26 On Hold Indefinitely

So, after what basically seems like a week of not uploading any chapters for this novel of mine, I've finally come to an conclusion. I am going to indefinitely put the novel on hold. I'm going to be straight-up with you guys. I have no idea where to take this story anymore. I feel like I glossed over and discarded so many details and characters from the story which makes me feel like shit for not being able to explore upon and use to enhance the feel and dynamic of the story. I've even made Reza become someone whom he clearly wasn't supposed to become which makes the story seem all the more fake and to be a failure to me. Which is why, I'm putting it on hold cuz I really have no idea what to do with it atm. For now, I'm planning on starting up a new story which I will take my time with to properly expand the personality of the main character and the peeps around him. Although this might seem like a bit of an unnecessary thing to say, another reason why I've been so judgmental about the story and have been gone for a week is because I recently came across a novel called Trash of the Count's Family. That novel is a really beautiful one, I tell you. The way that the main character of that novel develops along with the side characters of the story is something I strive to achieve for my stories. Anyways, excuses aside, I'm really sorry for the readers that came to like this novel but since I'm unsatisfied with it and all that, I can't find the motivation to continue this story, at least for now. But, I hope that I'll be able to provide you guys with some good stuff in the near future cuz I sure as hell have nothing else to do at this time :D. Stay safe people!