monk may wear, his eyes held amusement in them as he watched the boy.

His counterpart, the triangle, had a shape of a tall imposing man, his face was covered by a sort of helmet or mask with two primary colors of black and red that outlined a T with a horizontal visor that reached his full range of vision. His clothing was warrior-like in its style as he had a dark metal chest piece, greaves, and gauntlets with a black hooded robe to cover most of it up. His eyes were covered, but his presence demanded respect and patience.

It was silent for more than a minute, uncomfortably the child shuffles his feet until the warrior spoke.

"What is your name?" His voice was at a near baritone level with a smoothness that made his articulation clear.

"Really? That is the first thing you ask him? Not if he was okay or where his parents are? But just his name. Haaaa. Okay we're going with this." The young man's voice was not as deep, in fact, it was more softer and kinder than the warrior. None of the gruffness, but still held the same amount of power.

"Umm. It's Prudii Cabur. My parents said that you should pick another name for me." Ryu piped in before the two got into an argument in front of him.

Both stopped whatever they were going to start to look at the boy. The monk smiled at him while the warrior only huffed for a second. Luke spoke up this time, "Okay, seeing that your parents are not here. I can only assume the worst. I am sorry for your loss."

"Which means we are stuck on babysitting duty until you grow up enough to live for yourself." The warrior spoke again with sarcasm. The monk rolled his eyes then settled them on the nonplussed kid. "Yes, we will be your guardians until you have reached an age where you are self-sustaining. Consider us your..ancestors that your parents have entrusted to care for you." The monk smiled then waited for Cabur to respond.

"O..okay. Umm. What are you? I..I mean that you guys just came out of a cube and triangle so is that a quirk or…?" Cabur dared not make eye contact especially when the warrior shifted his attention to be directly on him.

"Your parents were slacking in their education I see. Very well, I guess I need to help you then. What we are, can be explained as the manifestation of our force spirits that we voluntarily let into these contraptions called holocrons. There are more of us in these 'shapes', it is just that we happen to be the representatives of our sides. I do hope that your parents at least taught some of our history to understand that much."

Cabur nodded his head in both confirmation and understanding as his parents did teach him of their chaotic family history and its many wars and battles throughout the ages. He turned to the monk for another question, "What are your names then? And what will you be doing to help me?"

The monk seemed to contemplate his questions before coming to an answer, "Well, my name is Luke and the dark broody one is Revan. Don't be fazed by his intimidating figure, if it wasn't for his brash and somewhat rude nature, he would be on this side of the Force or maybe even the middle." Both spirits glanced at the sphere in both fear and respect.

"Ahem. Anyways, we are going to be training, teaching, and overall disciplining you into the Gray. It will be vigorous, tortuous even. Neither of us will coddle you nor treat you like scum. You are the last of both of our lines. You are a primogenitor, not the exact first, but certainly the last until you can ahem..conceive more down the line."

Cabur's eyes widened in shock as he stared at both spirits. His mind was racing, 'I am the last.' as his sensitivity to the Force made the ground shake. Revan spoke up to shake him out of his mind. "Calm yourself! You are certainly the last of Both bloodlines, but there are others like Luke and I. Other sith and jedi alike, in hiding like you are, waiting for you to come out. Whether or not my side will attack you is undetermined. So we must prepare you and of course, send you to a public school so as to keep your social side active." Revan said all this with a hint of amusement as he saw Cabur shudder in thought of going to school again.

"O..okay then. How should we start? Also, what is up with the sphere?" The last question seemed to send a chill down the spirits' spines. How that was possible, he may never know.

"T..th..that is something you must learn when you have completed your training and balanced both sides of the Force in you. Until then, take a shower and get something to eat. You're malnourished and in dire need of rest." Luke weakly smiled before disappearing along with Revan.

"WAIT! How do I get a shower here?! I'm in a cave!" Just as Cabur finished his last word, another wall opened up to a room that contained a king sized bed, a large walk-in closet, a shower, bathtub, and many other things that a person may need in a bedroom. Followed by another wall that opened to, you guessed it, a cafeteria. Cabur's eyes shined in glee before running towards the kitchen where a variety of ingredients were waiting for him along with a droid that he guessed was meant to teach him at least.

'This is going to be fun.'


"THIS IS NOT FUN! THIS IS HELL!" Cabur yelled out while trying to dodge stun lasers coming from every wall surrounding him.

"Stop complaining. We warned you yesterday that this was going to be tortuous. Besides, this is meant for you to be more connected to the Force and let it guide you." Revan said while levitating the controller for the stunners.

