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"My Name is Blair Welbring! " The silver haired girl explained, Leylin tried to think but the name didn't ring any bell, he asked her to continue.

"I was born in one of the Great general's family of the White Tiger Dynasty! My father name is Rakim Welbring, he is one of the generals of the empire and assume one of the highest authority in the whole Dynasty. In any of the four Dynasty, only those with the blood of direct line can become Royals and Noble's in the capital, staying there and reigning. My father is also from that ancestry. He is one of the strongest individual in all of the Dynasty. I am his only daughter, My father lost my mother immediately after my birth and he choose to never remarry. I was treated as a princess by not only my family, but the whole of the Dynasty. My father loved me very much and everybody knew how much I meant to him but.... " As Blair was speaking, Leylin's eyes were getting wider and wider. The background that she possess is terrorizing, it may not seem like much to a person from outside prospective, but he can understand it very well. His father is one of the descendants of a relatives of the Royal Family, with an incredible personal strength. These individual are almost unmatched in whole of this World. They are literally a handful of people who will wish to lock horns with his Titan like strength and stature. Now, Leylin was really interested to know why is she, a direct descendants of such a person is doing here?

".....When I was tested for my Innate Beast, it turned out to be a mutated Wampus Cat. " As she spoked up to here, Leylin could make out an unspeakable pain and remorse in her eyes, hiding between a mountain of agitation because of what she might have went through. "In all of the Dynasties, It's a rule that only those from the Ancient Bloodline or their descendants could stay and get educated, be allotted with resources and make a living in the Capitol. Apart from them, all must be gotten rid off. Obviously no one has the guts to do any physical harm to me but the hatred, despise, politics, insults... it was just too much. My father decided for me to come here and integrate into the Royal Family here. It's the usual line of choice that people made, As a General he has the authority to even get rid of the whole Empire's Royal Family and crown me the new ruler. The higher ups of the Dynasty couldn't care less. To them Empire's are nothing but a bunch of disposal ants, The sole reason they are associated with dynasties is most likely because they are just descendants or those with some connection to the Dynasties family that is why they are somewhat protected. "

The Four Great Dynasty each have a very strict bloodline criteria and anyone who falls under the necessary limit is not treated with fairness. The Capital city of these dynasty has a very small number of descendants but each of them must have the bloodline of the Dynasty or one of it's derivative form, if by any chance it's a weaker than the requirements or too impure then those descendants are disowned.

Leylin looked at her, the story behind her is quite sad, but she is what can be distinguished as somewhat privileged person. Usually people facing such problems, similar to her are from declining bloodline and their families doesn't even have the ability to take much care of them, even if they desire to do so.

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On the other hand, Her father has immense capabilities and great strength. Although he cannot go against the practice of the Dynasty, he has the ability to ensure her wellness nevertheless. Leylin didn't really sympathize much to her, as he was interested in knowing something else entirely at this moment.

"Can you tell me what is your father strength level?" Leylin asked with anticipation, he really wanted to know what he is up against.

"My father strength level is at final Brigadier Stage, and he has an Abyssal Tiger as his Innate beast. He is considered as the strongest general in all of the White Tiger Dynasty currently."

"Do you know about the King Or the Rulers of the white tiger dynasty and other ones and can you tell me about the strongest people you know about?"

"In the mainstream, There are Four Individual considered to be the strongest, and they are the Four Great Emperors. I don't know much about others but, His Majesty name is Kaminsky Ravinia Dyly the seventeenth. His power level is something I don't know about, but my father once told me he is no match against His Majesty. His Majesty holds the Legendary White Tiger as his Innate beast, exactly like how all the Emperor and direct descendants do for the other dynasties. " Leylin listen carefully to each of her details and after knowing the difference between the king and her father, he thought it was reasonable enough. After the Colonel Stage which could be considered as Peak Rank 2, there comes a big barrier bypassing which one would enter the realm of Brigadier Stage and this can be equivalent to Rank 3 Magus at Vapour Stage. Obviously a newly promoted Magus cannot match that strength, they have to consolidate their strength in order to reach that Vapour Form.

There are three stages in the spiritual force at Rank 3 : vapour, liquid and crystal forms. These spiritual force particles, upon approaching rank 3 would gradually be condensed. Through the three stages of vapour, liquid, and crystal, they would condense further to form point mass. The difference in strength between every rank is estimated to be between 3 to 5 times. As a result, newly promoted rank 3 Magi and rank 3 Magi with crystallised spiritual force would have an unimaginable difference in strength.

Similar to that, each difference in Rank is a Phenomenal and unbreakable gap and one would be overwhelmed while competing against someone at even a single step further than them. Leylin also known that here, at Rank 2 (which is Captain Stage) and above, the Stage is further divided into three smaller realms called initial, middle and final.

'The Four Great Dynasty! They have always fascinated me, According to what I know, The Four Dynasty bloodline are the White Tiger, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird and the Black Turtle. There are many other derivatives of it too. It's kinda like The Giant Kemoyin Serpent and it's weaker subspecies bloodline like Great Withering Mankestre Snake and Black Horrall Snake. I would love to get my hands on their precious blood and their cultivation method' Leylin was practically drooling while thinking about their blood and the experiment he could do.

"His majesty along with the other three Emperor are collectively called " Irues Derutuei Warloi No Savioure" which is an ancient title in our forgotten language bestowed upon these Four Bloodline holders and it translates to -

[" " The Four Great Warlocks !" " ] Both Blair and Leylin muttered at the same time. Leylin face appeared like something just clicked to him. His eyes flashed with a blinding radiance and he unwittingly released his monstrous vile aura.

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