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War Singer


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Nineteen gods were dragged down from paradise and bound to relics by the notorious Dreamsinger on the continent of Ashireth countless years ago. His goal was to create the almighty Warsong but under mysterious circumstances, he failed. As time passed by, these relics were lost and scattered around the world, their existence being reduced to mere myths and legends. Seventy years ago, one of these relics was discovered by an Elaian warlord known as Talenhara, who used it's power to unite the Elaian tribes and form the Elaia Empire. Now, after subjugating their ethnic nieghbours and collecting two more relics, the Elaia Empire has launched a ruthless conquest to conquer the world. For this task, they require all nineteen of the Dreamsinger's relics. However, one force stands in the path of Elaia's quest. Those who know the consequence of reuniting the nineteen. A secret sect of Warriors and Scholars called Ruin Wardens shall retrieve and secure the relics before the Elaia. But, with the fires of war scourging the lands, will they succeed before time runs out?


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