"I thought you were going to ease me into it! Not do this!" He managed to dodge one more when suddenly a weird tingling sensation occurred in his head. It yelled for him to duck which he did, his eyes traveled towards the stunner passing by him. The sensation was now screaming in his head to move, it practically directed him on how to move and where. Revan noticed his ward move like a gymnast would despite no prior training for such a thing. Cabur managed to dodge each one until they all stopped. He was just relaxing despite the warning system still blaring in him when another stunner hit him in his spine.

"Oh fuck!" 'Note to self, trust the new sense.'

Electricity coursed throughout his body until it was grounded to the concrete. Those were the longest seconds he felt before.

"Get up."

And the moment could only get better with Revan.

Cabur got up with a groan then flipped out of the way of another stunner due to the new sense.

"Impressive. Seems you got your quirk."

"Ya think?" He was just going to get up again when he noticed something else. "Why are you upside down?"

"The better question is why are YOU upside down." Revan's nonchalance at his quirk made the boy snort before standing up upside down.

"Okay. I want to say that is going to make me sick, but I'd be lying. Something like a mutation maybe?" Revan shrugged before walking through the wall, "Not sure. Go to the med-bay and have the droids look you over."

Cabur saluted him then proceeded to fall down on his back. 'I'm going to need to work on that.'


"Wow! I have a spider quirk." Cabur couldn't help but be jumping in his seat in excitement. Luke smiled in amusement while Revan scoffed at the childish nature.

"Yes. It seems your DNA rewrote itself to increase your speed, strength, reflexes, senses, endurance, durability, healing, and create an extra gland in your brain stem that works to rewrite your electromagnetic field to stick to any surface. This also seems to give you a 'danger sense' so to speak, that allows you a nearly 360 degree sense of your area along with the reflexes to react. There is also an extra organ in your body that seems to have no function as of right now." The medical droid droned on before shuffling back to whatever work it had beforehand.

"Seems we need to push your physical training more when you're older seeing that you will only grow stronger and faster due to your age. Mental training will have to go first then so expect every bit of knowledge we have beaten into you." Revan said before disappearing. Luke could only chuckle before looking at his now sullen ward. "He's right you know. We will teach you the martial arts, but hold off on the others until your body is ready for it. Don't worry, it's just studying." He creepily laughed before fading himself.

"You guys suck."

Cabur jumped again when Luke popped out of nowhere.

"Oh! I forgot. We have a name for you. It's Draven Verd."


Six years later…

'This is so fucking boring.' Draven slumped over in his seat while the teacher droned on about the years that followed the rise of quirks. 'Luke pretty much made me remember everything there was to know before, during, and after quirks were discovered so this is pretty much useless.' The young gray realized early in his studies that his mind was affected as well, by no means was he an idiot, but this quirk enhanced his cognitive functions making his studying much more fluid. It also made school a bland event for him.

With the bell rung Draven got out of seat and tried to ;eave school as fast as possible. Today was the day where the spirits would begin his physical training including lightsabers. He was nearing the entrance gate of the school when a couple of high school teens blocked his way. 'Oh come on! I was just leaving.'

He sighed in annoyance before redirecting his attention to them. They were a small thuggish group of five, delinquents, as the local residents have called them. Some of them could have gone to a hero school due to their quirks if not for their attitudes and morals. The leader had obviously dyed his hair blonde as you could still see his brown roots. His sneer didn't really help him all that much either in the looks department. His friends were just as scum-like to look at as each one either held a sneer or tried to glare in order to make themselves look tough.

"Oi kid! You the one messing with my business?" The leader's horrible use of a fake thug accent just made him even less intimidating to the young warrior. His friends behind him tried to scare him even more which only made their credit, in his eyes, go down.

"You mean that shitty excuse of extortion? Yeah, what about it?" Draven planted his feet in the style of Teras Kasi, already preparing for a fight that is going to happen.

"Shut it kid. Pay up what the store owner owes us or we'll have to beat it out of you." His smile only served to inflate his ego thinking that he was intimidating him. The others in the group got the message and began to surround the boy.

"Hope one of you calls an ambulance or it will be a seriously painful walk for some of you to the hospital." And like that, the fight began.

One skinny teen lunged from behind Draven with fingernails extended out into claws trying to swipe him. All it did was leave him open to a palm strike to the ribs followed by a single finger jabbing his jugular with needle precision. The teen was left choking on air before passing out due to lack of oxygen. His friends did not take well to the retaliation and went on the attack.

A large heavyset fellow tried letting his weight be his advantage, that is, until Draven swept the ankle and slammed his solar plexus with enough force to splinter oak wood. This left the guy gasping for breath while his bowels were involuntarily being released of their fluids. Another pair tried blind siding him using their quirk utilizing their twin connection. They were in sync with one's attack, however that connection was cut off when Draven slammed his knee into the left one's temple, knocking him out cold and giving the other a splitting headache that quickly went away due to another pain when three of his ribs were broken from a side kick.

The leader was the only one left standing, his face morphed into a snarl of hatred before a brief change occurred. "Oh you done fucked up now. I was going to save it for another day, but you know what? You deserve it. Fuck you kid!" The fake conjured a fireball in his hand the size of a basketball before throwing it towards Ryu.

Draven's senses told him to leap over and that was what he did. His superhuman reflexes surprised the faker, but not as much as when he felt all his teeth going inwards towards his mouth from the right straight Draven gave him. Standing up, he assessed the damaged and noticed that the fireball went out as soon as the leader was out cold. He gave a nod of confirmation before making a call to the local hospital about the incident then leaving to go about his training.

Of course, with his enhances senses and Force sensitivity, he noticed the two students that saw him take down the 'thugs' in less than a minute. He didn't do anything about it because there was nothing to care or do as he didn't consider them any more important than his training. He soon left while the two still stared at the scene in front of them.

"Oh wow! That was so cool! I wonder what his quirk is. Something with reflexes maybe, or enhanced muscles, maybe even something to do with combat. The possibilities are endless." And like that, a green haired freckled boy wrote down something in his notebook muttering all the while the bleach blond spiky haired kid just glared at the bodies with a shaking anger. His fists curling and shaking due to his rage, "Shut the fuck up Deku! I swear if I hear you one more time then I am going to blast you with enough glycerin that will ruin you! Get the fuck away from me!"

The 'Deku' shivered before running off in fear of the angry boy exacting in his threat.

'That fucking nobody is nothing to me. He's nothing. I could have kicked their asses in half the time he did it, no sweat.' The actual blond stomped off towards his home angrily muttering about nobodies and Dekus.


'I wonder what forms I will learn from Revan. Form five, two, ooh maybe seven. Maybe he will teach me his style of two handed saber combat.' Draven was daydreaming of the lessons he can go through when something interrupted his thoughts. 'Hmm?'

"Please get out of the way please!" A pink haired blur was going to crash into Draven if it weren't for his so-called 'danger sense' that alerted him. Instead, he managed to not only dodge the blur, but also stop her in her tracks due to his still increasing strength. This led to the girl landing on her butt with the pack short circuiting in his Draven's hands.

"Gah! What the fuck!? Is this a jet pack? You tried making a jet pack out of an iron alloy, computer circuit boards, and *sniff sniff * a fucked up combination of makeshift jet fuel?! Are you insane!?"

All the while Draven was ranting, the pink dread-locked girl set her yellow cross-haired shaped eyes on the boy her age that stopped her crashing. Her eyes began to shine more and more as his ranting continued until he stopped with his final question.

"Well? Got something to say idiot?" His eyes peered down at her only to find that her smile was wide in happiness along with shining eyes. She shot up from the ground and clung onto him with strength coming from picking up scrap metal.

"Wow! No one in my school even knows what I talk about most of time or even understand what I try to build. But you gave it one look and immediately knew what it was and was even able to tell of what had been fuel by smelling it!"

Draven shrugged nonchalantly, "Well, yeah, you used an iron alloy, based on the structural integrity, I'd say iron and copper to make the damn thing conductible, should have used steel or titanium, maybe tantalum if you had it. The smell, I was able to deduce due to the strong scent of methane and ethanol along with a concentration of butane. You got the balance all wrong by the way, I'm surprised this thing didn't explode when you first ignited it, but I guess that is why you had this tube here to ventilate the excess heat. Overall, you made a suicide vest with electrical wires to tell when to ignite and not."

Her eyes seemed to glue onto him while her grip tightened on his body. Draven tried prying her off gently when it became obvious that people were staring at them. Once on her feet, the girl put out her hand for a handshake, "Hatsume Mei, hopeful inventor, and a sure in for U.A once I'm older."

Draven looked at her greased hand before shaking it himself, "Draven Verd." Her smile widened even more if that was even anatomically possible. "You and me are going to make the most wonderful babies that this world has ever scene! Be my partner and let's get started right now!"

Draven only looked at her quizzically before shaking his head, "Sorry, I don't think I like you like that and we have only just met. See you." He then began to speed walk as quickly as possible. 'Revan was right. Pink haired girls are yanderes or at least crazy. And you never stick your dick in crazy.'

Somewhere in the caves, Revan sneezed his head with Luke looking at him weirdly, "Can we even get sick as ghosts?" Revan shook his head before going back to creating a training program for Draven.

Hatsume kept herself attached to the boy when she managed to catch him and dragged him back to her home where her shop was. "Come on Draven-san! We can get started on a new baby from scratch. With our brains combined nothing is impossible." Draven only sighed and let himself get dragged as he knew that he was going to get his training whether he goes now or later.

"My first name is Draven. Use Verd-san because we hardly know each other. Hey! Are you even listening!?"

'Great. My first friend in six years and she is a crazy bitch who likes inventing things that explode.'

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